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Bamboo Towels Vs Cotton Towels | Which is Better?

There are many reasons to consider bamboo towels over cotton. You might be wondering which of the reasons make bamboo better than cotton towels.

In this article, we will go over all the differences between Bamboo Towels and Cotton Towels. We will compare their features and help you decide which type of towel is best for you.

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Similarities Between Bamboo and Cotton Towels

I would like to start with the similarities between both types of towels. Afterward, we will discuss and explain their differences as well.


Both bamboo and cotton towels weigh about the same when you compare the same size. Most companies use a blend of bamboo and Turkish cotton in their towels.

Towels made with only bamboo fabrics are hard to find and are much thinner than other types.

For a more plush and thicker bath towel, you will want to go with a luxurious Egyptian Cotton Towel.


The most common question on people’s minds when shopping for a new towel is “Which one is better for drying”?

Both types of towels will absorb water and dry you fairly quickly. However, bamboo fabrics are more absorbent than cotton and hold more moisture as well.

Since bamboo towels absorb and hold more water than cotton, they will also require more time to dry off before they can be used again.

Bamboo vs Cotton Towels DurabilityDurability

When shopping for a new towel, you want one that will as long as possible. Some companies provide warranties on their towels against defects and normal wear & tear.

Since towels made from bamboo are considered more luxurious and a higher-end product, you will expect them to last longer than cotton. But I haven’t found that to be true.

After using a cotton towel along with a bamboo one, I found that they both wore about the same time. The only difference is the warranty. The bamboo towel came with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer while the cotton towel only had a 30-day return policy.

Differences Between Cotton and Bamboo Towels

In this section, I will go over the differences I found between bamboo and cotton towels.

Bamboo vs Cotton Towels SoftnessSoftness

I want to start with the difference in softness between cotton and bamboo towels.

I found that bamboo fabrics always have an edge when it comes to softness. This is also true in towels.

Cotton towels are rougher on the skin and feel scratchy when dry. However, towels that contain a blend of bamboo fabrics are considerably softer, even when dry.

Plush and Thickness

Another difference you will notice between bamboo and cotton towels is their thickness.

If you prefer a thicker and more plush towel, you should avoid bamboo and cotton instead. Bamboo towels are noticeably thinner than cotton.

Conclusion: Which is Better?

In this article, we went over all the similarities and differences between cotton and bamboo towels.

To summarize, bamboo towels provide a softer and better drying experience, while being lighter in weight. On the other hand, cotton towels are plusher and heavier in weight.

Both types of towels will dry you just as well, and you will be deciding between the level of thickness and the weight you prefer.

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