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Pros and Cons of Bamboo Sheets – Everything You Need to Know

Bamboo sheets are quite new to the market and many have not heard of them before. At first, you might imagine them to be harsh and rough. However, bamboo sheets are some of the softest and most comfortable sheets available today!

Bamboo sheets have many other pros to them besides being soft and comfortable. They also have several Cons you need to know about as well.

In this article, we will dive into all the details of the Pros and Cons of bamboo sheets to help you decide if they are right for you.

Pros of Bamboo Sheets

There are several pros and cons to bamboo sheets. Depending on the material used to make the sheets, you may miss out on some of the benefits and features.

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Comfort and Softness: The finest sheets made from bamboo, provide the highest level of comfort and softness you’ve ever had in a single night’s sleep! They are softer and smoother than even the Best Egyptian cotton sheets you find on Amazon.

Sleep Cooler and Dryer: All fabrics have an internal temperature that’s unique to the material it’s made from. Sheets made from 100% bamboo viscose have an internal temperature that’s 3 degrees cooler than cotton. This is the main reason many consider bamboo sheets the best cooling sheets for hot sleepers and night sweats. They also wick away moisture and sweat from your body as you sleep. This provides for cooler and drier sleep during hot and humid summer nights.

Stain Resistance: Buying sheets made from 100% bamboo viscose will save you money in the long run. They are stain-resistant and easy to care for. In fact, you won’t need to wash them as often. Putting them outside in the fresh air will bring them back to new and remove discoloration and odors naturally. Leaving your bamboo sheets out in the sun can also remove odors and stains without any harsh chemicals. Just avoid leaving them too long if it’s too hot or during the midday sun.

Helps against Dust Mite and Allergies: The pesticides used to farm and grow cotton and other plants are very harmful and cause skin irritations. Since bamboo is naturally resistant to insects, farmers don’t need to use any pesticides when growing bamboo. You will notice less sniffling after switching to bamboo fabrics due to the lack of dust mites while you sleep. Sheets made from bamboo rayon lack this benefit due to the harsh chemicals they soak in.

Bamboo Linen is Anti-Bacterial: Natural bamboo linen fights against common bacteria found in our homes and bedrooms. They’re also germ resistant and anti-microbial, which reduces the spreading of common illnesses if you share a bed with a partner. The germ-fighting benefit of bamboo makes it a great way to reduce sniffles in children. That also makes it perfect for bamboo towels and bamboo toothbrushes.

Bamboo is Eco-Friendly: Bamboo is actually a weed that grows without any pesticides or watering. It doesn’t require replanting after each harvest and some species can grow up to 4 ft. per day. Compared to cotton which needs tons of pesticides and water to grow.

Styles and Color Variety: There isn’t anything special in the design or shape of bed sheets. Since bamboo sheets are popular for their softness and comfort, it doesn’t really matter. You always get 1 or 2 pillow covers along with a fitted and standard sheet. Bamboo sheets come with the same pieces depending on the size you buy. But the higher-end bamboo sheets will have a richer color scheme that will fit any style of bedroom décor.

Overall Quality: The quality of bamboo sheets will depend on the type of fabric used to make them. Think of them as an investment that will last you 8 years on average, before having to replace them. You always want to get the best type of bamboo sheets you can afford at the time to get the most value from them.

Warranty Length: All companies that sell on Amazon provide a warranty on their bedsheets. For example, Cariloha provides a 1 Year Quality Guarantee on their Classic and Resort bamboo sheets.

Cons of Bamboo Sheets

There are fewer cons to bamboo sheets compared to their pros. But some of these cons may be deal-breakers.

Expensive: The price of bamboo sheets starts from $50 but can reach as high as several hundred dollars.

Not Easy to Maintain: You can wash bamboo sheets in a washing machine and put them in a dryer. But using cheap detergent or the wrong heat settings can ruin them instantly.

Prone to Wrinkles: Bamboo sheets are known to wrinkle after every wash. Using an iron on low heat will remove the wrinkles but it’s an added step that you can’t ignore.

Pilling: The final Con to bamboo sheets is their pilling. Pilling is when the fibers of the bedding start to come loose and form small balls on the surface of the fabric. You should consider using a Pilling Shaver to maintain and keep it under control.

Should you Buy?

As you may have noticed, bamboo sheets have many more Pros than Cons. They are definitely worth upgrading to over cotton sheets. If you need help finding the right ones, You can check out our Ultimate Guide to the Best Bamboo Sheets.

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