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Bamboo Sheets vs MyPillow Giza Sheets

There’s been a lot of buzz around My Pillow Dream Sheets and if you’re wondering if they are better than Bamboo Sheets or not, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, you will find everything you need to know to compare between My Pillow Egyptian Cotton Dream Sheets and the Best Bamboo Sheets.

Who We Are?

Hello, my name is Molly. When my husband and I first started, our main focus was to compare and find the perfect set of bamboo sheets. Since then, we have tested and compared many other bamboo products like clothing, towels and more. Our goal is to share the results of our reviews and help you find the perfect bamboo products that fit your needs.

My Pillow vs Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo and Giza Cotton fabrics are used to make some of the softest sheets you will ever sleep in. But which will provide you with a better night’s sleep?

To find out, we will be comparing both according to the following features:

  • Softness
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendliness
  • Care and Maintenance
  • Price and Value

Which are Softer? Bamboo Sheets vs MyPillow Giza Sheets

picture showing the Differences of Bamboo vs My Pillow Sheets
Are My Pillow Softer than Bamboo Sheets?

When deciding between My Pillow and Bamboo Sheets, the most important feature to look for is Softness. The touch and feel of silky soft sheets helps us sleep cooler and longer at night.

The winner here is definitely Bamboo Sheets.

Bamboo sheets are not only softer than the MyPillow Giza sheets, but they are also noticeably smoother. The Giza sheets felt very much like high-end Egyptian Cotton sheets, but they don’t come close to the silkiness of Bamboo Sheets.

Which are More Durable? Bamboo Sheets vs MyPillow Giza Sheets

Another important feature to look for when deciding between bamboo and Giza Sheets is Durability. And after washing both types of bed sheets, we compared the wear and tear between them and found the MyPillow Giza sheets to still look like new.

The bamboo sheets in our test always came out wrinkled and needed a bit of ironing. And after the 3rd and 4th wash, we started to notice some pilling.

On the other hand, the MyPillow Giza Sheets came out still looking like new even after 5 washes.

Which are Safer for the Environment? Bamboo Sheets vs MyPillow Giza Sheets

Another reason many people are choosing to buy bamboo sheets is their claim to be Eco-friendly. But are they more Eco-friendly than Giza sheets?

Growing bamboo only requires 1/3 the amount of water compared to growing cotton and doesn’t require the use of any pesticides. However, the process of making bamboo sheets is a different story.

The most common method requires the use of harsh chemicals to break down the bamboo into cellulose. Companies are required to recycle and reuse these chemicals, which can be costly. So some have been known to take shortcuts to save money and keep costs down.

Here’s our Guide to help you find out which bamboo sheets are Eco-Friendly and which ones to Avoid.

Which are Easier to Care for? Bamboo Sheets vs MyPillow Giza Sheets

Next we compared the care instructions for both the bamboo sheets and the Giza Sheets by MyPillow.

We found that neither needed any special attention or required any special steps when washing them. However, the bamboo sheets began to show wrinkles after several washes and will need to be ironed on a regular basis.

Which should you Buy? Bamboo vs MyPillow Sheets

The final criteria we used to compare bamboo sheets and MyPillow Dream sheets were Price and Value. Which ones will give you a bigger bang for your buck?

At the time of our comparison, MyPillow sheets were on Sale, but still cost around $150 (See Current Price), while the bamboo sheets we compared them with, by Pure Bamboo, were only $99 (See Current Price). Of course their are higher-end bamboo sheets that can cost well over $300 and you can even find some as low as $50.

Both bed sheet sets came with 2 pillowcases, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and Free Shipping via Amazon Prime.

Even though MyPillow Dream Sheets are Made in the USA, the seams and craftsmanship of the bamboo sheets were better quality.

What has a Higher Thread Count?

The thread count of bamboo sheets is typically lower than cotton sheets. However, Giza Dream sheets also have a low thread count.

Although MyPillow doesn’t list it on their site, we were able to find out Giza Sheets only have a thread count of 400.

While a lower thread count helps sheets to be more breathable and cooler at night, it also makes them lighter and less durable.


After comparing MyPillow Giza sheets with Bamboo Sheets, I found Giza sheets more comfortable in the long run and lasted longer. However, bamboo sheets were definitely softer and lighter than MyPillow sheets and in most cases, more Eco-friendly as well.

So if you plan on keeping your sheets for 3 or more years, you should definitely go with MyPillow Giza sheets or try some of these Egyptian cotton sheets instead of bamboo. They both provide you with a comfy night’s sleep and cost around the same price. But if you don’t mind replacing bed sheets every few years, you should check out some of these bamboo sheets instead.

I hope this guide helps you with deciding between bamboo sheets and Giza cotton.

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