Does Rayon from Bamboo Shrink?

Rayon has become a very common material found in Clothing, Bamboo Sheets and other types of bedding. Most products come with detailed care instructions to maintain rayon. But if you’re asking whether bamboo rayon shrinks or not, our guide will help put your worries to rest.

Today we will go over how to care for different rayon products to avoid shrinking and help them last longer.

Does Rayon from Bamboo Shrink?

The first thing I want to clarify is whether bamboo rayon shrinks or not? The short answer is No!

The method companies use to make rayon fabrics, breaks down the fibers into cellulose. The cellulose loses most of its natural properties including the ability to absorb water.

The absorption of the water causes natural fabric to expand and once it release the water, it will contract back to its normal size. However, exposing it intense heat, while it’s in the expanded state, can alter its shape permanently.

Since rayon isn’t able to naturally absorb water it will be less likely to shrink compared to cotton. You should still avoid washing bamboo rayon in extremely Hot water.

Extremely hot water can help remove tough stains, but at what cost? Rayon and other synthetic fabrics can stretch and become deformed if exposed to extreme temperatures.

You should always use cold water when washing bamboo rayon sheets without causing it to shrink. However, you can also use lukewarm water to remove tough or stubborn stains as well.

What is Rayon?

Rayon is a type of fabric made from natural materials. Even though making Rayon fabrics strips it of most of the natural features, it’s still not considered as synthetic. Instead, Rayon is referred to as Viscose, Lyocell and even Modal fabrics.

The most common materials used in making rayon fabrics are Silk, Wool, Cotton, Bamboo and Linen. The end result is a fabric with some of the features from the original source materials, but not all.

What is Bamboo Rayon?

In recent years, companies have began making fabrics using Bamboo. The fabric that is produced is a type of Rayon.

Depending on the method a company uses to make Bamboo Rayon, It may be labeled as one of the following:

  • Bamboo Lyocell
  • Viscose from Bamboo
  • Rayon from Bamboo
  • Bamboo Modal

How is Bamboo Rayon Made?

The process of making rayon fabrics starts by converting the natural material into Cellulose. While in the Cellulose state, the material loses much of the natural benefits of the original plant.