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The Best Bamboo Cutting Boards for 2021 | Ultimate Guide & Reviews

Cutting boards are one of the most useful accessories to have in a kitchen. You can obviously use them for chopping and cutting meats and vegetables. But you can also use bamboo cutting boards as a serving tray or decorative piece to add a modern touch to any kitchen.

Besides bamboo, there are several other types of materials used to make cutting boards. Plastic and natural woods are the most common materials.

Bamboo wooden cutting boards shine above the rest for many reasons. In this article, we will go over all the Features and Benefits of Bamboo Cutting Boards.

We will also be reviewing the most popular ones to help you find the best board for your kitchen.

What is a Bamboo Cutting Board?

A cutting board is one of the most important kitchen accessories. The kitchen is incomplete without one. If you don’t know what a cutting board is, then chances are high you have never cooked food before.

Just like its name, a kitchen cutting board is the board where raw food that needs slicing is placed while slicing it up. Most foods are cut on the board include fruits, vegetables and meats.

There are several materials commonly used for making cutting boards. These include; wood, glass, plastic, stainless steel and bamboo.

Depending on your preferences and budget you may choose any of the above materials. But our choice has always been choosing the most natural and Eco-friendly.

In this post, I will share with you everything you need know about bamboo cutting boards. Why they are the best choice and what you need to you to consider while buying a bamboo cutting board.

Benefits of Bamboo Cutting Boards

Benefits of Bamboo Cutting Boards

  • Bamboo is Eco friendly: Bamboo cutting boards are Eco friendly. This means even when the board gets old, you can easily dispose without worrying that it will cause any negative effect to environment. If you are an environment conscious person then bamboo will always be your choice
  • Bamboo is easy to clean: Bamboo boards have a smooth surface that is easy to clean. All you need is a cloth, warm water and soap to wipe this board clean
  • Bamboo looks good: Truth is the color of bamboo boards is the kind that will easily blend in the kitchen. That natural look makes is a favorite for many. They normally come in the dark bamboo and light bamboo colors.
  • Durable and Scratch Resistant: While slicing up your vegetables or meat, you often have to hit the board with the shape edge of the knife. If the board is not strong enough it will be getting dents every time you use. However, bamboo is so dense in that getting dents only happens when the one slicing food applies a lot of force on the knife which is often not the case.
  • Heat Resistant: A kitchen is a cooking place and, in most cases, there will be some heat generated from your cooking stove or Gas cookers. A plastic board will possibly melt or be deformed when exposed to too much heat. Stainless boards will get hot when exposed to heat that makes using them a danger to your fingers. On the hand, bamboo is an insulator and you will not be affected by heat.

With the above benefits, its very clear that bamboo boards are still ahead of boards made from other materials especially stainless steel and plastic. However, while buying a cutting board there are other factors that you will have to put into consideration besides the material. Let’s discuss some of things you need to look at while buying a bamboo cutting board

Reviews of the 10 Best Bamboo Cutting Boards for 2021

1. Greener Chef “Best Overall”

Greener Chef Best Overall
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The first bamboo cutting board in our review comes from Greener Chef. It is available in 4 different sizes depending on your preference and what you intend to use it for.

The variety in sizes makes it our Best Overall Bamboo Cutting Board, since it is suitable for both large scale and small-scale cooking. Greener Chef also provides a “Lifetime Replacement Warranty” which is more than most other cutting boards in our review.

This cutting board is also made from 100% Organic Bamboo so you should expect it to have all the benefits of bamboo wood. You can use their Oil Spray to keep it moist and smooth.

The key features of this cutting board:

It has a natural look with two blended colors that is; light and dark bamboo color. The big part of the board is dark and the light color is towards the edges.

The cutting board also comes in 4 size configurations that is;

  • Small (12 x 9 inches)
  • Medium (14.5 x 11.5 inches)
  • XL (18 x 12.5 inches)
  • XXXL (30 x 20 inches).

The weight of these sizes is as follows; 1.5 pounds, 2.15 pounds, 3.15 pounds, and 11 pounds respectively. The board also has handle grooves that ease lifting in case you want to use any of them as a serving board

  • Available in different sizes, so you can choose one that suits your needs
  • They have handle grooves that ease carrying
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • They are also suitable for large scale and small-scale cooking
  • Natural bamboo is heavy


This cutting board from Greener Chef has over 2,800 reviews on Amazon and most of the users are satisfied with using the board. However, while buying, make sure you choose the right size to avoid getting a board that is neither too big or too small. The groove handles on the board make lifting this board from one position to another more convenient and safer.

2. Totally Bamboo “Best 3-Piece Set”

Totally Bamboo Best 3-Piece Set
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Next is a 3-piece set of bamboo cutting boards which is available from Totally Bamboo. They are made from 100% organic bamboo wood.

The package comes in a set of 3 boards which makes it a good choice for those who need cutting boards of different sizes. These cutting boards can be used for both cutting, chopping and for serving.

Key features of these cutting boards:

The package comes with 3 cutting boards of different sizes. The biggest of all is 13”, the second biggest is 11” and the smallest is 9”. This distance represents the length of the boards. The boards are made out of durable flat-grain bamboo.

They have a cutting surface that is friendly to knives so you won’t have issues of your knife getting blunt after using it for a couple of days. The total weight of the whole package is 2.16 pounds. The combined weight of the boards without the packaging is 1.88 pounds

  • Made with Eco-Friendly Bamboo
  • Complete 3-piece set
  • They are lightweight and easy to handle
  • Easy to clean and maintain due to the smooth surface
  • No handle on the smallest size


Totally Bamboo are the best 3-piece cutting boards we have reviewed. They are great for anyone who intends to use the boards for slicing and serving. You can dedicate one for meat, another for vegetables and the smallest for fruits. Being made out of bamboo, expect these cutting boards to be durable and friendly to the environment once you dispose them off.

3. Royal Craft Wood “Best Over-Sized Bamboo Cutting Board”

Royal Craft Wood Best Over-Sized Bamboo Cutting Board
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The next bamboo cutting board in our reviews is a product of Royal Craft Wood, a company that specializes in bamboo wooden kitchen accessories. It is currently the best selling cutting boards on Amazon with over 2800 positive reviews!

This bamboo cutting board has an elegant design with well-chambered edges. It’s an especially good choice if you prefer a larger cutting boards. It is really huge compared to many boards in the market on considered “Extra Large” compared to other boards.

Key features of this cutting board:

The board is rectangular in shape and is made out of 100% organic bamboo with Antibacterial, and Antimicrobial Properties. Its dimensions are 17.9 x 12 x 0.8 inches. It has a weight of 3.2 pounds and a shipping weight of 3.5 pounds. It also has side handles that make it easy to carry stuff around.

  • The cutting board has two handles which makes it convenient and safe while carrying foodstuffs on the board
  • It is antimicrobial. This means it won’t easily generate a bad odor like most of the wooden boards.
  • It has a smooth surface that won’t hurt your cutlery while slicing up stuff
  • It has a large surface and can be used to cut a big volume of foodstuffs at a time
  • 2 pounds may be quite heavy for some people


If you love boards with wide surfaces, then the Royal Craft Bamboo Board is perfect for you. This extra-large cutting board is one I would recommend for restaurants and other food spots that cook food on a large scale.

However, it is quite heavy compared to other boards. This expected if we consider the size of its surface area. It also elegantly designed and with its natural bamboo color, this board should blend well with most of your kitchen accessories

4. Brew City “Best Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board”

Brew City "Best Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board"
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If you are thinking of gifting a loved one or a friend, an engraved bamboo cutting board is a good gift idea. This particular board made by Brew city engraving is among the best you can get at a relatively fair price.

The board itself is well designed and comes in five size options. So, you can choose whether you want the large ones or the smaller ones. The cutting board also has 8 designs that you can choose from. Each of these designs has a different way of blending the light and dark bamboo colors.

Features of the Brew City Bamboo Cutting Board

The cutting board comes with five size options that is;

  • Extra Large Bamboo – 19.2″ x 12.6″ x 0.75″
  • Large Bamboo – 13.5″ x 9.6″ x 0.68″
  • Large Bamboo 2 – 13.5″ x 9.5″ x 0.75″
  • Small Bamboo – 9.0″ x 6.25″ x 0.37″
  • Large Walnut – 12″ x 9.0″ x 0.75″

It also has 8 design options to choose from. Each design has different color combinations. The weight of the board you choose depends on the size. The weight range from the extra large to the smallest is between 11 ounces to 4 pounds.

  • The board has up to 5 size options to choose from
  • The cutting board also has up to 8 design options to choose from
  • You can have a message engraved on the board at no extra cost
  • The boards don’t have handles which makes lifting quite uncomfortable


This personalized bamboo cutting board from Brew City Engraving can save you a lot if you are planning to give a friend or loved one a gift that falls in the kitchen accessories category. Having your message engraved at no extra cost is something you need to take advantage of.

And besides the personalization, this cutting board also enjoys all the benefits of bamboo cutting boards like durability, being eco friendly and antimicrobial.

5. Mason & White “Best Counter Edge Cutting Board”

Mason & White "Best Counter Edge Cutting Board"
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Counter edge bamboo cutting board is a product of Maison & White. It has a unique design that enables it to stick at the edge of your kitchen counter while in use.

This kind of design was used to ensure the cutting board doesn’t slide off the counter while being used. You can get this type of board from a local store within your locality or any online eCommerce platform like Amazon

Key features of the counter-edge cutting board

The counter edge bamboo chopping board has a 90° lip that helps the board to be properly gripped onto the kitchen counter to prevent it from slipping while in use.

The board weighs a total of 4.1 pounds. Its surface has the following dimensions; 14.6 x 17.7 x 2 inches. The board is made from 100% organic bamboo which makes it eco-friendly and biodegradable. It has a light bamboo natural color that is similar to most of the bamboo cutting boards.

  • Due to the 90o lip, this board will not easily slip off from the kitchen counter while you are using it
  • It is biodegradable which makes disposing it off to the environment safe
  • It’s price friendly compared to other bamboo cutting boards in its category
  • It is easy to wash
  • It is a bit small in size which makes it inefficient for large-scale food facilities like restaurants
  • It doesn’t have different size configurations like most of the bamboo cutting boards


Maison and White made this board with a unique design to ensure the board doesn’t slide off the kitchen counter while in use. This is what makes this cutting board different from many other boards in the market.

It is large enough to be used in home kitchens but may be inefficient if used by large scale cooking facilities. You can get yourself this unique cutting board from any store in your local area that deals in kitchen accessories or from Amazon.

6. Mohy Bamboo “Best Premium Cutting Board”

Mohy Bamboo "Best Premium Cutting Board"
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Premium butcher cutting board is a product of Mohy bamboo. It has a very large surface area that makes it a good option for those intending to cut big volumes of foodstuffs at ago.

It is currently among the most selling bamboo cutting boards with lots of positive reviews on several e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart. Being made from 100% organic bamboo, this cutting board is durable and resistant to scratches.

Key features of this cutting board

It is made from 100% organic bamboo and has dimensions of 17 x1 3 x 1.5 inches. The cutting board also has 7 pounds and a total of 7.4 pounds shipping weight.

It has 2 handles for proper handling while carrying stuff from one position to another. The board has a shiny light natural bamboo color that would blend well with most of your kitchen accessories.  Mohy gives a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the board.

  • It is large which makes it appropriate for those who prepare food on a large scale
  • It has two handles that are comfortable to hold while lifting the board
  • All purchases come with a money-back guarantee
  • It is also durable and eco friendly
  • It is heavy which makes it unsuitable for serving
  • It is a bit expensive compared to other boards in the same category


The Mohy bamboo cutting board has a huge surface area and thickness that make it ideal for restaurants and other large-scale food spots. With a weight of 7 pounds, this board is a little heavier than most of the boards in the market and may not be the best option for serving food.

It will basically do a good job as a cutting board and not serving board. So, have that in mind before buying one. The outer design of the board is also elegant with the natural light color of bamboo which should blend well with the rest of your kitchen accessories. You can buy this board from your local kitchen accessories store or on Amazon.

7. Kutler “Best Heavy Duty Bamboo Cutting Board”

Kutler "Best Heavy Duty Bamboo Cutting Board"
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This cutting board is a product of Kutler. Just like the name, it is a heavy-duty cutting board thanks to its thickness and the durable 100% organic bamboo that this cutting board is crafted from.

The cutting board is also well designed with a mixture of light and dark bamboo colors that are arranged in squares. It also has some deep groove lining towards its 4 edges which makes the board look more appealing.

The board is also wide enough and be used both at a domestic and commercial level. You can get this board locally in the nearest store with kitchen accessories or on Amazon.

Features of the Kutler Heavy Duty Bamboo Cutting Board

The cutting board dimensions are as follows; 15″ x 10  x 1″. The board is also made from organic “Moso” bamboo which is eco friendly and antimicrobial.

It has juice grooves towards the edges that are meant to trap any juices that may come from the foodstuffs you’re chopping. It also has two other deep grooves on the lower side of the 2 edges to act as handles.

The cutting board has a total weight of 3.44 pounds which is within the average weight of most cutting boards

  • The board has well-designed handles that ease lifting
  • It is made out 100% organic bamboo that is eco friendly and antimicrobial
  • It is price friendly compared to many other boards in its category.
  • No size options


This Kutler heavy duty end grain board is among the best boards you can get for less than $15 as of now. It is relatively thick which makes it a bit stronger and durable than most of the boards in its category.

Being made from organic bamboo, it has all the good properties of boards made from organic bamboo. So, you should expect it to be antimicrobial, durable and eco friendly.

The only downside of this board is having no size options for this particular design of the board. Unless you make a custom order that might be quite expensive

8. Masthome Bamboo 4-Piece Cutting Board Set

Masthome Bamboo 4-Piece Cutting Board Set
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This bamboo cutting board package is a product of Masthome and is made out of 100% organic bamboo. The whole package comes with 4 boards of different sizes. They also ship this package with a knife and its sharpener. All this with no extra pay.

If you need multiple cutting boards for various food categories, this package should be one of those you consider. The boards also have organic bamboo properties that make them ideal for people looking for organic kitchen accessories.

Key features of these boards

The whole package of these boards weighs 5.85 pounds. When you open the package, you’ll find 4 cutting boards of different sizes, a knife, and its sharpener.

The board surface sizes from the biggest to the smallest are as follows; 16 x 11.2 inches, 13.2 x 9.4 inches, 11.2 x 8.6 inches, and 8 x 6.2 inches respectively. These boards are also biodegradable since they are made from 100% organic bamboo.

  • The package has 4 boards of different sizes. This gives you the option of using the different boards for different functions
  • They are strong and durable since they are made from bamboo
  • They also have handles that eases the lifting process
  • The package comes with extra kitchen tools as a bonus that is; a knife and sharpener
  • They are scratch-resistant and also easy to clean
  • The extra accessories come at a price yet some people may not need them


Getting a package of 4 boards, a knife and a sharpener for the less than $50 is a really good offer especially for those who need these extra tools. On the side of cooking, this bamboo board package by Masthome gives you the option of assigning each board to be used for a specific food category. So, you won’t have to cut the different food categories using the same board.

You can get this board on Amazon or any other online platform and local kitchen accessories store.

9. YBM Home Bamboo Cutting Board with Handles

YBM Home Bamboo Cutting Board with Handles
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This cutting board package is from YBM Home. The package comes with 3 boards of different sizes. This is appropriate especially for those who love to have different boards to be used for different food categories.

The boards are also well designed and can be given as gifts to your loved ones and friends. The boards have a light bamboo color like most of the boards in their category.

Here are some of the major features of this board

The package of this board comes in 3 sizes with the following dimensions; Small: 8″ x 6″, Medium: 11″ x 8.5″, Large: 13″ x 9.5″. The thickness for all the sizes is 0.4 inches. They are antimicrobial and hygienic for foods.

The total weight for the whole package of the 3 boards is 2.43 pounds. All the 3 boards have the natural light bamboo color which should blend well with most of your other kitchen accessories.

  • The package comes with 3 boards of different sizes
  • The boards are antimicrobial and eco friendly
  • These cutting boards are also fairly priced compared to other cutting boards in this category
  • The boards do not have handles which makes them uncomfortable for lifting from one place to another
  • The sizes of these boards do not suit large scale cooking facilities like restaurants

10. 12-Pack Bulk Plain Bamboo Cutting Boards

12-Pack Bulk Plain Bamboo Cutting Boards
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These bamboo cutting board is a product of Invisioncorp. The cutting board is made from organic bamboo so you should expect it to have all the good properties of boards made from bamboo.

Invisioncorp also gives buyers the option of engraving the board if one wishes too. This is especially important if you intend to give out the cutting board as a gift to your loved ones.

Based on reviews by users on various e-commerce platforms, most of them like the board because it’s easy to wash and also because of its sturdiness.

Key features of the bulk plain bamboo cutting board

The board is made from 100% organic bamboo. The dimensions of the board come in two configurations that is; 12 x 9 x 0.25 inches and 15 x 11 x 0.25 inches. So, you have a choice to choose between any of the two but the larger one will cost you an extra $10 or more if you include shipping.

The boards also have a natural light bamboo color that should blend well with most of your kitchen accessories. The board is also naturally antimicrobial so you don’t expect it to easily get a bad odor

  • It has two size options to choose from. The large one and the smaller one
  • It’s antimicrobial
  • It is strong and durable
  • The smaller size can be used for serving food as well as a cutting board
  • It is quite costly compared to other cutting boards
  • It doesn’t have handles


The Invisioncorp bulk plain bamboo cutting board may not be the largest of boards but it’s sizable enough to be used for slicing foodstuffs both at a small and large scale.

The board has two size configurations that gives you the option of choosing the size that’s suitable for you.

The main downside of this board is the fact that it doesn’t have handles. This makes it hard to be used as a serving board. You can buy this board from your local kitchen accessories store or Amazon.

Bamboo Cutting Boards Buyer’s Guide

Ensure it’s the real mambo and not ordinary wood

If you do your homework right, you will find out that bamboo actually falls in the grass family and not wood. So, if you are not careful, you may end up buying a wood cutting board instead of a bamboo one.

Bamboo boards are generally harder and lighter than wood. Bamboo has a strength to weight ratio. So simply knock and lifting of the board should give you a picture whether the board is bamboo or wood. The color of bamboo material is generally lighter than wood.

The shape

Bamboo cutting boards come in many shapes so you will have the option of choosing the shape you need. Most boards are rectangular is shape with chamfered edges. However, there are other shapes like circular boards, triangular ones, etc.

The shape of the board mainly affects the convenience of having to put more food on the board while slicing. For intake if you are slicing up fish that’s quite big in size, a rectangular board will be more convenient than a circular one of the same surface areas.

The size of the bamboo

The size of the bamboo cutting board will depend on what you intend to use it for. For instance, someone who is going to use the board for only slicing fruits may not need the same size like someone using the board to cut chicken, beef or fish. So, before you go out in the market to buy a cutting board, you will need to know the food you will be slicing on the board.

If you want a general-purpose cutting board, the wise decision would be buying one that is large enough to accommodate all the food stuff you intend to cut. Another option is to consider boards that come in a set of 3 or more so that you have option of choosing the size that suits the quantity of stuff you’re going to slice. The large size cutting boards are about 15” and smallest are about 11”.

The price of the board

You may wish to get the best bamboo cutting board out there, but if the price is not within your range then it all comes to nothing. So, plan accordingly and choose the best specifications of the board that fits your budget. Bamboo boards range

Whether the bamboo cutting board has a handle

There are some cutting boards that don’t have handles. Moving such a board requires to lift it from the bottom which may a bit cumbersome for some people. However, if you are the type who always moves their board from one location to another, I would recommend you get one with a handle.

Location and shape of the handle

Cutting board handles come in several shapes. So, you need to choose one that you are comfortable with.

Some of them have two handles that are located on two sides of the board especially the rectangular ones. Such boards make it safer to move to curry the sliced food stuff from one point to another in the kitchen.

So, before you buy a bamboo cutting board, you will have to pay close attention to the shape and location of its handles


Some of the bamboo cutting boards come when they are engraved with names of brand that makes it or with any other form of writing. So alternatively, you may also choose to engrave the board with any writing of your choice especially if you intend to give out the board as a gift.

If you intend to personalize the board, you may have to consider a supplier who has such services to avoid incurring extra costs after making the purchase.

Color of the cutting board

This may not be much of an issue to many people but there are those that are picky when it comes to colors.

Bamboo boards mainly come in two colors that is; light bamboo and dark bamboo. Boards with both colors have the same strength, so the color you choose won’t have any effect as far as durability is concerned.

So you may choose one based on the color you think will blend well with your kitchen furniture and accessories.

Where do I buy an original bamboo cutting board?

Bamboo cutting board can be found in your local store that sells kitchen accessories or on any online platform.

You can find many of the best bamboo cutting boards directly from Amazon. If you intend to buy your cutting board online, then it is important you read its reviews so that you get to know the experience of those who have used that same board before.

Bamboo Cutting Board Care Tips

Taking good care of your bamboo cutting will not only ensure it lasts longer, but will also enable you maintain hygiene of the food stuff you slice on the boards. They way you take care of bamboo cutting boards is almost similar to the way you would take care of normal wood cutting boards.

Here is what you should always do to ensure your board lasts longer and stays in the best hygiene condition

Apply mineral oil to the board

When the board is exposed to kitchen heat, it will vulnerable to cracking in the long run. To avoid this, you will need to apply mineral oil to the board since this oil has characteristics of reducing cracking.

Oil also helps in water proofing and to keep the shine on the board. All you will need to do pour a few mils of mineral oil on the cutting and the wipe it with a dry cloth.

This can be done once every month and daily in the week after you have bought the board.  Never be tempted to use normal cooking oil to clean the board.

Wash the board

Every after using the board, you will need to clean it before keeping in your kitchen cabin. It is best to wash the board with warm soapy water and then wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

Never leave your board in water

Leaving the board soaked in water will weaken it over time. A board that is often soaked is also vulnerable to cracking once it is exposed to heat.

Disinfect the board

This is necessary if you use the board for slicing meat, chicken of fish. Such foods often have a lot of bacteria that may get into the other foods that you will cut using the same board thereafter.

Disinfecting can be done by spraying the board with a sanitizer and then wiping it with a cloth there after

Remove the stains and any bad odor

After using the board for a couple of weeks, it will start getting stains and developing a bad odor. To get rid of these, you can clean your board with lemon juice or baking soda.

Using any of these two plus some warm water to clean the board will give a fresh look and smell to your bamboo cutting board.

Avoid dropping the board

Bamboo cutting boards are very strong but this strength can be lost of time if it is not taken good care of.

Dropping the board every now and then may lead to cracks of even breaking the board all together in the long run. That’s why it is important to get a cutting board with handles that are comfortable to your hands to avoid the board sliding out of your hands when you’re holding it.


Getting a package with 3 cutting boards is a really good offer especially if you cut different types of foods from these boards. So, you can have one for meat, the other for fruits and maybe the other for your vegetables. This is not only convenient but also ensures hygiene.

The only downside of this particular package of boards is maybe the fact that they don’t have handles. But since they are small in size, this may not be much of an issue.

Bamboo cutting boards are the favorite for most people thanks to their natural look.

People who care about the environment will not think twice while buying a cutting board. Their obvious choice will always be bamboo due to the environment friendly properties that bamboo as a material has. However, it can be challenging to choose the exact bamboo cutting board you need especially if it is your first time to buy one.

Following the guide, we have just shared above will ease your job of choosing the bamboo cutting that suits your needs.

It would be easier for a first time buyer of a bamboo cutting board to buy the board on an online platform like Amazon than buying it locally. This is because there are a variety of bamboo cutting boards that one can look at and also read the reviews of each.

With such information, it is easier to choose the board you need as long as it falls in your budget. If you don’t want to take risks, you can simply buy a board that is big enough and with a simple shape (rectangular).

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