Kohls Amazon Good Things to Come

Kohls Amazon Good Things to Come

Kohls Amazon Good Things to ComeGreat News for this holiday season. Kohls and Amazon have struck a partnership to work together. The deal between the retail giants is a win-win for both companies as well as us.
We will soon be able to return our Amazon purchases to 82 Kohls’ stores in key markets. This will encourage consumers to shop from Amazon without having to worry about return shipping fees. It also drives new traffic to Kohls stores from the ecommerce giant, Amazon.
Kohls and Sears are just the first of many Brick & Mortar retail stores to work with Amazon. More and more stores to soon follow to team up with the ecommerce giant.
This shows how Amazon is more focused on it’s customers and not only its profits.
The major concern for the holiday shopping season is returns and exchanges. The day after Christmas marks the biggest return day of the year. Now customers of Amazon can buy with more confidence as the ecommerce Giant hears our concerns and provides us with a solution. We all hate re-packing our online purchases and having to ship them back. Put your worries aside with this Kohls Amazon deal.
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Now the Kohls – Amazon partnership to accept returns, adds a new layer of customer loyalty.

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