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The Best Bamboo Pillows for 2021 | Ultimate Guide & Reviews

Coop Home Goods
  • Best Overall!
  • adjustable loft
  • made in the USA
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  • Runner Up!
  • removable cover
  • 20 year warranty
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  • Best Contour!
  • removable inserts
  • back & neck support
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Zen Bamboo
  • Lowest Price!
  • bamboo rayon
  • plush gel fiber
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  • Best 2-Pack!
  • breathable cover
  • shredded memory
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  • Best Value!
  • 40% bamboo viscose
  • adjustable filling
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  • Best 2-in-1!
  • bamboo charcoal fill
  • Certipur certified
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  • Best Hypoallergenic!
  • bamboo rayon
  • 5 year warranty
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  • Best Solid Foam!
  • neck support
  • 5 year warranty
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Dreaming Wapiti
  • Best Sleep Trial
  • 40% bamboo rayon
  • 365 night sleep trial
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Reviews of the Best Bamboo Pillows for 2021

Bamboo pillows have become the best selling pillows on the market for many reasons. To start, their softness and natural cooling makes them better than all other types of pillows. They are easy to care for and more durable than cotton.

However, if you’ve been shopping for a bamboo pillow online, you might have noticed there are many different types to choose from. This isn’t the time to throw away your money by getting the wrong type of bamboo pillow!

Replacing a pillow that you’ve been sleeping on for over a year will impact the quality of your sleep in one of two ways.
It will either Give you Renewed Comfort and Sleep or Cause you Headaches and Nightmares!

For that reason our Team-of-Experts Researched and Reviewed the Best Bamboo Pillows available online. We put together this Ultimate Guide to help you find the perfect bamboo pillow and avoid the headaches of returning and exchanging.

At Bamboo-Comfort, our goal is to provide you with all the information and reviews you need to help find the right bamboo pillows that are perfect for any type of sleeper.

We also strive to find the best deals and lowest prices on your favorite bamboo products to keep you within your budget. In the end, paying a bit extra and upgrading your bedding with bamboo, is definitely worth it.

Reviews of the Best Bamboo Pillows for 2021

Below we have included reviews of the most popular ad best selling bamboo pillows on Amazon. We also included all the main features and benefits as well as the Pros and Cons that everyone is raving about. Finally, you’ll find photos and links to the actual pillows to help you find the best price online.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like to see your favorite bamboo pillow included in our guide. You can even share your personal experience about your preferred pillow as well. We’d love to hear from you!

Coop Home Goods Eden “Best Overall”

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The Eden bamboo pillow, by Coop Home Goods, is our next pillow to be reviewed. I wanted to rank this bamboo pillow at #1, but it’s higher price tag dropped it to third place. This model is also Made in the USA and has over 1,400+ positive reviews on Amazon, and it’s growing in popularity very fast.

Level of Comfort: Coop Home Goods makes the most comfortable bamboo pillows out of all we reviewed. The 40% bamboo rayon pillow-cover, provides unmatched cashmere-like softness, keeping you cool throughout the night. The materials promote breath-ability and draw out heat to provide a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Style and Type: Just like the previous pillows in our review, the Eden pillow also contains shredded memory foam, which is infused with “gel-fibers”. The added gel provides additional softness and cooling, to this 5-Star bamboo pillow. Of course the adjustable loft makes it ideal for side-sleepers, stomach sleepers and sleeping on your back.

Coop Home Goods will provide additional shredded memory foam filling for no extra charge if you need it. Just contact them within the warranty period and they’ll ship it to you within a few days.

Eden Bamboo Pillow Size & Dimensions Chart:

Available Sizes Dimensions
Standard 26 x 20 inches
Queen 30 x 20 inches
King 36 x 20 inches

Features and Benefits: You can see in the photo above, the gel-infused memory foam has a blue color to it and covered with small fibers. If you open the side-zipper, you’ll be able to feel the softness and will immediately notice the cooling properties of the gel-fibers.

The Eden pillow comes stuffed to the brim with shredded memory foam. Of course you can keep adjusting the loft until it’s the perfect height. You can even store any excess memory foam in the resealable plastic bag for later use.

Durability and Warranty: I really appreciate the customer service from Coop Home Goods. They’re located in the US and are very easy to get a hold of. The pillow comes with money back guarantee during the 100-night sleep trial, if you’re not satisfied. After the sleep-trial, you get a 5-year warranty to protect against a flat pillow.

Final Thoughts: To conclude, the Eden bamboo pillow by Coop Home Goods is hands down the softest and most comfortable pillow in our review. The only complaint I have is the higher price. But you really get what you paid for; a high-end pillow for a high-end price!

  • Editor’s Choice
  • Softest Bamboo Pillow
  • Adjustable Loft
  • Gel-Infused Shredded Memory Foam
  • Made in the USA
  • Has a weird smell at first (100% non-toxic)
  • More expensive than other bamboo pillows (definitely worth it!)

Snuggle-Pedic “Best Adjustable Bamboo Pillow”

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The second bamboo pillow in our review is the “adjustable version” by Snuggle-Pedic. Their bamboo pillows are also available on Amazon and have over 6,500 positive reviews. Snuggle-Pedic makes the pillowcase with a blend of 43% bamboo viscose, 56.4% polyester, and .6% lycra, which makes it smooth and super-soft. pillow cover consists of bamboo fabrics the is eco-friendly and very soft.

Snuggle-Pedic makes a “Zippered” version and a “Non-Zippered” version of the same bamboo pillow. The links in this review are for the “Zippered” version. You can find the “Non-Zippered” version here.

Level of Comfort: It’s equipped with a removable outer cover, which allows you to easily adjust the thickness. This is an excellent all-around bamboo pillow which provides orthopedic neck support for every sleeping position. You can adjust the loft for sleeping on your stomach, side or back. The “Micro-Vents” allow easy air circulation and cuts down heat buildup for a cooler nights sleep.

Style and Type: Snuggle-Pedic uses US-Certified CertiPUR shredded memory foam that’s made in the USA. The natural white pillow cover consists of bamboo-derived rayon while the white pillow has cotton and bamboo. The micro-vented fabric provides breath-ability and stretch that allows the pillow to self-adjust, and for the memory foam to spread out.

Snuggle-Pedic Pillow Size & Dimensions Chart:

Available Sizes Dimensions
Standard Size 26 x 19 inches
Queen Size 28 x 20 inches
King Size 35 x 20 inches

Features and Benefits: Bamboo fabrics are great at absorbing moisture and sweat, this allows it to absorb sweat and heat better than cotton. They also fight bacteria which can build up on the pillow and cause unwanted odors. It ships in a small vacuum-sealed bag that you can use to store any excess foam for later use.

Durability and Warranty: The Snuggle-Pedic pillow comes with a 120-Night satisfaction guarantee and free return shipping. This is more than enough time for you to decide if it’s right for you or not. Finally, you get a whopping 20-year replacement warranty at no extra cost. This doesn’t cover rips, tears, or physical damage, but it guarantees it won’t go flat.

Final Thoughts: To sum it up, this bamboo pillow is hypoallergenic, dust resistant and fights odor-causing bacteria. It’s perfect for any sleep position due to the adjustable loft and it’s moderate price fits any budget. If you consider the massive 20-year warranty, you should definitely give this bamboo pillow a try.

  • Over 4.5k Positive Reviews
  • Hypoallergenic & Dust Resistant
  • Great for All Sleep Positions
  • Made in the USA
  • 120-Night Money Back Guarantee
  • Backed by a 20 Year Warranty
  • The memory foam can be firm to start

Coop Home Goods

Check price on Coop Home Goods

It comes to no surprise that the Original Coop Home Goods Pillow is the “Best Overall Bamboo Pillow”! However, it is currently only available here on their website.

It’s proudly Made in the U.S.A, and the pillowcase consists of 60% polyester and 40% rayon from bamboo.

Level of Comfort: The Coop Home Goods bamboo pillow is very comfortable regardless of your preferred sleep position. That’s due to your ability to adjust the loft (pillow height) freely. The pillow cover has a side-zipper to allow you to add or remove the amount of shredded memory foam making it the best bamboo pillow for side sleepers, stomach sleepers and sleeping on your back.

Style and Type: It’s a shredded memory foam pillow which comes vacuum packed in plastic and tightly folded. After removing it from the plastic, the bamboo pillow will begin to inflate and gain loft and height. You can shake it a bit and push in the sides to help it rise faster or just put it in the dryer for 5 minutes. After an hour, it will be fully expanded, and it’s loft will be 8 inches high, unless you remove some of the memory foam.

Coop Home Goods Bamboo Pillow Size & Dimensions Chart:

Available Sizes Dimensions
Standard 26 x 20 inches
Queen 30 x 20 inches
King 36 x 20 inches

Features and Benefits: If you suffer from allergies, this bamboo pillow is both, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. You can remove and wash the bamboo pillow case to get rid of any dirt or stains. Bamboo fabrics promote great ventilation and make perfect pillows for hot sleepers. Finally, you can adjust the shredded memory foam by adding or removing as much as you want for the perfect loft.

Durability and Warranty: Coop Home Goods provides a 5 year warranty that covers the pillow from going flat. You also get a 100-Night sleep trial from the date of purchase if you’re not satisfied with the pillow.

Final Thoughts: Coop home goods makes some of the best bamboo pillows and deserves to be #1. Their newer Eden model has more bells and whistles but costs a bit more. I did prefer the Eden over this one, but it’s higher price landed it in 3rd place.

  • 17,000+ Positive Reviews
  • Certipur Shredded Memory Foam
  • Adjustable Loft
  • Made in the USA
  • 100-Night Money Back Guarantee
  • Only available direct from Coop Home Goods

Zen Bamboo “Best Value Bamboo Pillow”

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The next bamboo pillow we will be reviewing is by Zen Bamboo. They are made with super plush gel fiber and come with a jacquard bamboo cover. They rank pretty high on Amazon, with about 950+ reviews and are very affordable. However, when it comes to quality, they are on the lower-end of the spectrum.

Level of Comfort: Zen Bamboo gives you a pillow cover which is made with bamboo rayon. It has a “No-Shift” construction so that you get the right amount of sleep and support all night long. If you change positions while sleeping, you might want to consider an adjustable loft instead of these.

Style and Type: Unlike the previous bamboo pillows in our review, you can’t adjust the loft, unless you cut the pillowcase open and sew it back yourself. For the price, you shouldn’t expect to have CertiPUR memory foam either, instead you will get standard foam.

The pillowcase adds support and firmness yet you have to scrunch up the sides a little. From the first time of use, you will notice the pillow fluff up much more in a couple of days. After subsequent nights, this provides you with more support.

Zen Bamboo Pillow Size & Dimensions Chart:

Available Sizes Dimensions
Queen 28 x 20 inches
King 36 x 20 inches

Features and Benefits: The pillowcase is resistant to fading and stains. Although you can’t separate the memory foam from the pillowcase, they are still machine washable. Just be sure to give enough time to dry completely before sleeping on them again. You should also consider using a separate pillow cover to make washing much easier.

Durability and Warranty: The company only provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You can return them for a full refund during that short period of time. Otherwise, I would consider them to be disposable pillows very much like cotton ones.

Final Thoughts: Zen bamboo is the perfect choice for anyone looking to buy cheap bamboo pillows online. It’s ideal for family vacations or guest rooms and still better than standard cotton pillows.

  • Great Value (2 Pillows for Less than $40)
  • Hypoallergenic & Dust Mite Resistant
  • Jacquard Bamboo Cover
  • Fade and Stain Resistant
  • Only sold in a 2-pack
  • Only available in 2 sizes

Z Zoned by Malouf “Best Solid Foam Bamboo Pillow”

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Malouf makes great bamboo bedding, and we had the pleasure to review the queen bamboo pillow found on Amazon.

They make 5 different versions of this bamboo pillow to choose from. They all have the same measurements and loft options, but they have different features that make them unique.

The information in our review is for the bamboo charcoal infused version but you can check out the other types here.

The next feature I would like to mention about the Z Zoned pillow is very important. It uses 100% Polyurethane foam with different “loft-heights” to choose from. It can be a hit and miss if you get the wrong loft. To help you out, we’ve included the different loft sizes and measurement in the chart below.

Level of Comfort: The Z Zoned Dough memory foam pillow provides outstanding comfort for neck and back support as long as you get the proper loft. It’s not adjustable so getting the perfect loft is critical for a comfortable night’s sleep. The special “Dough Memory Foam” comes in 2 levels of firmness, Plush and Firm. You should choose the Plush if you prefer a softer/fluffier pillow or the Firm for more support and to help relieve neck and shoulder pain.

Buying Tip: If you already have a pillow you’re comfortable sleeping on, take a ruler and measure how high it is with your head resting on it. This measurement is what you should look for when buying your new pillow.

Style and Type: The white pillow is the soft dough memory foam; the blue one is the temperature regulating gel form; the purple pillow is infused with lavender and the black one consists of bamboo charcoal. The range of firmness includes High Plush, Medium, Medium- Soft, Mid Loft and Soft.

This pillow combines bamboo charcoal and the best of memory foam available. Bamboo charcoal is a superior thermal and moisture regulator that is highly absorbent.

Malouf Z Zoned Dough Memory Foam Size & Dimensions Chart:

Available Sizes Dimensions
Queen High-Loft 29″ x 16″ x 6″
Queen Low-Loft 29″ x 16″ x 5″
King High-Loft 35″ x 16″ x 6″
King Low-Loft 35″ x 16″ x 5″

About the Sizes & Dimensions: Each style comes in a different color: blue, purple, black and white. The standard loft measures at 7″ x 16″ x 25″ while the medium loft measures at 6″ x 16″ x 25″. As for the queen dimensions, the high-loft measures 7″ x 16″ x 29″ while the medium loft measures 6″ x 16″ x 29″. Finally, the King dimensions for the high-loft are 7″ x 16″ x 35″ and the medium loft measures 6″ x 16″ x 35″.

Features & Benefits: The design of this pillow includes different size holes throughout that allows it to conform to your head. The deign also makes it ideal for neck and shoulder support regardless of your sleep position. The pillowcase is removable and easy to wash, however, the memory foam itself should never be put in the washing machine.

It’s good to have the ability to choose the type of pillow you prefer. For example, you can choose the charcoal-infused pillow if you suffer from night sweats. Or you can choose to purchase the natural oil infused version that provides aroma therapy. You can choose from Lavender, Chamomile or Peppermint.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a 5-year limited warranty against defects in the memory foam. However, they won’t cover damage done due to normal wear and tear or the pillowcase.

Final Thoughts: The pillow is pricier than many others we’ve reviewed and isn’t very versatile. This is especially true when you compare it to the Coop Home Goods Eden pillow, which is in the same price range. Unless you know the correct size loft you prefer, you should consider and adjustable pillow instead.

  • Available in Different Lofts and Firmness
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Removable Pillowcase
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • You need to know your preferred loft

Levesolls “Best Contour Bamboo Pillow”

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Of all the bamboo pillows in our review, the Levesolls was the only solid memory foam that’s also adjustable. The way they do it is by providing an additional thin layer of foam that fits in between the 2 thicker layers. This feature makes it an excellent choice for combination sleepers and helps relieve neck pain.

Level of Comfort: Just like other bamboo memory foam pillows, you get the benefits of a cooler night’s sleep and relief from allergies. There are 4 different heights you can decide to use depending on how you feel that night. You can choose to add all the layers for shoulder support or use a single layer if you’re a stomach sleeper.

It has a contour shape that makes one side thicker than the other. You can easily flip it over as you sleep to lower your neck or raise it as you see fit.

Style and Type: The Levesolls pillow has a unique design and feature that makes it the perfect bamboo contour pillow. The extra solid memory foam layers makes it very versatile for all sleep positions. It has a slow rebound and bounce-back for shock absorption. the solid memory foam is infused with Gel to increase it’s cooling and breathability.

Available Sizes & Dimensions: Depending on the size of your bed and pillow covers, you want to know the dimensions of the bamboo pillow before you buy. That’s especially true when it comes to the thickness of the pillow, or loft. With all the layers, the Levesolls bamboo pillow comes to 4.7 inches high on one end and 3.9 inches on the other end. With only 2 layers the height of this pillow is 3.5 inches and 2.8 inches.

Durability and Warranty: Finally I think it’s important to mention that Levesolls provides a 2 Year Warranty against quality and defects in the memory foam. However, the warranty doesn’t cover the bamboo pillowcase they provide you with.

  • Adjustable Height Sandwich Pillow
  • Slow Rebound Memory Foam
  • Adjustable for All Sleep Positions
  • Bonus Bamboo Covers
  • Only available in 1 Size

Cariloha “Softest Bamboo Pillow”

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The next item for review is the Cariloha Bamboo Gel Pillow. Available on Amazon, this pillow has about 20 positive views. The fill is 100% bamboo charcoal Memory Foam with Cooling Gel. The cover face is made with 70% Viscose from Bamboo and 30% Polyester.

Level of comfort: It has medium firmness to help retain the shape and adapt to the head size thereby relieving pressure for a restful night’s sleep. The Memory Foam is perforated to ensure fresh, breathable benefits that promote airflow between you and the pillow.

Style and Type: Available in two sizes namely the King and Standard size. Pillows available in all these colors contain bamboo-derived rayon.

Available Sizes & Dimensions: The colors present for this specific pillow are blue, white, natural and natural white. It is available in two sizes namely the King and Standard size. The King size measures 33.8 x 16.3 x 5.8 inches with a weight of 5.9 pounds. The standard size measures 25.8 x 16 x 5.6 inches with a weight of 4.45 pounds.

Available Sizes Dimensions
Standard 28 x 19 inches
Queen 30 x 20 inches
King 32 x 20 inches

Feature and benefits: The Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam is naturally breathable and hypoallergenic. The bamboo viscose cover is removable and washable as a result, it repels odors and wicks moisture. A cooling gel-top layer enhances Gel-Top Comfort by providing exceptional cooling properties.

Durability and warranty: If unsatisfied with the purchase, return it for a refund or replacement within 30 days of the purchase. For any returns, customers cover the cost of shipping to Cariloha and the company will cover the cost of shipping back to the customer. Their Lifetime Quality Guarantee covers used products returned due to quality issues. The exchange happens anytime during the life of the product.

  • Removable washable cover
  • Plush bamboo softness
  • Hypoallergenic
  • The chemical smell makes it difficult to use as a pillow

Final thoughts: The cooling gel makes it a bit cooler than the other pillows

Plixio Bamboo Fabric Pillows for Sleeping

The final pillow on review is the Plixio Pillow. It is made with two materials: 60% Polyester and 40% Rayon from bamboo cover. This product is available on Amazon with over 120 positive reviews.

Level of comfort: Compared to ordinary pillows, this pillow does not go flat after a few months of regular use. It will last for a few years. The use a firm Memory Foam ensures adequate support to the neck and spine. This pillow also provides relief in the event of joint aches and other similar health issues. It remains cool in warmer temperatures so that you do not wake up sweaty in the middle of the night.

Style and Type: The pillow is unique due to its orthopedic contoured design. The contour pillows are designed to last for years to come.

Available Sizes & Dimensions: The pillow is only available in a white and standard size. Each pillow weighs 1.9 pounds with a measurement of 28 x 17 x 8 inches. It is ideal for use while traveling or at home.

Features and benefits: This pillow has a gentle and contoured slope to support the neck and shoulders. The unique feature provides proper spinal alignment and alleviates any tension or stiffness in the spinal column.

Durability and warranty: A full 2-year warranty protects the product against any damage or defects

  • Each contour pillow comes with a hypoallergenic bamboo case
  • Offers users orthopedic support for their shoulders and neck
  • Antibacterial, washable cover
  • Two quality pillows for the price of one
  • Strong smell, needs to be aired out
  • Fill can’t be removed
  • Not available in standard size

Final thoughts: A great pillow for back and side sleepers.

Hotel Comfort Premium Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Click to See on Amazon

The next bamboo pillow we are reviewing is from Hotel Comfort. Designed in the USA, this product is available on Amazon with more than 500 positive reviews. For its fabrication, premium materials are utilized. It is made with 40% Bamboo and 60% Polyester with 100% Polyurethane Foam Fill.

Level of comfort: The pillow has Premium soft and supportive Memory Foam. It is likewise able to conform to the body, providing great night rests and sleeping comfort. It helps to reduce back, neck and shoulder problem caused by flat pillows.

Style and Type: The bamboo pillow is soft, supple, luxurious and supportive at the same time. The filling never shifts even though it requires a handmade fill. It is over-sized to fit every type of bed and sleeper.

Available Sizes & Dimensions: This pillow is available on Amazon in the following 3 sizes; Queen size, King size and a large Body Pillow size. You can check out the chart below for the exact measurements and dimensions for each size. You can purchase it in a single-pack or you can save some money by ordering a 2-pack for the queen or king size bamboo pillow.

Available Sizes Dimensions
Queen 27 x 18 inches
King 30 x 18 inches
Body 58 x 18 inches

Features and Benefits: The pillow uses customizable memory foam. You can adjust it to the exact size and shape that is comfortable. To personalize it, fluff and form the pillow to the optimum shape and size. Suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers.

Durability and Warranty: The company doesn’t list it’s warranty on Amazon but has a standard 30-Night Sleep trial. If unsatisfied, you have the option of returning the pillow within the first 30 days for a full refund.

  • 100% Viscose Bamboo Pillowcase
  • Excellent Cooling Pillow
  • Odor Repellent
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Warranty isn’t specified

Final thoughts: If you like a hard, firm pillow, this is a great choice.

Sleep Whale Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Click to See on Amazon

The Sleep Whale bamboo pillow is the next item we are reviewing. This pillow is designed with high quality material. Full of 100% shredded memory foam, the cover is made of 40% Bamboo and 60% Polyester. It’s available on Amazon with over 1,600+ customer reviews.

Level of Comfort: A fully adjustable pillow that provides maximum rest and comfort. This model is recommended especially for those with neck problems since it is able to contour to the required shape. Side sleepers enjoy great head support. Also, stomach sleepers are able to shift the foam for the needed loft. This pillow is very good in relieving neck pain as well as shoulder pain.

Style and Type: To ensure comfortable sleep, the premium, shredded foam is fully adjustable. A firm or tender choice is available for every measurement. There are absolutely no risks of the cover shrinking when putting in the dryer.

Available Sizes & Dimensions: The dimensions of this queen bamboo pillow are 28 x 19 inches. You can adjust it’s height by removing or adding the memory foam filling. If you sleep on a king size bed, this bamboo pillow will be too small and you should consider a different brand.

Features and Benefits: Made up of high quality hypoallergenic foam, it is attractive to those who suffer from allergies. To keep the pillow feeling and smelling fresh, remove the cover and place it in the washer.

Durability and Warranty: Sleep Whale offers a lifetime replacement warranty. If dissatisfied with the product, it is replaced at no cost.

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Improves air circulation
  • Resistant to dust mites
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in only two sizes
  • Slight foam smell

Final thoughts: A pillow with great quality for a reasonable price.

Video Review of the Best Bamboo Pillows for 2021

If you enjoy watching videos over reading reviews and articles, you’ll enjoy our latest video of the featured pillows in our review.

Ultimate Bamboo Pillow Buyer’s Guide

If you still need more information about bamboo pillows, Bamboo-Comfort has you covered!

In the section below you will find all the information regarding choosing the right pillow no matter your situation.

Our ultimate guide has been put together by our team of experts, who gathered all the information into one place. The goal of this guide is to provide you with all the relevant information regarding pillows made with bamboo.

We will explain all the details about the different types, sizes and benefits. You will also find answers to the most common questions people have about bamboo and pillows. Finally, you can check out our Facebook Page and share your thoughts and experience or by leaving a comment below.

Introduction to Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillows and bamboo sheets have become very popular and are quickly making their way into our bedrooms for many reasons.

In case you’re wondering “What is a bamboo pillow?” or “What Bamboo Pillows are made of?”, I will start by saying they’re very much like regular cotton pillows. However, they might seem very similar to a standard pillow from the outside, but it’s very different when it comes to how it feels and the comfort you get from sleeping on it.

The cover of the pillow is the only part that’s actually made from bamboo fabrics. The interior (filling) can be found in any other high-end pillow you buy.

Bamboo pillows come in the following styles:

  • Shredded Memory Foam
  • Solid Memory Foam
  • Polyester Filling
  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam
  • Latex Foam

Each pillow-style will have it’s Pros and Cons depending on your sleep habits.

Some people prefer a more firm bamboo pillow and decide to get a solid memory foam pillow. However, for those that prefer a softer or fluffier pillow, you should get a bamboo pillow stuffed with shredded memory foam instead.

For people that toss and turn while sleeping, an adjustable bamboo pillow will be better than a non-adjustable one. But if you’re looking for firm neck support, you will definitely want to go for a solid memory foam bamboo pillow instead.

Pillow Case Materials

The quality of the outer bamboo pillow case is just as important as the filing inside. Like bamboo sheets, companies may use either Bamboo Rayon or Bamboo Viscose in their pillow-case. However, other companies will use a blend of multiple fabrics to make their pillow covers.

These features are all important when looking for the best bamboo pillow and you can find more details in the Comparison Chart below or our Full Reviews.

Different Types of Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillows come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. The reason we use pillows is to get the best night’s sleep to be energized the next morning. In order to get the most comfortable sleep possible, you want to get the correct pillow-type according to your sleep habits and bed size.

Each type will be better or worse depending on the position you normally sleep. Getting the wrong type of pillow will just cause you headaches and frequent trips to the store for returns and exchanges.

Solid Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows

We’ve all heard and seen TV ads showing us the comfort memory foam pillows provide. Memory foam was initially used for space exploration and astronauts. The memory foam provides insulation for them while in space.

Companies began making mattresses and pillows from memory foam in the early 80s. Since then the technology has advanced providing much more comfort and longer lasting bamboo pillows made from memory foam.

Any bamboo pillow that just says “Memory Foam” is also known as a (Solid Memory Foam Pillow).

It’s a pillow filled with a single piece (Slab) of memory foam that conforms to your head and neck. They are the most firm type of pillow available.

Solid memory foam pillows provide the best comfort for back and side-sleepers. They provide firm neck support when sleeping on your back and prevents your head from sinking into the pillow.

If you’re a side-sleeper, then a solid memory foam bamboo pillow is perfect for you. First of all, it won’t cover your nose or block your breathing while you sleep on your side. It also conforms to the shape of your head while providing support for your neck.

The bamboo pillow by Hotel Comfort is one of the best selling on Amazon with over 1,300 user reviews. It has a removable bamboo pillow cover and 3 layers of memory foam for maximum comfort.

Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows

Another, very popular, type of bamboo pillow you’ll find has “Shredded Memory Foam” inside. Shredded memory foam bamboo pillows are very popular on Amazon and are the best selling pillows for many reasons. They are great for back and stomach sleepers, but may be annoying if you sleep on your side.

Some of these bamboo pillows are adjustable and can be customized to provide the best comfort for any type of sleeper.

If you’re a side-sleeper, I advise you to get a bamboo pillow that’s “Adjustable”, to lower the Loft (pillow height) for more comfort.

Bamboo pillows with shredded memory foam filling are definitely softer and fluffier than solid memory foam.

If you sleep with your head in the middle of the pillow, the sides will rise up a bit as the memory foam conforms to your shape. I’m a side-sleeper and I like to have my airway clear, so I had to adjust the pillow stuffing until I found the perfect Loft.

COOP Home Goods makes the Best Shredded Memory Foam pillows by far. The bamboo pillow cover is removable and easy to wash. You have a zipper to access the stuffing and adjust the loft according to your sleep habits.

Gel Infused Shredded Memory Foam

Another popular type of bamboo pillow is made with “Gel-infused shredded memory foam”. It’s exactly the same as regular shredded memory foam but is also infused with Cooling Gel.

Gel-infused bamboo pillows are popular for their softness and being the coolest pillows on Amazon.

Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam

Some pillows have a zipper to access and adjust the amount of stuffing inside, this allows you to increase or lower the Pillows Loft (Height).

Common Bamboo Pillow Dimensions

Another important detail you want to remember is the size of your bamboo pillow. Twin and Full size pillows are 20 inches x 28 inches, Queen size bamboo pillows are 20 inches x 30 inches and finally King size bamboo pillows are 20 inches x 36 inches.

You can use these measurements as the standard size for all types of pillows, not just bamboo pillows.

Choosing the Right Bamboo Pillow According to Sleep Position

Every bamboo pillow has certain advantages depending on your favorite sleep position. Some of us only sleep on our back while others sleep on their stomachs or side. Here are the benefits of bamboo pillows for every type of sleep position. I’ll leave a link to the best bamboo pillows on Amazon under each category depending on your preferred sleep position.

Best type of Bamboo Pillow for Side Sleepers:

  • Solid Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow- For side sleepers, the best bamboo pillow to get is a Solid memory foam pillow. The main reason being the increased firmness of the solid memory foam which will prevent your head from sinking too deep. Side sleepers who use a very thick or fluffy bamboo pillow, will have their airways blocked when the sides of the pillow come up above the nose. This can be avoided by getting a bamboo pillow with solid memory foam instead.
  • Bamboo Gel Memory Foam Pillow- The second best type of bamboo pillow for side sleepers is a Gel Memory foam pillow. The added “Gel” will provide a cooler nights sleep with the added benefit and firmness of the solid memory foam. You won’t find as many companies making bamboo gel memory foam pillows, but you can use a regular bamboo pillow cover instead to get all the benefits.
  • Adjustable Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow- The third best type of bamboo pillow for side sleepers are “adjustable shredded memory foam bamboo pillow”. You’ll be able to adjust the loft (height) of the bamboo pillow to help avoid blocking your nose when sleeping on your side. You’ll also find the widest variety on Amazon to help you find the perfect bamboo pillow for your budget.

Best type of Bamboo Pillow for Back Sleepers:

  • Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow- If you find sleeping on your back is the most comfortable position, then you’re in luck! You’ll be able to choose from any type of shredded memory foam pillow and save some money while doing so. You get around 20% Off of the Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow since you wont need a zipper to adjust the loft (height).
  • Gel-Infused Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow- The next best bamboo pillow for a back sleeper is one with Gel-Infused memory foam. You’ll enjoy the same fluffiness and softness of the shredded memory foam with the added coolness the gel provides. You will have to pay a little more for the gel that the companies add to the bamboo pillow filling, but they’re still very affordable.
  • Adjustable Loft Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow- The last type of bamboo pillow a back sleeper should use is an adjustable-loft pillow. These types of bamboo pillows are best if you already know the preferred loft thickness for your neck. You’ll be able to choose between several sizes when placing the order on Amazon for your adjustable loft bamboo pillow.

Care Tips and Advice

All bamboo pillows come with either a “Removable” or “Non-Removable” bamboo pillow cover. Both types of pillows are washable, but the removable cover is much easier for washing and dries a lot faster. You just simply remove the cover and wash it according to the care instructions.

However, if your bamboo pillow doesn’t have a removable cover, you’ll need to take a few additional steps.

First of all, you should read and follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer very carefully.

Your bamboo pillow will be fine in the washing machine, just be sure to set it according to the care instructions.

You can then put it in the dryer for up-to 10 minutes to remove as much moisture as possible.

Finally you will have to allow additional time after washing to allow the filling to dry completely before using it again.

Here’s our Complete Guide to Washing a Bamboo Pillow.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bamboo Pillows any Good?

Many people want to know if bamboo pillows are any good, or if they’re better than standard pillows. Just like everything else, not all bamboo pillows are made the same. Some will definitely provide you with a better nights sleep, while others can cause you nightmares!

Our chart ranks the Top Bamboo Pillows for you to choose from. An excellent feature to look for in a bamboo pillow is the ability to adjust the fill and loft to fit you perfectly.

Pillow Covers made with 100% viscose from bamboo are also dust-mite resistant, which helps relieve allergies. Bamboo is naturally cooler than cotton, which reduces sweaty nights and a cooler nights sleep.

What’s the Best Type of Bamboo Pillow for Side Sleepers?

Bamboo pillows come with different types of filling. If you’re a Side Sleeper, you definitely want to look for a bamboo pillow that’s adjustable, since the length of our necks will vary. An adjustable-loft bamboo pillow will allow you to increase or lower the thickness for the best comfort for you. You can find more info for Side-Sleepers here.

What’s the Best Pillow for a Stiff Neck?

If you suffer from a “Stiff Neck” and are wondering which bamboo pillow will provide you with the most relief, go for the “Eden Bamboo Pillow” by Coop Home Goods.

This adjustable bamboo pillow allows you to add and remove from the filling to adjust the loft for maximum comfort.

Coop Home goods also sends out an additional amount of shredded memory foam if you need more filling. You can contact them and have it shipped to your home within the 1 year warranty for no additional charge.

What is the Firmness Levels of Bamboo Pillows?

Solid Memory foam bamboo pillows come in all types of firmness and softness levels. You can choose from Soft, Medium or Firm, depending on your preferred sleep position.

However, one of the best benefits of buying a “Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow” is the ability to control the firmness and loft of the pillow.

Some companies even provide additional memory foam filling for free after you purchase your pillow, if needed.

How Do I Get My New Bamboo Pillow to Fluff Up?

When you first buy a New Bamboo Pillow, it comes vacuum sealed and flat as a pancake. The best way to fluff it up is to remove it from the plastic packaging first. Then you can put the bamboo pillow in the dryer on “Low Heat” for 5 minutes for it to fluff up.

You can also fluff your new bamboo pillow without a dryer. It will take much longer for it to expand on it’s own without a dryer. You can just remove it from the plastic packaging and leave it on your bed for 1hr.

What I like to do when I get a new pillow, is to leave it in the fresh air to remove some of the chemical odor as it expands. You can put it near an open window in your bedroom or any other room that gets fresh air.

How Do I Fluff Up a Bamboo Pillow?

After some time, your bamboo pillow will start to become flat and loose it’s height. If you have a Shredded Memory Foam bamboo pillow, putting it in the dryer for 4-5 minutes will fluff it up nicely.

Be sure NEVER to attempt this with a Solid Memory Foam Pillow!

What are the benefits of sleeping on a pillow made with bamboo fabric?

Bamboo pillows have many benefits that help us sleep better at night. Some of those benefits include:

  • Cooler and More Breathable than Cotton
  • Dust mite resistant and Hypoallergenic
  • Resists Mold better than Cotton
  • Super Soft and more Comfortable than Cotton

How to Spot Fake Bamboo Pillows?

With the rising popularity of bamboo products, many companies have been reported as selling fake bamboo pillows. It will be difficult to spot fakes when buying online, as the sellers of fake bamboo pillows use generic photos. So you will only be able to tell if you purchased a knockoff, After receiving it in the mail.

To avoid getting scammed and going through a bad experience, there are several steps you can take.

  • Only Buy from Reputable Companies
  • Read the Feedback from Recent Buyers
  • Contact the Company Before Placing an Order
  • Keep All Receipts and Packaging for Easier Returns


To conclude, owning a bamboo pillow has tons of benefits and can improve your sleep. However, there are many different styles which all have their Pros and Cons that make them stand-out.

Our Expert Reviews are aimed to help guide you to find the best bamboo pillow regardless of your sleep habits and budget. And we filled our Comparison Chart with the Most Important Features that make each bamboo pillow better than the rest.

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