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Most Comfortable Bamboo Yoga Wear for Women

Bamboo is fairly new when it comes to making yoga clothes and sportswear. For that reason, you may have doubts about all the reasons why you should consider purchasing. However, buying your first piece of yoga clothing made from bamboo has many benefits.

Yoga is a great way for women to get fit and “stay healthy”. But yoga requires us to bend and twist in many positions, some are tough and uncomfortable.

Yoga clothes made from bamboo are becoming more and more popular for that reason alone. Bamboo yoga clothing can make your daily yoga routine more comfortable and (relaxing).

Bamboo Yoga Clothes WomenIf you’re just starting yoga or an expert, the yoga clothing you wear every day can make a huge difference.

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What is it that makes bamboo a better choice than other materials?

Our aim is to give you some insight into the use of bamboo fabrics in yoga clothing. As well as why it’s a great idea to add some bamboo clothing to that never-ending (if you’re anything like me) yoga wish list.

We will also describe everything about yoga clothes made from bamboo.

This includes the following topics:

  • Benefits of Bamboo Yoga Wear
  • How to Care for Bamboo Clothes
  • Best Bamboo Yoga Clothes on Amazon
  • Environmental Impact of Bamboo

Bamboo was historically found in structural elements of fancy clothing. For example, you can find bamboo-provided support in older corsets. And the most flexible item that could be made from bamboo is paper.

The earliest use of bamboo-fabric dates back thousands of years ago in Asia. Since the early 2000s, it’s become a mainstream fabric used in bedsheets and soft clothing.

With recent advancements, making bamboo fabric has become more popular due to being affordable and very durable. Thus, we can now find it used as an alternative fabric for underwear, socks, and more recently, activewear.

Types of Bamboo Pants

You can find the same variety of styles in bamboo yoga pants as you can with pants made from other materials, I’ve listed the options below with a brief explanation about what you can expect from each style.

Full-length pants – personally, full-length yoga pants are my go-to for both active and daily wear. You can find a huge variety of different designs in full-length yoga pants, with the options of the high or low waist, zip pockets, hidden inside pockets, and mesh sections for both style and a little more breath-ability.

At 6ft tall, I can sometimes struggle to find a pair of leggings that fit to the ‘full length’ expectations, so if you are tall and really looking for a pair that reach your ankles then be sure to look at the specific product measurements. Otherwise, you’ll have a pair of leggings 7/8 in length, which most of my yoga pants are, and I don’t think of that as a problem!

Capri pants – Capri yoga pants are 3/4 in length, but you can expect many of the same design options as those which are available in full-length pants. The decision between buying Capri or full length comes down completely to personal preference! Capri pants can be a little cooler if you’re going to be wearing them in a warmer environment.

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Shorts – yoga shorts are great when you’re practicing in warmer weather, as well as being perfect for hot yoga or fast-paced vinyasa classes. Again, some people will prefer to wear shorts over leggings all of the time! It’s another thing which is totally down to what you feel comfortable in. If you want to wear shorts to a yoga class, absolutely do it!

Harem pants – these are great for travel and loungewear as well as yoga! Harem pants will hang off of your body, keeping you feeling a little cooler. The downside to these is that the excess fabric can get in the way when trying to move through particular asanas, and they may not always have the flexibility that you need from yoga pants to work into some deep stretches.

This does depend on the particular product measurements, so before committing be sure to test them out with a few stretches! However, if they don’t work brilliantly for yoga, they will make a great choice for your next travel outfit.

Flared pants – these are a bit of a mix between classic full-length leggings and harem pants. You’ll find a bit more material in flared pants meaning that they will hang a little looser than full-length leggings (but not quite as loose as harem pants!). Again, the excess material – especially around the ankles could inhibit your practice a bit.

This will also depend on your level and the type of yoga that you are practicing. I would say that flared pants work well for yoga, but that it’s just a case of individual preference.

Skirt leggings – whilst searching the internet for bamboo yoga leggings, I found more leggings fitted with skirts than I expected! This style will give you a little more cover-up during practice or daily wear.

Maternity pants – I lived and died in maternity yoga pants during my pregnancy! They are all fitted with an extra band that you can pull all the way up and over your bump, making them unbelievably comfortable and difficult to say goodbye to after your pregnancy.

Though you can definitely get away with wearing these for a good few weeks (or months) after giving birth! Team with a long t-shirt for the ultimate comfort during all of the time that you should be spending doing absolutely nothing!!

Benefits of Bamboo Yoga Clothing

There are many benefits to wearing bamboo clothing. Trying to stay as “Green” & “Eco-Friendly” as possible, I researched the benefits of bamboo compared to cotton, spandex, and other fabrics. Here are the most noticeable benefits my bamboo yoga clothing provides:

  • Moisture Wicking- Bamboo naturally wicks away moisture better than other fabrics. So my bamboo yoga pants and bamboo yoga shirt kept me drier during my routine.
  • Softness and Comfort- Bamboo yoga wear is also a very soft and natural feeling. Not “plasticy” like synthetic fabric, or cheap and bland like some cotton yoga wear. So I felt good changing into them and comfortable wearing them around the gym and house.
  • Breathable- I always hated the way the cotton yoga pants stuck to my legs during my yoga routine. My bamboo yoga pants, are more breathable and don’t feel sticky at all.
  • Strong and Durable- Another great benefit bamboo fabric has over many other fabrics is Durability. Yoga clothing made from bamboo is made-to-last. It won’t fall apart easily from all the stretching and washing.
  • Odor Resistant- Bamboo yoga clothing resists odor better than synthetics and cotton, which makes it perfect for bamboo underwear. I still only wear my yoga pants and shirts once per routine and wash them before using them again. For that reason, I have “several sets”.

Easy-to-Follow Care Tips for Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo Yoga Clothes WomenMade the switch to bamboo yoga clothes?! You’ll need to know how to take care of them!

  • I recommend you wash your bamboo yoga clothes before use. Pure bamboo viscose gets softer after every wash.
  • When you do wash them you only need to wash at 30 degrees – did I mention how environmentally friendly this stuff is?! But you can wash up to 60 degrees if you need to.
  • Avoid using any fabric softener when you wash bamboo fabric clothing. The chemicals it contains will reduce the bamboo’s natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Don’t tumble dry – bamboo fabric is best left to hang dry, even better if you can hang them on an outside line. You can however put it in a dryer. Just be sure that it’s on the coolest setting.
  • You can wash your bamboo clothes along with any other clothing in the machine. But washing them with clothing that has zippers, can snag and damage them.

5 Yoga Tips for Busy Women

I don’t claim to be an expert in yoga at all. But I’d like to share some tips I’ve been using to help me stay in shape and keep to my yoga routine.

  1. Spend time in the positions you enjoy most- We all enjoy certain yoga positions more than others. Try spending more time in the positions you enjoy to breeze through your routine.
  2. Setting the mood- I find my yoga routine much more enjoyable and satisfying (when the mood is right). Try some different scented oils and play calming music.
  3. Join a gym or Yoga Class- Even as a busy mom, I made it a point to join a Yoga class when I first started. You’ll be surprised what you can learn from just a few classes.
  4. Get Comfortable Yoga Clothing- Putting on a comfortable yoga shirt and pants helps you get in your zone and stay in the tougher positions “longer”.
  5. Sync your schedule- I find it much easier to sync my routine with a daily show I like to watch or listen to at home. Find a show that comes on daily and start your routine with it.

Answers to Common Questions about Bamboo Yoga Clothing

Bamboo Yoga Clothes WomenDo bamboo clothes shrink?

Like other textiles, you can expect some shrinking with bamboo fabric. However, the shrinking during washing is very minimal. Harsh temperature changes can results in shrinking as well. So be careful if you choose to iron your bamboo clothes!

Can you iron bamboo fabric?

Bamboo clothes are actually less likely to wrinkle than other materials. But if you do wish to iron your bamboo clothes, be sure to use a cooler temperature setting. Only use a low-steam setting, as temperatures that are too high can burn the fibers.

Are bamboo clothes better than cotton clothes?

In short, yes. Bamboo boasts minimal crop loss as well as needing 1/3 less water to grow. It’s also self-replenishing and stronger compared to cotton. But as a fabric, bamboo is softer, lighter, more absorbent and breathable. It prevents stains and odors while remaining cleaner than cotton. Bamboo has all the advantages of cotton plus a whole lot more!

Are the benefits of bamboo yoga clothes real or just hype?

All the benefits mentioned in this article are based on research. Yet, further advancements are still needed to improve how the bamboo fabric is made. But if you’re still on the fence, you can always try them yourself!

Does bamboo clothing dry quickly?

There is a downside to bamboo clothing in that it doesn’t dry as quickly as some other materials. Depending on how thick the fabric is, it can take around the same time to dry as cotton.

How is bamboo fabric made?

There are 2 methods to make bamboo fabrics. Either through a mechanical process or a chemical process. The mechanical method involves crushing the plant followed by breaking down its walls. Afterward it’s combed or rolled into yarn. The chemical process turns the bamboo into pulp using harsh chemicals. This is the most common method used to make bamboo rayon.

Are bamboo yoga clothes durable?

Without a doubt, whilst going above and beyond what we can expect from other fabrics. So get online, and order your next bamboo yoga outfit!


As a busy mom, practicing yoga every day doesn’t come easy for me. I’ve tried many things to help me stay motivated with my daily yoga routine.

Switching to yoga wear (made from bamboo fabrics) gave me exactly what I was looking for. It Looks Good, Feels Great, and Benefits the Environment.

What is your favorite bamboo yoga wear? Let us know in the comments below.

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