Bamboo Laminate Flooring as Alternative to Real Bamboo Flooring

One of the wrong conceptions about the bamboo is that it is a tree. In fact, bamboo is a grass. In modern society it is known not only for its height. As well it is so called ‘tree of life’. One of the main components of the majority of Asian dishes is fleshy bamboo sprouts. In traditional Indian medicine bamboo streams are use in curing different respiratory illnesses. In Ancient China bamboo was used for paper production and to make different musical instruments.

Benefits of Bamboo

How Bamboo Fabric is MadeBut, the most significant use of bamboo is in construction. For example, Asians used bamboo for making roofs, stair, walls, floors and so on. As a material for floors, bamboo is considered to be an alternative for hardwood flooring. As well, bamboo is a preferred option to choose by a lot of homeowners as it could match the toughness of common wood flooring as rock maple or white oak. In addition, bamboo is moisture and insects resistant.

Today, bamboo is considered to be one of the best options for flooring materials. The only disadvantage you can face with is its cost. Bamboo thrives only in tropical countries. In North America there are no great plantations of bamboo. So, bamboos that are used for producing floors are traditionally imported from different Asian countries as Philippines and China. Taking it in a mind, it is not surprising at all why bamboo flooring as a rule costs from $3 to $10 per square foot.

In order to improve your home’s interior, you will need to spend some money, but it does not always mean that you have to get some expensive flooring materials that would add some burden to your family budget.

Advantages of Bamboo Laminate Flooring

Today bamboo laminate flooring has some advantages over the other types of flooring.

When we are talking about the prices, laminate bamboo flooring offers you a good alternative to your flooring item. In fact bamboo laminate flooring is much cheaper than the real bamboo flooring. In addition, you can save some money with the bamboo laminate flooring as it is easy to install by yourself.

If you are worried that the bamboo laminate flooring will not provide your room with the same exotic and elegant look that real bamboo flooring will do, then you are wrong. Nowadays bamboo laminate flooring looks as the real thing and for sure your friends will never guess that in your room there is bamboo laminate flooring. With the proud you can tell that it is real bamboo flooring.

The real bamboo flooring has one great disadvantage and it is abrasion. In a long run this peculiarity of the real bamboo flooring could completely spoil the whole look of your flooring. If you will use bamboo laminate flooring it will never happen to your floor.

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