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Bamboo-comfort was first established in early 2016 as a small Blog run by a husband-and-wife team, Jim & Molly Emery. Their goal was to share their early experience with bamboo sheets and bamboo pillows.

Since then, the Bamboo-Comfort Team has grown by adding several authoritative figures from within the industry. For the past several years, our team of experts have continued testing and reviewing every type of Bamboo Product.

Our site has now become a leader in providing honest and thorough reviews for bamboo products.

bamboo-comfort.com is the only site that has proven time and time again to point out not only the best products, but also flaws and reasons to avoid them! Making us the most trusted authority in regards to Bamboo Product Reviews.

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Client and Company Relationships

Our goal has always been to serve our readers with honest reviews and feedback.

The Bamboo-Comfort team has built strong relationships with many companies and popular bamboo brands. The feedback we provide them has aided in improving the quality of their bamboo products throughout the years.

With an open line of communication, we have been able to mend many relationships between brands and their clients.

Last year, we opened our ears and welcomed all comments to help our site improve and grow. Since then, we have succeeded in becoming a Top Authority Site for bamboo products.

We do not sell or manufacture any products or items; however, our experts review bamboo products based on their own opinions. To keep reviews as honest as possible, our experts purchase all products for their full price with their own money and without any discounts.

Our Team of Experts

Molly Emery

Hello and welcome to our blog! My husband Jim and I have been reviewing bamboo products for several years now. We have a passion for trying new products and following popular trends. We give honest feedback and reviews to our followers and readers.

I understand some of the products available on the market can be expensive and not for everyone’s budget. Our goal is to provide detailed reviews of the various bamboo products to help with your buying decisions.

Todd Pollard

Hi, my name is Todd. I’ve been testing and reviewing products for several years now. I’ve written many reviews in the past for companies willing to pay for my services. I mainly provided reviews for products in the bedding category. My main focus towards the end of my career was the bamboo sheets and was fascinated with Eco Friendly products.

During my career, I found that writing “Honest Reviews” didn’t sit well with most companies, especially when the review isn’t in their favor. They will tolerate some criticism about their product, even if it’s the truth, but not much.

Since then, I decided to start providing my honest unbiased reviews to you, the consumer! We want to be sure that bamboo pillow we order from Amazon or eBay is right for us and not a fake, before we buy it! Bamboo pillows come in vacuum sealed bags and trying to ship them back can be a nightmare.

Keira Shepherd

Keira Shepherd is a long-term Eco-warrior and yoga-lover! She recently completed training in Thailand, to become a Certified Yoga Teacher.

As a mother, Keira has a particular passion for pre/postnatal yoga and sharing yoga with other moms. She also has a passion for finding beauty in a perfectly flowing Vinyasa Class!

Author Compensation

So, you might ask yourself if I’m not getting paid by the companies, why write these bamboo reviews? bamboo-comfort.com has gathered a team of the best authors that use our own money to buy the most popular bamboo products available online.

Our compensation comes from the advertisements and Amazon links found throughout the site. If after reading any of our bamboo feel free to use the links provided for the best deal on your favorite products. We act as the middleman between retailers, not manufacturers, and the consumer.

Reader Feedback

You’re always welcome to join in the discussion about your experience with bamboo products. Feel free to provide any feedback to the articles found on bamboo-comfort.com.

You may also request product reviews for new bamboo related products. As long as they are available online, we will be honored to try them out and provide our honest feedback.