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The Best Bamboo Socks for 2021 | Ultimate Guide & Reviews

When you’re shopping for bamboo socks you typically look for the most comfortable socks, right? With bamboo, you also get odor resistant socks that fight the bacteria that causes smelly feet!

I’ll discuss more benefits you get with the best bamboo socks in the buyer’s guide below. In the meantime here’s our easy-to-read comparison chart of the best-selling bamboo socks on Amazon for 2021.

The Best Bamboo Socks for 2021

Cariloha Bamboo SocksCariloha Bamboo Socks
  • Best Overall!
  • 90% bamboo fabric
  • odor-resistant
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MD Soft Mens and Womens Bamboo Crew SocksMD Bamboo
  • Best Unisex!
  • compression support
  • hidden seam toe
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BAMS Bamboo SocksBams Bamboo Socks
  • Best Compression!
  • odor-kill tech
  • US based company
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Rambutan Bamboo Dress SocksRambutan
  • Best Seamless Toe!
  • silky soft
  • large color selection
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Dig Bamboo Fiber SocksDig Bamboo
  • Most Durable!
  • thick and soft
  • double layer rib cuff
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Yomandamor Bamboo SocksYomandamor
  • Lowest Price!
  • 70% bamboo fabric
  • free replacement
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Our feet play a very important role in our day-to-day lives and the best bamboo socks will ensure they stay comfortable and dry. Bamboo socks also provide many benefits other than comfort. For that reason, they make the best socks for warmth and softness.

There are several companies that make different types of bamboo socks. Some are ideal for jogging and running, while others provide comfort for diabetics. As a result, finding the perfect pair for your feet can be confusing and time consuming.

Bamboo socks come in all the popular styles you’re already used to wearing. This guide will make deciding on the perfect fitting style fun and easy. If you’re used to wearing ankle socks or over-the calf socks, you should stick with the same style of bamboo socks as well.

In this article, you’ll find reviews and ratings to help you find the best bamboo socks for 2021. We’ve also included an easy to read comparison chart with the pros and cons of bamboo socks.

Our ultimate buyer’s guide describes the best features bamboo socks have to offer as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Reviews of the Best Bamboo Socks for 2021

Below you will find Expert Reviews of the featured bamboo socks mentioned within the article.

There are plenty of different styles and variations for each of the bamboo socks in our reviews. Trying out and testing Every Single style these bamboo socks come in would be impossible. So we based our reviews on the Most Popular styles found on Amazon.

We will go over the following details:

  • Level of comfort
  • Style and Fit
  • Color and Size Options
  • Features and Benefits
  • Durability and Warranty

Cariloha “Best Overall”

Cariloha Crazy Soft Bamboo Socks
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After thorough review and testing, we have concluded that Cariloha makes the best bamboo socks of all. Mainly due to the great value these socks are as well as the comfort.

Cariloha is also known for making some of the softest bamboo sheets and clothing. We love all the products we tested from them including their socks. At the time of our review, they were running a “buy 3 get 1 free” sale on Amazon.

Level of Comfort: As far as comfort, Cariloha always passes with flying colors. Their socks contain 90% bamboo and 10% elastane, which makes them extremely soft. The bamboo crew socks in this review fit pretty high above the ankle. They also feel tighter than other socks we reviewed.

Style and Fit: You can choose from many different styles of Cariloha socks available on Amazon. They have ankle, no-show and crew socks for both men and women.

Color and Size Options: The crew socks are available in 2 different sizes, Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. Every style has its own color scheme to choose from, but these are available in white or black with the Cariloha name above the toes.

Features and Benefits: Odor resistance and breathability comes standard with these bamboo rayon socks.

Durability and Warranty: They held up very well even after several washes. But began shedding small bits of lint, especially from underneath. Cariloha lists a Lifetime Quality Guarantee on their website with free replacements. That also includes purchases made on Amazon.

  • 90% Bamboo 10% Elastane
  • Several Colors and Styles
  • Odor Resistant
  • Lifetime Quality Guarantee
  • Shedding is common
  • Higher price tag

MD Bamboo “Best Unisex”

MD Soft Mens Bamboo Crew Socks
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The next bamboo socks we will be reviewing today is from +MD. These bamboo crew socks are also available on Amazon and have over 250 positive reviews. They are made with 71.9% rayon from bamboo, 23.3% polyester, 4.2% elastic and 0.6% spandex.

Level of Comfort: The +MD bamboo socks are very well made and have high performance features such as a reinforced heel and anti-slip top. The sole has extra cushioning which makes them perfect socks for jogging or walking.

Style and Fit: Our review is based on the bamboo crew socks in Men’s size Large (10 – 13). They fit tight on the feet and the heel has a “Y” design to provide even more support. The bamboo fabric will loosen up after the first wash and it’s recommended you wash them before you wear them the first time.

Color and Size Options: You can choose from 5 different unisex sock sizes for adults and 3 color options as well. You also have the option to buy a multi-color pack that includes a combination of all 3 colors. There is an easy-to-read size chart to help narrow down your perfect fit.

Features and Benefits: We enjoyed the +MD bamboo socks and their versatility. They are the best bamboo socks for running and jogging and are great for many other activities. They will keep your feet odor-free and dry during exercise.

Durability and Warranty: Finally we get to the customer support and durability of the +MD bamboo socks. The company doesn’t list clearly what their warranty is, but in case you have any issues, you can return them through Amazon for free.

  • Hidden Seam Toe
  • Soft and Breathable
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Extra Support without Compression
  • Warranty not listed
  • Should wash before first use

Rambutan “Best Seamless Toe”

Rambutan Men's Seamless Bamboo Dress Socks
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Next on our list of the coolest bamboo socks we reviewed, is by Rambutan. Their socks have a unique design that adds some flare to your feet. They make their socks with a mix of bamboo rayon fabrics and 3% spandex. The company operates out of Israel but sells their products on Amazon and Ebay.

Comfort Level: I wish the softness of these bamboo socks can be described in words, but it can’t. They are much softer than cotton socks for sure, and some of the softest bamboo socks we reviewed. They have extra support in the cuff to prevent slipping as well. Their seamless toe is also a great feature that makes them soft and comfy.

Style and Fit: The colorful bamboo socks in our review were standard Quarter Socks that fit above the ankle and below the calf. They fit firmly on the feet without being too constricting or compressing. If ankle socks aren’t what you prefer, Rambutan makes other styles of bamboo socks too. You can choose from No-Show bamboo socks all the way to Knee-High bamboo socks on Amazon.

Color and Size Options: As far as available colors, Rambutan prides in making the most colorful bamboo socks for men and women. You can choose from striped or solid color socks on Amazon. The sizing is standard for men’s feet and women’s feet as well.

Features and Benefits: The men’s bamboo crew socks didn’t have any special features that blew our mind. They do have all the basic features found in the rest of the socks in our review. Seamless toes and anti-slip cuff are common with all bamboo socks.

Durability and Warranty: Rambutan is based in and operates from Israel. They don’t list what their warranty is on their socks and attempts to contact them were fruitless. You can however return any defective products back to Amazon if you purchased from them. But if you buy directly from Rambutan, you will have to ship the defective bamboo socks back to Israel.

  • Seamless Toe
  • Largest Color Selection
  • Many Styles Available
  • Silky Smooth and Soft
  • Warranty not listed
  • Expensive to ship back if you buy direct

Dig Bamboo “Most Durable”

Dig Bamboo Fiber Socks
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Another stylish pair of bamboo socks in our review is made by Dig and also sold on Amazon. Dig has several unique qualities other companies don’t have such as their “One Tree, One Tree” program. With this program, Dig pledges to plant a tree for every pair of socks they sell.

Level of Comfort: Our review is based on their men’s ankle socks that came in red with white highlights. They were very soft and comfy feeling and are thicker than cotton socks. The bamboo fibers allow air to dry your feet from moisture and keep them cooler.

Style and Fit: If you’re looking for stylish bamboo socks, you’ll definitely want to give these a try. They have a very nice looking logo over the toes and above the ankle. They also have the words “We, Keep The Funk Fresh!” hidden under the cuff commonly found on Nike brand socks.

Color and Size Options: They are sold in a 3-pack and come in 5 solid color schemes with stylish highlights on the toes and heel. These socks are only available in one-size which seems to be a medium 7-10 for men. If you wear anything over a size 10 in men’s shoes, they may fit tightly or be too small.

Features and Benefits: The Dig socks were very well made and include all the benefits of bamboo you would expect. They have a thicker structure compared to dress socks and feel more like lightweight sweat socks. Even being thicker than their competitors, these were some of the coolest bamboo socks in our review.

Durability and Warranty: Dig has put together one of my favorite bamboo socks. They held up pretty good after several washes and kept their shape. The company doesn’t list their warranty on Amazon or their website. They also don’t list what percentage of bamboo rayon their socks contain.

  • Double Layer Rib Cuff
  • Several Color Schemes
  • Reinforced Heel
  • Seamless Toe
  • Thick and Soft
  • Only available in one-size
  • Warranty not listed anywhere
  • Amount of bamboo also not listed

Yomandamor “Lowest Price”

Yomandamor Men's Bamboo Diabetic Ankle Socks with Seamless Toe
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These bamboo socks by Yomandamor are the least expensive from the ones we tested. Their quality isn’t as good as the rest, but for the price, they can’t be beat!

Comfort Level: The 70% bamboo and 30% elastane material makes for a very comfortable bamboo sock. They are lightweight and ideal for all types of weather conditions. They keep your feet warm in winter and cool and dry in summer.

Style and Fit: As far as the style and fit of the ankle bamboo socks from Yomandamor, we loved them. The seamless toes will be something new if you’re not used to it. The band is loose enough that they don’t slip down.

Color and Sizing: Yomandamor makes very soft unisex bamboo socks for men and women. Their men sizes are limited to 10 – 13 for the ankle socks and are available in smaller sizes for women. Their size was a bit larger than other socks we tested. Enough that the heel rides up to the achilles heel.

Features and Benefits: We loved many features of these bamboo rayon socks, but their silky softness stood out the most. They stood the test of being odor resistant socks with flying colors, which is a benefit of the 70% bamboo fabric. Unlike other bamboo socks in our review, these are also great for diabetics.

Durability and Warranty: Finally we get to the durability of the Yomandamor bamboo rayon socks. As long as you follow the washing instructions, they should last several washes. I think for the price, 6 pairs for around $16, that’s more than expected. However, Yomandamor stands behind their products and provide a full replacement warranty in case you have any issues with your socks.

  • Seamless Toe
  • Soft and Breathable
  • Available in 5 Colors
  • Great Value Bamboo socks
  • Free Replacements for Defects
  • Only available in size 10 – 13
  • Sizing was bigger than expected

Ultimate Bamboo Socks Buyer’s Guide

Now that we discussed the top selling bamboo socks for 2021, you should be ready to decide which ones are right for you. However, if you still need some and are looking for more information, we’ve put together the ultimate buyer’s guide for bamboo socks.

Our guide will go in-depth with every feature bamboo socks have to offer. We also dedicated a section to answer the most commonly asked questions about bamboo socks. You can also comment below with any questions you may have or details you would like to see added too. Finally, our guide provides professional tips and tricks to care for your bamboo socks.

Introduction to Bamboo Socks

Just like pillows and sheets made from bamboo, bamboo socks have also been around for quite a while now. In fact some companies have been making soft bamboo socks for over 10 years.

Bamboo socks can contain anywhere between 25% – 80% bamboo viscose or rayon. The rest of the fabric contains elastane, polyester, cotton or spandex that makes them stretchy.

Organic products have grown in popularity these past few years, including bamboo products for being a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton.

Besides being more eco-friendly, socks made from bamboo are also better in fighting odor causing bacteria, which made them the best socks for athletes.

Benefits of Bamboo Socks

Warmth: If you’re looking for the best socks for warm feet, bamboo socks are excellent at keeping them both warm and dry. That’s due to the moisture-wicking properties of bamboo fabrics. They help keep moisture away from your feet that will cause them to get cold. Just imagine how cold your feet get after splashing around in a puddle of water.

Blood Circulation: Another important benefit of socks made from bamboo is they help improve blood circulation in our feet. Compression socks apply added pressure to the veins in our feet, which can affect blood circulation. The best type of bamboo socks for blood circulation have very little compression above the ankle.

Odor Resistant: Bamboo fabrics are naturally resistant to bacteria and fight odor causing germs. This is great if you’re looking for socks for smelly feet.

Coolness: That’s right! Bamboo is naturally cool and has a temperature 3 degrees lower than cotton. This means your feet will stay dryer and cooler in the hot weather or if you wear them while exercising. That makes socks made from bamboo, absolutely the best cooling socks for your feet.

Breathable: Another great benefit of bamboo socks is their breathability compared to cotton. They will help your feet stay dry by wicking away the moisture and sweat from your feet. This makes them the most popular socks for running and jogging.

Softness: Once you try the softness of bamboo socks, you’ll never go back to cotton or anything else. The softest socks are either very expensive cashmere, which many can’t afford, or they contain bamboo fabrics.

Durability: Not all socks are created equally and bamboo socks cost more than average cotton socks. This is the main reason companies like Cariloha and Yomandamor, offer Lifetime replacement warranties. The added warranty increases their durability and provides peace of mind for consumers. Of course, following the care instructions you get with the socks will help extend their life as well.

Easy-to-Follow Care Tips

Once you get your new pair of bamboo socks, you want to care for them according to the manufacturer’s instructions they provide you with. Proper care and maintenance will ensure the longest life of the products you buy.

So if you’re wondering how to care for your bamboo socks, we’ve got you covered! There are plenty of random things that lead to having to replace your socks sooner than expected. It can be due to improper storage or even using too much detergent.

Below are several very easy-to-follow care tips and tricks to extend the life of your socks even more.

Tips on Washing: You can wash your socks with the rest of your laundry without any issues. But I recommend using cold water and as little detergent as possible. You can even use the sun’s rays to remove stains from white clothes as well without bleach.

Lint and Pilling: No matter how good your socks are, you will eventually have pilling and lint forming on the outside. A great way to prevent pilling from socks is to wash them inside out! This simple step can be done with cotton socks as well and add several months to the life of your socks.

Lint Shavers: Every home should have an automatic or manual Lint removing device. Below are the best Devices on Amazon for removing Lint and Fuzz from your favorite clothing.

Fading Colors: If you buy cheap bamboo socks that have been dyed with bright colors, you definitely want to ensure they stay bright and colorful for a very long time. First of all, you can prevent color fading by washing your socks in cold water with Woolite or similar detergent. You also want to dry them indoors and away from sunlight as much as possible.

Smelly Socks: For smelly socks that aren’t dirty, you can get away with hanging them in the sun for a couple of hours and skip washing them all together. Hence, hanging your socks in the sun is excellent for removing odors from any natural fabrics, like bamboo.

Overstretched Sock Cuffs: The cuffs on our socks go through a lot of stretching and above all, have to handle plenty of stress. There isn’t anything you can do, besides not wearing them as much. Similarly, improper storage after washing can cause the cuffs to become loose and start to slip. Therefore, you want to gently put away your socks neatly in your drawer without stretching them.

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking to buy bamboo socks, you’ll run in to many features and terms that might be new to you. In this section, you will find answers to the most common questions people are asking.

You can leave a comment below if you have any questions that we haven’t covered. We would love to hear from you!

How Good Are Bamboo Socks?
Bamboo socks are much better than cotton socks for many reasons. The benefits range from softness and comfort to being more durable and eco-friendly. They make great socks for running by keeping your feet cool and dry. They’re also great for diabetics to help fight infections and improve blood flow to your feet.

Are Bamboo Socks Environmentally Friendly?
Bamboo is in fact one of the most environmentally friendly plants on Earth. However, the process of making bamboo fabrics requires a lot of chemicals that can harm the environment. Companies use a closed-loop method to recycle the chemicals, thus lowering the impact on the environment.

Are Bamboo Socks Warmer than Wool?
Wool socks are known to be the warmest socks for cold weather. On the other hand, socks made with bamboo fabrics are best known for keeping your feet cool and dry. You can definitely use bamboo rayon socks for cold weather, but the warmest socks are still made with wool.

What are Bamboo Socks Made From?
Not all bamboo socks are created equally! Some have a higher bamboo content than others while other socks may have a blend of cotton as well. You will always find some sort of elastic material in bamboo socks to make them stretchy. The most common material besides bamboo rayon, is “Elastane“.

How Do You Clean Bamboo Socks?
Every company has different care instructions depending on the materials they’re made with. Thus the best advice, is to first refer to the care info they came with. You can also check out our “Easy-to-Follow Care Tips” for some great advice. You can bathe white bamboo socks in the sun to remove odors and stains using the bleaching powers of the Sun.

Can I Put Bamboo Socks in the Dryer?
Bamboo socks aren’t that different from regular cotton socks. They do benefit from being better at wicking away moisture, which means they will dry quicker. I have never run into any problem putting them in the dryer with my regular laundry, and you won’t either.


To conclude, companies make all types of bamboo socks and you can find them all on Amazon. Whether you love to jog and want the best socks for jogging, or perhaps you suffer from diabetes and need special socks for diabetics, bamboo socks have a solution. We made it easy for you to find the perfect pair for you, with our expert reviews and easy-to-read comparison charts.

Do you have a favorite pair of socks you would like to see added to our review? Let us know in the comments below and have your opinion heard. We would love to hear from you!

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