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Ultimate Guide to Bamboo Underwear for Women

We’ve been told for the longest time that cotton underwear is the softest and the most beneficial for us, but in recent years it seems the staple fabric has a new and better competitor. And when I say new and better, I mean in ways you’ve never even thought imaginable.

What makes bamboo Underwear better than cotton?

You might’ve bought a high-end brand of underwear, paying hundreds to look good and feel good in your panties, but nonetheless it still won’t compare to how amazing bamboo will make you feel. Crazy, right? There’s more to it than just that.

Guide to the Best Bamboo Underwear for Women!

Anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and odorless. Just this alone can sound like the holy grail of any clothing material let alone underwear. But hearing this, you might be thinking that there’s no way an underwear can look stylish and have all these amazing traits. That’s where you’re wrong!

Bamboo underwear are great for many reasons, other than how good they feel, but how good they look as well.

Who We Are?

Hello, my name is Molly. When my husband and I first started, our main focus was to compare and find the perfect set of bamboo sheets. Since then, we have tested and compared many other bamboo products like clothing, towels and more. Our goal is to share the results of our reviews and help you find the perfect bamboo products that fit your needs.

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What are Women’s Bamboo Underwear

If you’re not familiar with bamboo panties and undergarments, here’s a quick introduction. We can dive into more details later in the article. In the meantime, allow me to introduce you to the most comfortable underwear for women.

Companies have found new and modern ways to use bamboo fibers to make super-soft clothes. Bamboo fibers have many benefits that make them perfect for making clothes, socks and sheets. These benefits include being Softer, Cooler, Antibacterial and more Eco friendly, compared to cotton.

As a women, I know how you feel and we’ve all been there. Dealing with that annoying itch or tug that’s just too embarrassing to pick-at in public. Or our skin turning red from the horrible chafing of harsh materials rubbing against us. Even then, things can get a lot worse when you have to deal with hot and humid weather.

It can be torturous and uncomfortable moving around in cheap cotton or polyester panties. That’s just a few reasons that made me switch to bamboo underwear.

I know, underwear made from bamboo might sound weird at first. When you hear “bamboo”, your first thought is probably of those tall thin plants that pandas munch on, right? When converted into fabrics, bamboo makes the softest panties you’ll ever slip into. Trust me, you’ll never want to switch back to cotton after trying them.

Here is a list of the most popular styles of bamboo underwear:

  • Low-Mid-High Rise Briefs
  • All Styles of Bikini Briefs
  • Boy Shorts
  • Boxer Briefs (for men)
  • And many more…

Along with the variety of styles you can find bamboo fiber underwear, you will also find plenty of colors and sizes to choose from.

Coming up in this section I’ll tell you all about the important things you need to know about bamboo underwear. The amazing benefits, how to care for your bamboo panties and more.

Benefits of Bamboo Underwear for Women

I’ve been mentioning the benefits of bamboo underwear all throughout this article, and now you’re finally about to hear about them and why you should be making the switch. We’re here to talk about what makes it just so good that it’s better than your regular cotton ones.

Bamboo Panties are more breathable than cotton

Moisture Wicking: One of many reasons that it beats out cotton is that its moisture wicking, which creates a natural cooling effect down there. We’ve all had those hot summer days where it felt all too uncomfortable in our underwear, and now here’s our solution, girls.

Odor Resistance: Not only is it the perfect underwear for the summer that wicks away all your worries, but it’s also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and odorless! That means no matter how hot it gets outside and how hot you get, you’ll still be able to breathe and have no worries about what’s going on down there. This is a huge step up from most women’s underwear which almost feels like it’s made to be unbearably uncomfortable for us during the summer.

Thermal Regulating: That’s not all, the properties in bamboo underwear also make them thermal regulating. That means it not only keeps you cool and dry in the summer, but it also keeps you feeling warm and comfy in colder months. This is the real deal, ladies, bamboo panties are the whole package.

Softer than Cotton: On top of the sweet dryness of bamboo panties, they’re also four times softer than cotton underwear which makes them softer than any underwear on the market. Bamboo underwear has a light and silky texture, making them feel heavenly to slip into and more comfortable than anything else to wear for an entire day.

Static-Free & Wrinkle-Free: A couple other little goodies about bamboo underwear is that they’re wrinkle-free, static-free, and they’re very durable. Each time you wash them they won’t lose their shape or stretch on you, they’ll stay just as good as when you bought them.

Durability: Too often our panties can get a little too warped from the washing machine or the lace may rip on our sexier pairs, but not with bamboo panties. They’re ensured to be highly durable for everyday use and still keep their form with no wrinkles or static from the dryer.

Mild on the Skin: This one’s for all you girls out there with sensitive skin. If you’re struggling to find clothes that are soft and won’t irritate your skin, go bamboo! Skin irritations occur because of how fabrics are made and the materials they’re made from. Bamboo underwear are completely hypoallergenic. Since I’ve switched to bamboo, I haven’t had any itching nor little bumps, nothing at all.

Hypo Allergenic: This might not matter too much for some of us, but for others, this is a huge relief. There’s nothing worse than wearing underwear that just makes you feel more uncomfortable than it already would if you didn’t have allergies. So yes, ladies, even if you have sensitive skin there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to bamboo underwear.

Eco-Friendly: Finally, let’s not forget how eco-friendly they are! Bamboo is an extremely sustainable substance that needs little to none pesticides in order to grow. On top of that, it barely needs any water or sunlight to grow on it’s own either. Because of this, clothing made from bamboo fabrics are some of the most environmentally friendly pieces of clothing. All the more reason to invest in bamboo panties. You’re not only helping yourself be more comfortable with what you’re wearing every day but you’re also helping to save our planet. It’s a win-win for everyone.

How to Care for Your Bamboo Panties

How to care for your bamboo clothes

While bamboo fiber underwear have a lot of amazing benefits, they also need a little more attention when caring for them. Here are the steps I take to make sure my bamboo intimates stay fresh and last longer.

Washing Your Bamboo Underwear: When it comes to washing your bamboo underwear, it’s very much the same as any other type of clothing. Except for a few minor details. Before you throw those soft panties into the wash with the rest of your clothes, you should switch to a cool, gentle cycle. This will ensure they stay soft and in pristine condition.

Recommended Laundry Detergent: Bamboo fabrics are safer for the environment, your detergent should be too. Using a more natural and eco-friendly detergent will also help in caring for them (and our planet) as well.

Drying Bamboo Underwear: Line drying is the best option for keeping your bamboo panties in great condition because it helps ensure they won’t get damaged. If you must use a dryer, just make sure you don’t overdo it. Because you’ll run into the possibility of damaging the fabrics. For that reason, I only recommend to air dry them.

Ironing Bamboo Briefs: Bamboo panties are already wrinkle-free, so there’s really no need to iron them either. In the rare occasion you have to iron them, be sure to check the care label for heat settings. Some panties contain other fabrics besides bamboo.

History of Bamboo Underwear

First off, to sum it up, bamboo rayon underwear and all other bamboo clothing are made from the fibers of bamboo. I know that when you hear “bamboo”, your first thought is probably those tall thin plants that pandas munch on, but trust me, these fibers are made into the softest panties you’ll ever slip on.

Now, you’re probably wondering where this all started. Who could’ve possibly had the idea to make clothes, let alone underwear, out of bamboo? Well, ladies, it’s been around longer than you think. The reasons we haven’t heard about it as much and why it isn’t more popularly sold in stores is due to the fact that it was never developed to be commercially viable until more recent years.

In fact, the first actual evidence of bamboo clothing goes all the way back to 1864. So why did it take hundreds of years for bamboo clothing to become viable? One of the few reasons is simply because it was never in high demand. Up until recent years, when we all started to become more aware of our surroundings, and become more environmentally friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bamboo Underwear

Are Bamboo Panties Good?

Reasons to switch to bamboo fiber panties

This is the most common question many of my friends ask me! You won’t be able to tell how much softer they are until you try them. Bamboo fabric panties are Soft as Silk, Durable and Easy to Clean. They’re also very affordable compared to fancy high-end panties, but feel just as well-made.

What are Bamboo Fiber Panties?

Bamboo Fiber Panties come in many different styles. They are made with some sort of bamboo fabric. It can either be bamboo rayon, bamboo viscose and sometimes blended with cotton. Spandex can also be found in bamboo rayon briefs to make them stretchy,

Are Bamboo Panties Breathable?

Panties made with bamboo fabrics benefit from being breathable and can keep you dry better than other types of panties. We have a full article about the benefits of bamboo here for you to dive deeper into the subject.

Are Bamboo Panties Better than Cotton Panties?

There are several reasons why bamboo panties are better than cotton. The most noticeable and important is softness. Panties made with bamboo fibers are much softer and have a silky smooth feel to them. While cotton panties tend to feel harsh and scratchy.

Another reason bamboo fiber panties are better than cotton is their Durability. Bamboo fabrics get softer after each wash and last longer, unlike cotton which can get stiffer and more harsh.

Why should I make the Switch to Bamboo?

Besides the sweet benefits it gives over any other fabric on the market, you should definitely make the switch to protect our environment. Bamboo underwear is environmentally eco friendly, it would almost be a crime not to switch. By purchasing bamboo underwear, you’re helping make that step forward into protecting our environment and making sure we still have a sustainable one fifty years from now.

Where Can I Buy Bamboo Underwear for women?

Since it might be a little hard to find in stores, you’ll find the largest selection of bamboo clothing and panties online. I’ve included the Top Five Sellers for buying bamboo panties and other clothing on Amazon. Most of them also provide Free Return shipping as well.

  1. Cariloha
  2. Boody
  3. Wirarpa
  4. Warm Sun
  5. Bambody

Are Bamboo Panties Cheaper than Cotton Underwear?

Unfortunately, no! However, with all the benefits to the environment and advanced comfort, bamboo fiber underwear are priced just the same as most other cotton underwear. You won’t have to break the bank trying to get in on this new trend that also helps save our planet.

Conclusion (Should You Buy?)

If you’re like any other woman and have experienced the discomforts of cotton underwear, switch to bamboo instead. They’re better to wear on a day to day basis, and you get all the benefits I mentioned above.

Trying bamboo fiber panties for the first time, will not only make you more comfortable, but they’ll also make you regret not trying them sooner. It provides so many benefits, it would be a great addition to your collection.

Finally, after explaining all the benefits of bamboo underwear for women, you should have a better understanding of what to look for. If you still have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates on the best bamboo sheets and other bamboo related products.

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