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4 Simple Changes that Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Like it or not, we all need to step up and do our part to help keep our planet clean. We’ve gotten to the point where we all have to switch up our lifestyle a little in order to give it a fighting chance of survival. Which is a pretty grim but realistic outlook.

Below are 4 Easy Changes to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly.

1. Go Green with Houseplants

Do you know what the air in your front room needs? A helping hand from some floral friends.

So why buy house plants for your humble abode? Because they’re super effective when it comes to cleaning the air by removing any nasty toxins. Plus, they can brighten up any space and make your home look like a green paradise.

Peace Lilies, Ficus, Bamboo, Devil’s Ivy, and Aloe plants are a few of the best for air purification. Besides staying green all year, there are many other Benefits of Bamboo plants as well. So go ahead and make your jungle massive.

2. Switch to Bamboo

Do you know what Earth needs during its recovery? Trees. Why? Because trees not only absorb pollution and carbon from the air but keep it trapped.

This means less of it gets expelled into the atmosphere, so the planet won’t heat up as much as it has been doing. At its current rate, it’s totally unsustainable. Switching to bamboo products is one of the easiest ways to lower your carbon footprint. Products like bamboo sheets and bamboo toilet paper are all great alternatives to cotton and paper. Bamboo is more eco-friendly since it grows super-fast and is sustainably farmed.

You can find more information about bamboo paper products here at CheekyPanda!

That means you’re doing your bit for the planet every time you sit on the loo. See, simple right?

3. Say ‘So long!’ to sponges

Sponges may seem like an eco-friendly dish scrubbing option, but they just end up on landfill sites mainly because once they’re used, it’s easy to throw them away and grab a new one.

Instead, a more sustainable option is microfibre cloths – these do just as good of a job but can be washed and reused up to 30 times.

And if you do some planet-friendly digging, you can unearth eco-friendly clothes that can be washed up to 300 times before having to be thrown out. That’s a cloth that can easily be passed down as a family heirloom…

4. Be clever about your waste

Get a hold of a recycling bin to make yourself more conscious about whether your glass jars, bottles, and paper can be reused rather than just thrown away.

And use a compost bin to get rid of your leftovers, food scraps, fruit peels, and anything else that can biodegrade.

Not only that, but you can also use this compost as fertilizer for your brand-new plants so they can grow big and strong to help clean your air even more.

These are just a few small tips to help make your home more planet-friendly. If we all alter our lifestyles in the smallest ways, we can make a big difference to our planet and safeguard our future for years to come.

Molly E

Molly is a mother, wife, and part-time blogger. She has a passion for finding the latest Green Products for all her family needs!