The 9 Best Bamboo Towels for 2021 | Ultimate Guide & Reviews

The first bamboo towel I tried was lighter and thinner than I was used to. However, it was incredibly soft and surprisingly more absorbent than the heavier cotton towels I had.

Since then, I’ve tried many different Bamboo Towels and narrowed it down to 9 that are worth buying in 2021.

Who We Are?

My husband and I first started Bamboo-Comfort in 2017. Back then, our main focus was to compare and find the perfect set of bamboo sheets.
We recently decided to include a broader range of bamboo products, including bamboo clothing, bamboo towels, and more. Our goal is to share the results of our reviews to help you find the perfect bamboo products that fit your needs.

Below I put together an Easy-to-Read Comparison Chart of the Best Bamboo Towels I’ve found. I included a quick overview of the features I fell in love with, or you can jump to my Full Reviews for more details.

  • Best Overall!
  • bamboo/turkish cotton
  • odor resistant
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Ariv Collection
  • Best Value!
  • 4 piece set
  • antifungal
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Brooklyn Bamboo
  • Most Eco-Friendly!
  • organic bamboo
  • hypoallergenic
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Chakir Turkish Linens
  • bamboo/turkish cotton
  • made in Turkey
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Jml Bamboo
  • Best Luxury!
  • 90% bamboo viscose
  • very absorbent
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  • Best Washcloths!
  • quick drying
  • soft on skin
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  • Best Facial Towels!
  • 100% bamboo fabric
  • germ resistant
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Hotel Sheets Direct
  • Largest Face Towel!
  • 100% bamboo viscose
  • large size
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Shoo Foo
  • Best Overall Full Size!
  • Bamboo Pillowcase
  • Made in the USA
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Many of us are used to our old-fashioned cotton bath towel that we’ve probably had for years. We’ve gotten used to the scratchy feel it has on our bodies and how it doesn’t soak up as much water anymore. Bamboo bath towels have come a long way in the past few years. The best bath towels have shifted from being strictly Egyptian cotton to more popular “Bamboo Towels” for many reasons.

When I wanted to replace my bath towels recently, the first thing that came to mind was Egyptian cotton. I’ve never considered Bamboo Bath Towels better until I felt how soft and cozy they were.

I’m used to the “best bamboo products” being made from 100% bamboo viscose or 100% bamboo rayon. Unlike bamboo sheets or clothing, bamboo bath towels don’t have to be “100% bamboo” to enjoy all the benefits bamboo has to offer.

For that reason, you won’t find many 100% bamboo bath towels in retail stores or online shops like Amazon. The softest bath towels only contain somewhere between 30%- 60% bamboo fabric, and the rest is either Egyptian cotton or “Turkish-Brushed Cotton.”

So in this article, I will go through all the benefits I’ve found using bamboo towels over cotton towels. Some features surprised me, while others were underwhelming and aren’t worth the extra cost.

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Reviews of the Best Bamboo Towels for 2021

Bath towels are a necessity that everybody needs in their house. Whether you’re old or young, a bath towel is something that’ll always be around in your bathroom.

Since you’re going to be using different towels during the day, you might as well make sure you’re using the best. Your towel should always provide comfort after your bath, shower, or whatever else you need drying off after. Today I’ll be reviewing some popular bath towels on Amazon, listing their pros and cons as well.

Cariloha “Best Overall Bamboo Towel”

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Product number two for today is Cariloha’s 3 Piece Bamboo Towel Set. Cariloha is a great brand if you’re looking to buy bamboo products; they have great reviews and are highly rated an Amazon and their own site. This set of towels features one large bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth. These towels are also rated at 4.5 stars out of 5.

Comfort Level and Material: As with a vast majority of Cariloha’s bamboo products, these towels are just as comfortable and soft as the rest. Made with 42% viscose from bamboo and 58% Turkish-combed cotton, these towels come crazy soft, just as the product states.

Style and Size: Unlike some towels that can be too heavy and thick or too light and thin, the design of these makes them perfect weight and density. The bath towel is a great size, coming up at 30 x 56 inches, while the hand towel and washcloth are 16 x 30 inches and 13 x 13 inches, respectively.

Color Options: Cariloha offers six different color options with their Crazy Soft towel set. They are available in White, Graphite, Almond Truffle, Beachwood, Blue Lagoon and Caribbean Mint. These shades are all perfect colors for an addition to any bathroom décor.

Features and Benefits: Since this product is made with bamboo, it features a lot of properties that normal cotton towels don’t. They’re moisture-wicking and odor-resistant, meaning they won’t get heavy when absorbing water or smell after one use. You can also machine wash and dry these towels without ruining the fabric.

Durability and Warranty: Many customers have stated that their towels stay safe through machine washing and drying. Like all other Cariloha products, these bamboo towels are durable and made to last.

Cariloha Crazy Soft Towels Pros
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Odor-resistant
  • Super soft
  • Machine wash safe
Cariloha Crazy Soft Towels Cons
  • Higher price than other bamboo towels

Ariv Collection “Best Value”

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Our third review is of Ariv Collection’s Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels. Ariv has nearly 800 reviews on Amazon and has a 4 star rating. These towels come at a great price, less than $25 for four of them. The bamboo percentage is lower than the last set of towels reviewed, but are still super soft.

Comfort Level and Material: These bath towels are made from 30% natural bamboo and 70% natural cotton. This cotton/bamboo blend makes a perfect mix for a high quality level of softness. The mixture of these two materials also makes the towels stronger and more durable than many other brands.

Style and Size: A great thing about these bamboo bath towels is they’re offered in many styles and different sizes. You can also buy hand towels and washcloths for a reasonable and affordable price as well. Ariv’s full size towels are 30 x 52 inches and feature double stitched seams around the edges.

Color Options: Ariv offers four different colors of their premium bath towels including white, grey, duck egg blue, and coal. While these colors are nice and simple, Ariv lacks the variety of colors that previous companies have offered.

Features and Benefits: One great feature is that these towels are mildew-resistant due to the bamboo fibers. Often our towels are left damp and this can cause a buildup of odor, mildew and bacteria. But with Ariv’s towels this isn’t an issue which is an awesome benefit of buying these towels.

Durability and Warranty: You can safely machine wash and dry these bamboo towels without worrying about color fading or damaging it. The double stitching makes these towels even longer lasting and more durable. Unfortunately you’ll have to contact Ariv directly to get a warranty.

Ariv Collection Towels Pros
  • Highly durable
  • Mildew and bacterial resistant
Ariv Collection Towels Cons
  • Not as many color options

Brooklyn Bamboo “Most Eco-Friendly”

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I’ve also included a review of the Brooklyn Bamboo Bath towels. Out of 180+ reviews, these towels have a four star rating on Amazon. If you’re looking for the softest towel you can find, Brooklyn Bamboo offers one of the softest towels out there.

Comfort Level and Material: Brooklyn Bamboo towels are made from organic bamboo, making them the second on our list to be made from 100% bamboo. These towels are thick, yet also lightweight at the same time which creates the perfect bath towel.

Style and Size: The design is very unique on these towels, featuring bamboo trees accompanied by a panda bear. These towels would be a great cute addition especially to a child’s bathroom. The size on these towels is 28 x 55 inches, a comfortable size for anyone to use.

Color Options: You can choose from two different color options – Grey and Off-White. Though there isn’t many options to choose from, the design on these towels makes them look cute enough as it is.

Features and Benefits: Not only are these hypoallergenic bath towels and soft like other bamboo towels, but they also get softer after each wash! You won’t have to worry about ruining them in the wash, instead you can expect even softer towels when you take them out of the dryer.

Durability and Warranty: For these towels you’ll also have to contact Brooklyn Bamboo directly if you’re looking for a refund or replacement. A great plus is that these bath towels won’t fall apart even after machine washing. As stated before, these towels are strong and durable and will only get softer after each wash.

Brooklyn Bamboo Towels Pros
  • Softer After Each Wash
  • 100% Soft Bamboo
  • Extremely Durable
  • Machine Wash and Dryer Safe
Brooklyn Bamboo Towels Cons
  • Not as big as other bamboo towels

JML “Most Luxurious” 

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The JML Bamboo Bath Towels set is next on our list. This is a three piece set including a bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth. You can also choose to buy a two pack of bath towels alone. These towels only have a few reviews on Amazon compared to previous ones, but they still have a great 4.5 star rating.

Comfort Level and Material: These towels contain 100% organically grown bamboo infused with bamboo charcoal. Making JMLs bamboo towels softer than any towel you’ve felt before. This is the first brand on our list to use 100% bamboo and not mix it with cotton, making these win the title of ultra-soft.

Style and Size: The bath towels are bigger than anything previously mentioned, measuring at 30 x 60 inches. The bamboo hand towels are 13 x 30 inches and the bamboo washcloths are 11 x 13 inches. The style of these towels are very simple, but they’re still super cute to add to any bathroom in your house.

Color Options: At the time of this review, the only color offered is a dark grey. The reasoning behind this is that there’s no dye used for these towels. This color is natural, coming from the blend of charcoal bamboo with bamboo cellulose as stated on their Amazon page.

Features and Benefits: If you’re looking for a bath towel for sensitive skin, then a great benefit of these towels is that they are dye-free. On top of that, since these towels are made strictly from bamboo they’re great for the environment and feature all benefits of bamboo.

Durability and Warranty: JML’s bath towels are highly durable because of the way that the bamboo cellulose is woven together with the bamboo charcoal. This also helps them to be super absorbent and have a soft touch. To receive warranty information you’ll have to contact JML directly to see if you can get a refund or replacement.

Shoo-Foo Organic Bamboo Towels Pros
  • Great for people with sensitive skin
  • Made with 100% bamboo
  • Natural Color / No Dyes
  • Ultra-soft
Shoo-Foo Organic Bamboo Towels Cons
  • Only 2 color options

Chakir Turkish Linens

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The first towel I’ll be reviewing today is the Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath towel. This company not only offers basic towels, but also bath mats, bath sheets, hand towels, and washcloths. Chakir bamboo towels have a 4.5 star rating with over 1,500 reviews. Many owners love them and are luxurious enough for anyone to enjoy.

Comfort Level and Material: Chakir bath towels are either 100% genuine Turkish cotton or blended with bamboo. Many people still enjoy the softness of the material. The towels are woven with 100% ring spun Turkish Cotton and a double stitch edge, making them look and feel amazing.

Style and Size: As mentioned on the products Amazon page, the style for these towels is very luxurious, elegant, and stylish. These towels come pretty big as well, the dimensions being 27 x 54 inches, a great size for anyone.

Color Options: There’s a total of 16 different color options, perfect for matching any style of bathroom you have. Their colors vary from basics like gray, beige, and white to bolder colors like pink, aqua, and coral. With the variety of colors, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Features and Benefits: Chakir Turkish Linens offers towels that are completely safe for machine washing and drying. so you don’t have to worry about ruining the material through washing. Amazon’s description for the product even states that it’ll be softer after the first wash.

Durability and Warranty: The towels are very durable and as stated before are safe for machine washing. If you’d like to get a warranty on these towels, you must make a request to Amazon as the company doesn’t have a warranty or return policy listed.

Chakir Turkish Linens Towels Pros
  • 35% Natural Bamboo
  • Great Softness and Comfort
  • Washcloths and Smaller Towels Available
  • Many Color Choices
Chakir Turkish Linens Towels Cons
  • Warranty not listed on Amazon

Yoofoss “Best Bamboo Washcloths”

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I purchased these washcloths to use as cloth wipes for my baby. I had purchased a few different brands of cloth wipes in the past and was unhappy with them for one reason or another. Either they weren’t big enough, didn’t have enough texture or felt too rough on my baby’s skin.

Well, let me tell you that I am thrilled with these washcloths! They are the perfect size for baby wipes. The texture is just right, not too rough but definitely textured so it’s great for cleaning up messes.

They have held up really well in multiple washes and are super absorbent. I am even using them to wipe my hands when I get home from shopping or errands. I also love the fact that these are eco-friendly and chemical free.

The Yoofoss bamboo washcloths are a great deal for the price. You get 10 baby sized washcloths for under $15. They have held up well with multiple washes and have a cute green and white chevron pattern.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for cloth wipes or a set of baby washcloths that you plan on using over and over again.

Loran “Best Facial Towels”

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If you’re looking for the best bamboo facial washcloths, you’ve found ’em!

These are great for daily use. I love to use these every day before I put on my makeup. They’re gentle enough to cleanse my sensitive skin, but tough enough to remove even waterproof mascara.

The best part is how soft they are – unlike other washcloths I’ve tried, these don’t scratch my skin. In fact, they’re so soft that I’ve even used them on my baby when she got a little too dirty during diaper changes.

The box is also a neat touch – it’s perfect for gift-giving! I’ve given these as hostess gifts, birthday presents, and even bridal shower favors.

Hotel Sheets Direct “Largest Face Towel”

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Finding the perfect bamboo hand towels wasn’t easy. In fact, it took me a while to find the best ones! I wanted ones that were soft and lightweight but absorbent as well.

The Hotel Sheets Direct bamboo hand towels feel luxurious when you touch them. And since they are 100% Bamboo Viscose, they’re very durable too.

My kids love the size of these hand towels. They’re very generous in size and you don’t have to worry about them tearing apart after a couple of washes.

I’m very happy with my Hotel Sheets Direct bamboo hand towels. They’re very soft and luxurious without being too thick or heavy. I highly recommend you to try them for yourself!


  • Doesn’t need to be wrung out
  • Soft and lightweight but absorbent
  • Machine washable
  • Generous in size


  • Nothing!

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Introduction to Bamboo Bath Towels

Bamboo towels are a great addition to any bathroom. A set of bamboo bath towels can add a modern look and feel while providing you with comfort after a shower or bath.

These towels benefit from many of the great features bamboo fabrics provide. The most obvious benefit of bamboo towels vs cotton towels is, Softness.

The softness of a bath towel is very important to me and my family. I never knew how rough and coarse cotton towels were compared to bamboo, until I tried them myself.

You’ll notice the top towels in our reviews come from Turkey. That’s where the highest-end products are made, including the Cariloha bamboo towels, I first purchased.

Different Types of Bamboo Bath Towels

Not all bamboo towels are made with 100% bamboo fabrics. Some are mixed with a cotton blend that makes them thicker and more durable. Since pure bamboo towels tend to be lighter and thinner than what some of us are used to.

The perfect ratio of cotton & bamboo blended together produces some of the best towels ever. To some, this will be more appealing, especially those that prefer a thicker towel, like myself.

100% Pure Bamboo Viscose Towel: These towels don’t contain cotton and are strictly made from bamboo fabrics. They will be softer and more absorbent than a mixed blend towel, but they are also lighter and thinner. Bamboo is already very sturdy and strong, as a plant and a fabric, but adding some cotton makes them fuller and more durable. If you want to stick to a pure bamboo towel, try the 100% Bamboo Bath Towel from Hotel Sheets. They don’t contain any cotton or polyester to bulk them up keeping them light and soft, yet very absorbent.

Cotton & Bamboo Blend: Most bamboo towels are made from a bamboo & cotton blend. Usually the blend is around 40% bamboo fabric and 60% Turkish or Egyptian cotton. If you prefer a thicker and heavier bath towel, you should check out the Luxury Ultra Soft Bamboo Towels from Chakir Turkish Linens. They are a 35% Bamboo 65% Turkish Cotton blend that makes them a super soft and thick bath towel. And like the name says, they’re made in Turkey with a 100% money back guarantee.

Read about Turkish Bamboo Peshtemals and why they’ve become a Big Hit recently!

Benefits of Bamboo Towels

Towels made with bamboo fabrics have many benefits compared to just cotton towels. You might be looking for a particular feature in a towel that is very important to you, but not to others.
So here are all the benefits you should expect to get when you buy some of the best bamboo towels today.

Absorbency of Bamboo Towels: The main benefit or feature we look for when shopping for the best bath towel, is Absorbency. We want a towel that dries us the best and doesn’t feel soaking wet after every bath. It’s a proven fact that Bamboo fabrics absorb water much better than cotton. This is a huge benefit to bath towels, by blending bamboo along with cotton they become more absorbent.

Quick Drying Time: Not only should you look for the best towel to dry you, but you should also look for a quick dry bath towel that dries up quickly itself! Bamboo fabrics are very breathable and are very good at wicking away moisture. So if you’re like me and use your towel more than once, you’ll find it dries up quicker than cotton alone.

Odor Resistant: If you stick to towels made with 100% viscose bamboo, you’ll also benefit from odor resistance. Bamboo bath towels are antimicrobial and fight against odor-causing bacteria. The odor resistance of the bamboo fabric also makes it great for bamboo underwear too!

Softness of Bamboo Towels: I’m sure you were getting worried and started to wonder if “Softness” is even a factor. Companies figured out, that adding bamboo to bath towels makes them softer than cotton towels alone.

Verdict: Depending on your preference, you might have to decide between softness and thickness. The more bamboo fabric a towel contains, the softer and lighter (thinner) it is. So if you enjoy a thicker towel, look for a high-end blend of Turkish Cotton & Bamboo fabric. My favorite is the Cariloha Bamboo Towel found here. It’s the perfect blend of the highest quality bamboo & Turkish combed cotton.

Reasons to Replace your Cotton Towels with Bamboo Towels

While trying out the different bamboo towels, I’ve noticed plenty of features that made them better than cotton. Here are the most important reasons you should replace your towels with bamboo instead.

Bamboo Towels are Softer than Cotton: For me, the softness of our towels is one of the most important features that won me over. You’ll notice it from the first time you use them, and never want to go back to cotton.

Bath Towels with Bamboo Absorb Better than Cotton Towels: The main reason we buy bath towels is to dry ourselves after a bath or shower. Bath towels made with bamboo fabrics absorb moisture better than cotton alone. When we took our bamboo towels to the pool last summer, not only did they absorb water better, but they also dried off faster.

Bamboo Towels are More Durable: Many hotels and resorts are switching over to bamboo towels for their durability. I’ve always used my cotton towels a couple of times before washing them. This helps them last longer and stay soft, but bamboo towels keep their softness and strength better than cotton.

Bamboo Bath Towels FAQs

“Are bamboo towels any good?”

They are excellent! Bamboo is an outstanding natural fabric, perfect for drying your body and hair after a shower because it absorbs 3x more water than cotton. Bamboo is also resistant to mold and mildew which makes it healthier for people with allergies.

“Are bamboo towels softer than cotton towels?”

This might be the most common question my friends asked me about my new bamboo towels. All I have to do is let them feel the difference in softness to convince them.
Bamboo fiber towels are much softer and fluffier than cotton towels. They’re also priced very similar to other bath towels on Amazon.

“Who makes the best bamboo towels?”

I’ve tried many different bath towels made by different companies. They all have benefits when comparing to each other, but my favorite are the Cariloha Bamboo Bath Towels.
They’re not “too thin” and not “too thick” compared to other bath towels on Amazon. You can choose to start with just the bath towel at first or buy the set of towels to save some money.

“Do Bamboo Towels Dry faster than Cotton bath towels?”

Bamboo fabrics absorb water better than cotton. This allows bamboo bath towels to dry extremely fast compared to other types of bath towels.

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Molly is a mother, wife, and part-time blogger. She has a passion for finding the latest Green Products for all her family needs!