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Are Bamboo Sheets Good? 7 Things You Need to Know!

Bamboo sheets have grown in popularity for many reasons. Some of these reasons may be over-exaggerated by companies and retailers trying to sell you their product.

I’ve tested and compared dozens of different types and brands of bedding. One of the most common questions I get about bamboo sheets is whether they are good or even worth trying?

This article will help you decide if bamboo sheets are suitable for you, or not!

So, before you go out and buy a new set of sheets, here are 7 things you should know about bamboo sheets to help you decide if they are worth it for you or not.

Are Bamboo Sheets Good?

Bamboo sheets are good for many reasons, including being cool, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and softer than most other sheets on the market.

Are Bamboo Sheets Soft? YES!

I’ve tried dozens of different types of bed sheets and can tell you that bamboo sheets are some of the softest on the market!

The only type of bedding I can find that has a similar softness to bamboo sheets are these by Sheets & Giggles!

However, not all bamboo bedding is soft! If you really want the softest ones, look for these features;

  • 100% Bamboo Viscose
  • Oeko-Tex Certification
  • Eco-Friendly

Do Bamboo Sheets Keep You Cool? YES!

Bamboo has a soft and silky feel, and most products made from it will feel cool against your skin. They are lightweight, breathable, and absorb moisture and sweat better than cotton.

Studies have shown that bamboo fabric is naturally 3-degrees cooler than cotton. So, sleeping with bamboo sheets will definitely make you feel a bit cooler at night. But don’t get too excited! You’ll still need an AC for those hot summer nights!

Are Bamboo Sheets Eco-Friendly? YES and NO!

It’s true that bamboo is a renewable source and has less environmental impact than cotton. However, the process of making bamboo sheets isn’t as eco-friendly as companies may lead you to believe!

There are two methods to convert bamboo into fabrics; Retting or using chemicals.

Retting converts the bamboo into fibers by mechanically breaking it down with natural enzymes. This requires a lot of time and effort, and most likely what our ancestors would have used to convert bamboo into fabrics.

However, today, companies use a much faster chemical process to convert bamboo into cellulose and fabrics. The method of handling and disposing of these harsh chemicals varies in different parts of the world.

While some companies such as are held to high standards and scrutiny, others have been known to cut corners and take shortcuts.

Do Bamboo Sheets Help With Allergies? YES and NO!

One of the biggest marketing claims companies make is; their bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic. In some cases, it may be true, while others not so much.

If you suffer from dry or cracked skin, you definitely want to sleep with soft and smooth sheets.

But if you’re allergic to dust, pollen, or other allergens, sadly, bamboo sheets might only provide you with very little if any relief at all!

Dust collects and gathers on every type of surface, including sheets. However, what makes fabrics resistant to dust mites is the type of weave and pore size. Bamboo has small pores that will block dust mites, however, the tightness of the weave will vary from company to company.

Are Bamboo Sheets Easy to Care For? YES and NO!

You can wash bamboo sheets at home in a washing machine with other dirty laundry. And you can dry them in your dryer on low-to-medium heat.

However, as I mentioned above, some brands of bamboo sheets are known to absorb sweat and moisture, which will cause them to stain very quickly. You’ll notice some bamboo sheets need to be washed more frequently than cotton or microfiber.

Bamboo is also known to wrinkle if left in the dryer for too long.

Are Bamboo Sheets Durable? MAYBE…

As I mentioned above, bamboo sheets are lightweight and stain reasonably quickly. Even if you follow the care instructions provided, they will begin to show wear after 10-12 months of consistent use. I think it’s normal for any bedding to show some wear and tear after about a year of use.

Higher quality bamboo sheets come with a Lifetime Warranty! So, you can rest assured you’ll get at least several years of sweet dreams!

Final Thoughts

After all the points I mentioned above, I would still choose bamboo sheets over any other type of sheets on the market today!

There aren’t many other sheets that have the “complete package” as bamboo sheets do. Cotton sheets aren’t as soft or cool, microfiber sheets feel too stiff and cheap, and silk sheets are just too expensive.

Even though bamboo sheets have their ups and downs, they are still better than the rest!

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