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Cariloha Men’s Crazy Soft Crew Sock – Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Odor Resistant

Bamboo naturally repels odors and allergens. From a bug’s point of view, bamboo looks more like a huge “No Vacancy” sign posted on an impenetrable wall. Cariloha fabrics, made of viscose from bamboo, don’t use harsh chemicals or pesticides and can help prevent skin irritations that can flare up with other chemically treated fabrics.

Moisture Wicking

Cariloha Bamboo helps you stay cool! Literally and figuratively. Every fiber has a built-in thermostat, and Mother Nature turned bamboo’s way down. It’s 3 degrees cooler than cotton and wicks moisture away from the body. Now you can relax, as Cariloha’s moisture-wicking, breezy products helps you chill out.

Stitched To Perfection

Having hand-linked toe stitching makes socks feel seamless. No more annoying seams rubbing against your toes – just smooth bamboo softness for your toes and heels.

Support & Comfort

Our sock’s compression band is designed to travel along the circumference of your foot arch, giving your tired, achy feet the 360-degree support and comfort they need.