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3 Common Myths About Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets have become popular for several reasons. They can be quite expensive compared to cotton sheets and not everything you read about them may be true.

So, before you go out and buy a new set, I want to clear up some common Myths about bamboo sheets.

Myth #1: All Bamboo Sheets are Eco Friendly

The most common reason people decide to buy bamboo sheets over other types is they are Eco-Friendly.

Sadly, this isn’t true for all types of bamboo sheets.

It’s true bamboo requires less irrigation and is naturally resistant to pests, however, the process of converting it to fabrics requires a large number of chemicals.

If you’re looking to buy an eco-friendly set of bamboo sheets, keep an eye out for the OEKO-TEX certification.

Myth #2: Bamboo Sheets are Durable

Another common myth about bamboo sheets is they are durable and last longer than cotton.

Sadly, this also isn’t true for all bamboo sheets.

Most bamboo sheets you find online are produced with cheap materials, mainly Rayon from Bamboo.

Rayon from bamboo may not be bamboo at all. In most cases, it loses all features bamboo fabric has that make it stand out above the rest.

If you want peace of mind when buying bamboo sheets, look for a company that provides a guarantee or warranty on their products. You should also contact them before you make your purchase and inquire about the exchange process and what it covers.

Myth #3: Bamboo Sheets are Easy to Care For

Sure, you can easily wash bamboo sheets at home in your washing machine, however, you will need to iron them after each wash as well.

Sheets made with either bamboo viscose or rayon tend to wrinkle A LOT!

They also absorb sweat and oils from your body while you sleep. This will be very apparent on your bamboo pillowcase and fitted sheet.

For lighter-colored bamboo sheets, this also means they will stain more quickly and need to be washed more often than darker ones.

Instructions to Drying Bamboo Sheets OutsideI found washing them in Hot Water makes it easier to remove the stains and Air Drying them reduces the number of wrinkles after each wash.


To sum it all up, bamboo sheets do not share all the benefits of natural bamboo fabrics. Many claims companies make about their bamboo products fall short.

After owning and testing bamboo products for over 5 years, I have learned not to trust everything you read on a products sales page. Instead, I found reading actual buyer reviews and opinions of trusted sites provided a more accurate expectation of the products.

If you have any questions about a certain bamboo product, feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook page or leave a comment below.

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