Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillows with Bamboo Covers

Body Pillows are becoming more and more popular among Americans. There are various reasons for this phenomenon that I’ll be mentioning here in this article.

Even though fiber stuffing is the most common material used, I’ll focus mainly on “shredded memory foam stuffed” body pillows.

The internet has become our Go-To spot for buying almost everything. From pillows to sheets, to mattresses and bedroom sets, anything your heart desires can be purchased online with just a few mouse clicks.

Benefits of Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow

Why should you buy a shredded memory foam body pillow over the plain fiber stuffing body pillow? The answer is simple, Comfort!

A body pillow’s main purpose is to provide you with comfort. The type of comfort we look for can vary from one person to another.

Snuggling and Cuddling

Remember that time you felt lonely and just needed a hug? Some describe using a body pillow as holding a loved one or someone you miss.

Have someone in mind? You can use different fragrances that bring back fond memories of your loved ones or a place you want to remember.

Use your body pillow while watching movies with a friend or alone. Grab your body pillow while watching a classic movie and add a few drops of fragrance from your favorite Movie Theatre treat to heighten your experience.

Physical Benefits

Others enjoy the physical relief they get from body pillows. The shredded memory filling can form to your body’s natural shape to provide maximum comfort and relief.

We are already familiar with the frontal body pillow position (as shown in the Pic), but few know any other body pillow positions.

We can put a body pillow under the lower back to correct our posture. Another great way to use a Body Pillow is on a couch behind your neck, kind of like a neck pillow. That will relieve some stress from your neck while watching a long movie or TV show.

From shoulders and neck aches to even mild back pains, a good body pillow can help you relax more using different sleeping positions.

Do I need a Cover for my body pillow?

Whether your body pillow came with a removable cover or not, you should always use a pillowcase to protect it. Just like any other pillow, it’s a good habit to use a separate pillow cover for added benefits.

Still not convinced? Here are some good reasons and benefits to covering your “body pillow” with a pillowcase…

Protection from Stains

A very obvious reason to use a pillow cover is Stain protection. Let me explain how important this is to the life of your body pillow.

Once you have a body pillow, you’ll begin taking it around the house with you. Activities like eating snacks while watching Tv or having a drink, or lounging outside, will eventually result in stains from spills. A pillowcase is your best line of defense to hide or prevent embarrassing stains.

Putting on a pillowcase will also extend the life of your body pillow. It’s almost impossible to wash a body pillow, but here is our guide to washing bamboo pillows in general.

Sudden Rips and Tears

One of the worse things that can happen to any fabric is a rip or tear. No matter how small the rip, the fabric will never be the same again.

A pillow cover is your first line of defense against rips and tears. Having to replace the cover is much less expensive than replacing the body pillow. Even repairing a torn cover is easier than repairing the pillow.

Help Extend the Life of the Body Pillow

Your body pillow will see a lot of stress during normal use. Loose threads and scuffs are just a few problems that can arise from normal use.

Covering up your body pillow will reduce signs of normal wear and tear and can add years to its life. It also can help your body pillow blend seamlessly into any room of the house, not only the bedroom.

How can I make my body pillow more Comfortable?

You can choose from a wide variety of pillow covers to add comfort. But a pillow cover made of bamboo viscose will add the most comfort.

Not only to help protect the body pillow from stains and tears, but the right pillowcase can also add a ton of comfort.

Some body pillows have fancy covers already on them, but you can upgrade them on your own. Bamboo viscose sheets offer the most comfort and elegance to cover your pillow with.

Be sure to get the right size or a bit larger pillowcase when shopping for one.

Body Pillow Care and Tips

Already have a body pillow that you love? Check out these simple care tips and advice to revitalize and help it last longer.

  • 5 Minutes in a dryer can breathe life back into most pillows, and body pillows are no exception.
  • A new face to an old friend. Our body pillows become like old friends and can be easily renewed by simply changing the pillowcase that covers them.
  • Add your favorite fragrance. Spruce up your body pillow experience with some Fragrant Oils.
  • Soaking your body pillow in the Sun can remove stale odors and whiten fabrics. Just be sure not to leave your pillow out for too long, and avoid the extreme summer heat.
  • Provide ample time to dry after washing. Be sure to allow your body pillow to completely dry before using it to avoid moldy buildup.

Top 8 Memory Foam Body Pillows on Amazon

Here you’ll find the Best Bamboo Pillows on Amazon. Buying your pillow from Amazon has many benefits. The massive amount of variety is the main benefit.

Another benefit I want to mention is price. Amazon has some of the lowest prices online and can deliver your body pillow to your doorstep within a couple of days.

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