Ultimate Bamboo Sheets Buyer’s Guide

A few years ago, there were only a handful of companies that made real bamboo sheets and you were able to sift through them quite easily. Today, however, there are over 100 companies that make bamboo products and they all claim to be better than the rest.

So how can you tell which bamboo sheets are right for you?

Reading online reviews and getting expert advice is always a good idea when shopping online. This is also true when shopping for bamboo sheets.

According to the FTC, companies that produce bamboo products have been known to use misleading terms and false labeling. Our goal is to help you read between the lines and avoid getting ripped off with fake bamboo sheets.

In this section, we will answer the most common questions people have about bamboo sheets. You can submit your questions in the comments below to have one of our team members look into finding you the best answer.

Guide to the Best Bamboo Sheets for 2021!

Are Bamboo Sheets Better than Cotton Sheets?

Bamboo sheets are an excellent choice for several different reasons. Not only are they softer and more breathable than cotton sheets, they’re also more eco-friendly.

Bamboo fabrics are naturally softer than cotton and cooler as well. Some species of bamboo can grow up to 4 feet per day. Unlike Cotton that needs to be re-planted after each harvest.

While the process of making bamboo fabrics uses chemicals to break down the bamboo. They’re contained in a closed-loop process that recycles the chemicals again and again.

So whether you’re looking for a softer alternative to cotton sheets or a more natural one, bamboo sheets are ideal in both situations.

If you want to avoid disappointment, get the Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets. Since they’re a US-based company, they’re held to very high and strict standards when labeling their sheets. Turkey has been a global leader in high-end fabrics for decades and is where Cariloha makes its bamboo sheets.

Not only does Cariloha make great bamboo sheets, they are also backed by an amazing warranty!

Are Bamboo Sheets Better than Egyptian Cotton?

When we hear the word Bamboo, we don’t think of softness, luxury or comfort. Bamboo plants are strong, tough and only recently have begun to be made into fabrics. Yet, bamboo fabrics are softer than Egyptian cotton and safer for the environment.

Bamboo fabrics have been taking the bedding market by storm in the past few years. From bamboo sheets to bamboo mattresses and even bamboo underwear.

The popularity is due to the fact of how comfortably soft and luxurious the bamboo sheets feel. Add to that the fact that bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly plants on earth, it appeals to a wide range of buyers.

If you’re thinking of replacing your current sheets with bamboo sheets, you won’t regret it. Not all bamboo sheets are created equal!

You should aim to buy the best bamboo sheets you can afford at the time.

What’s the Thread-Count of Bamboo Sheets?

Like cotton sheets, Bamboo sheets also have a thread count. However, the thread count of bamboo sheets doesn’t need to be as high as cotton sheets to be silky soft.

Most bamboo sheets only have a thread count of 400 or less, but can be softer than 1000 TC Egyptian Cotton Sheets!

Cariloha makes their Classic sheets with a 230 TC, 100% bamboo viscose fabric. Even at 230 thread count, they’re smooth as silk and soft as cashmere.

On the other hand, Cariloha uses a 320 TC, 100% bamboo viscose fabric on their higher-end, Resort sheets.

When it comes to buying bamboo sheets, you shouldn’t get caught up with thread count. Rather, put your money towards a better quality set instead.

What Materials are Bamboo Sheets Made of?

There are 3 common types of fabrics used to make bamboo sheets.

  • Bamboo Viscose (more natural and eco-friendly) and rayon from bamboo (synthetic blend).
  • Rayon from Bamboo is less expensive and perfect if you’re looking for bamboo sheets on a budget.
  • Bamboo Linen is the most natural method to make the fabric. (Rare and Very Expensive)

Sheets made from bamboo viscose tend to be some of the softest bed sheets on the market. They are soft, durable, breathable, and cooler compared to high-end cotton sheets.

Sheets and linens made from bamboo rayon are also soft, but not as soft as viscose from bamboo.

The base of all 3 fabric types starts with natural bamboo plants. Bamboo fabrics made from 100% viscose aren’t mixed with any other materials.

However, fabrics made from bamboo rayon may only contain a small portion of bamboo. Both are still comfy and soft, but for the best ones, look for 100% Viscose from Bamboo.

How long have bamboo sheets been around?

Bamboo sheets aren’t new to the market, in fact, companies have been using bamboo fabrics to make many different products. The most popular bamboo products include bed sheets, pillows, bamboo socks, and other types of clothing. Bamboo sheets are quickly growing in popularity each year as more and more people try them over cotton.

Are Bamboo Sheets are Eco-Friendly?

We’ve been getting these questions a lot lately, especially since climate change is so big in the news. Choosing to buy organic and more natural products not only benefits us, but it helps the environment too.

Bamboo sheets are definitely more eco-friendly than cotton, but some more than others. If you’re looking for natural and organic sheets, keep an eye out for the OEKO-Tex certification on the label and aim for organic sheets instead of rayon or microfiber.

Where are Bamboo Sheets Made?

Another thing to consider when looking for bamboo sheets is the country of origin. Some countries have very few restrictions and don’t monitor companies’ labeling practices. So buying bamboo sheets imported from China might not be the best idea.

According to the Federal Trade Commission “Textile Fiber Rule“;

The Textile Fiber Rule requires that certain textiles sold in the United States carry labels disclosing the generic names and percentages by weight of the constituent fibers in the product, the manufacturer or marketer name, and the country where the product was processed or manufactured.

The FTC fined several US retailers for selling linens with misleading labels. Even though they weren’t in charge of the false labeling, US companies are still held accountable to the FTC rules and regulations.

Overseas companies aren’t held to the same standard and regulations as American companies. Of course buying from international retailers still poses this risk.

Keep this in mind when ordering bamboo products from an online shopping giant, Amazon. They are a “US-based” company and the products they sell must meet the FTC rules or risk penalties.

Cariloha is also a “US-Based” company and one of the few that manufactures their sheets in Turkey.

Where can I find Bamboo Sheets?

If you’re ready to buy your first set of bamboo sheets, you might want to head over to Amazon first. They have the largest assortment for you to choose from, along with great deals and decent prices. However, many companies that make bamboo sheets have their own shop and can give you a better deal if you purchase directly from them.

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