17 Best Bamboo Sheets on Amazon (That Everyone’s Buying in 2018)

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The holiday season is the perfect time to replace your old sheets with new ones. You can find great deals on some of the best bamboo sheets online, especially on Amazon.

But if you haven’t shopped for sheets on Amazon in 2018, get ready for an (Unexpected Surprise). Get ready to find many “New” brand names and styles to choose from.

Bamboo sheets aren’t new to the market, and they’ve been growing in popularity every year, as more people try them over cotton.

What are the Best Sheets to Buy on Amazon in 2018?

We used to think Egyptian cotton sheets were the softest and most comfortable bed sheets. But that’s not the case anymore!

Bamboo sheets have become the Most Popular” and “Best Selling” sheets on Amazon in 2018 for many reasons.

Everyone that’s tried them, falls in love and never goes back to cotton sheets. I personally fell in love with the Classic Sheets from Cariloha that my wife and I purchased a few years back.

Not All Bamboo Sheets are Created Equal!

Just like everything else, bed sheets come in many different styles, sizes, colors and different levels of quality.

Sheets can be made from 100% bamboo viscose, a blend of bamboo rayon or even pure bamboo linen.

Main features to look for in the best bamboo sheets:

  • Softer and More Comfortable than Egyptian Cotton
  • Sheets made from 100% bamboo viscose are More Durable
  • Longer Lasting (Better Value)

So Why is Everyone Buying Bamboo Sheets over Egyptian Cotton?

We’re used to replacing our cotton sheets every 2 to 3 years, but bamboo sheets are more durable and last an average of more than 5 years.

Durability is just as important to me as comfort and softness of bed sheets. I don’t want to worry about ruining my sheets and replacing them every year.

In the comparison chart below, I’ll point out to you which companies even include a “Lifetime Warranty” with their bamboo sheets. You can even transfer the warranty if you’re buying the sheets as a gift for someone else.

Are Sheets made from Bamboo Cheaper than Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Egyptian cotton bed sheets have been around for a much longer time than bamboo bedding. You were only able to buy them from high-end specialty stores.

When bamboo sheets first appeared on Amazon, they were quite expensive and you didn’t have many options to choose from.

Since they’ve grown in popularity, there is a much larger selection to choose from and the prices have gone down even more for the Holiday Season.

In this article, I compare the best bamboo sheets on Amazon, and explain the reasons why everyone is buying them in 2018.

My goal is to help you find the perfect set of bamboo sheets for yourself or a gift this Holiday Season.

You can check out our quick ratings chart of the “Best Sheets on Amazon”. Or you can take your time and read through our “Expert Reviews”,  where I compare the Pros and Cons of the best selling bamboo sheets as well.

What are the Top Selling Bamboo Sheets on Amazon for 2018?

Are you looking to buy bamboo sheets, but don’t have the time to go through our full reviews? Don’t worry! Check out our easy to read chart below with…

  • Product Photos
  • Main Product Features
  • Expert Ratings
  • Direct Link for each Product

Our comparison and ratings chart of the best selling bamboo sheets on Amazon.

Photo Name Best Features Rating Direct Link

Best Bamboo Sheets on Amazon

Cariloha Classic | Editor’s Choice

1. Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets Highest Amazon Rating
100% Bamboo Viscose
Lifetime Warranty
 4.8 Stars
Cariloha Resort Best Bamboo Sheets on Amazon 2. Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets Sateen Finish
100% Bamboo Viscose
Lifetime Warranty
4.6 Stars
Bamboo Luxury Best Bamboo Sheets on Amazon 3. Pure Bamboo Bed Sheets Double-Stitched Seams
100% Bamboo Viscose
Sateen Finish
4.6 Stars
DTY Bedding Best Bamboo Sheets on Amazon 4. DTY Bedding Bamboo Sheets OEKO-TEX Certified
100% Bamboo Viscose
Lifetime Warranty
4.6 Stars
Hotel Sheets Direct Best Bamboo Sheets on Amazon 5. Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Sheets OEKO-TEX Certified
100% Bamboo Rayon
Extra Deep Pockets
4.5 Stars
Zen Bamboo Best Bamboo Sheets on Amazon 6. Zen Bamboo Bed Sheets 40% Bamboo Rayon
Great Value
4.4 Stars
Royal Hotel Best Bamboo Sheets on Amazon 7. Royal Hotel Bamboo Bed Sheets 60% Bamboo Viscose
Plenty of Sizes & Colors
4.3 Stars
LinenWalas Best Bamboo Sheets on Amazon 8. LinenWalas Bamboo Bed Sheets All Around Elastic
100% Bamboo Rayon
300 Thread Count
4.3 Stars
Whitney Home Best Bamboo Sheets on Amazon 9. Whitney Home Bamboo Linens Extra Deep Pockets
100% Bamboo Rayon
Satisfaction Guarantee
4.1 Stars
Bamboo Bay Best Bamboo Sheets on Amazon 10. Bamboo Bay Bed Sheets Extra Deep Pockets
100% Bamboo Viscose
Great Value
4.0 Stars
LuxClub Best Bamboo Sheets on Amazon 11. LuxClub Bamboo Bed Sheets Extra Deep Pockets
Great Value
4.0 Stars

Highest Rated Bamboo Sheets on Amazon for 2018

There are tons of different sheets to choose from when shopping online. I’ve narrowed down only the the best selling bamboo sheets to help you decide, according to your preference.

#1 Cariloha Classic [Best Overall Bamboo Sheets]

Best Overall Bamboo Sheets Cariloha Classic

If you’ve been shopping for new sheets on Amazon, then you already know Cariloha makes some of the highest quality bamboo sheets. The Classic bamboo sheets by Cariloha are the Best Overall Bamboo Sheets on Amazon for many reasons.

  • They are softer than Egyptian cotton
  • Made from 100% Bamboo Viscose
  • HypoAllergenic & Eco-Friendly
  • The lifetime warranty is transferable (Excellent Gift Idea)

Keep reading to learn more about finding the best bamboo sheets or Jump to our Ratings Chart and Reviews here.

More About Bamboo Sheets

You might be shopping for a new set of sheets to replace your old cotton sheets. All of a sudden you run into something called Bamboo Sheets and are wondering what they are.

For many years now, people have been shopping with the safety of our environment in mind.

(Bamboo fabrics) have a ton of benefits that set them apart from other types of fabrics.

They are Softer, More Breathable, Eco-Friendly and More Durable than cotton fabrics. These are the benefits of bamboo that led companies to start making bamboo sheets.

  • Bamboo sheets are extremely soft and silky smooth.
  • They help keep you cooler when you sleep.
  • Bamboo sheets wick away moisture better than other sheets.
  • They are lighter and more durable than cotton sheets.

With recent advancements in technology, the process of making bamboo sheets has become easier and more efficient.

This led to more competition and different varieties of bamboo sheets. Some companies will use Viscose from bamboo while others use Rayon from bamboo to make their sheets and linens.

Different Types of Bamboo Sheets

Just like cotton sheets, bamboo sheets also come in different styles and are made by different companies. I’ll go through the different companies that sell their bamboo sheets on Amazon. You’ll be surprised to know that some companies provide a “Lifetime Guarantee” on their sheets.

If you’re looking to dive deeper into the benefits of bamboo fabrics compared to cotton, here’s our Complete Guide to Bamboo Bed Sheets (Why they are Better than Cotton). Explaining ALL the Benefits of Bamboo Sheets and why they are superior to other sheets.

Viscose from Bamboo Rayon

The most common type of bamboo sheets you find on Amazon are made from different blends of Bamboo Rayon. It starts from natural material but goes through a chemical process to convert it into soft fabric.

Companies use a recycle process to prevent the chemicals from harming the environment. Choose a reputable manufacturer that follows strict environment protocols like Cariloha.

Bamboo Lyocell Fabric

This is the most eco-friendly type of bamboo fabric used to make bamboo sheets. Bamboo lyocell produces the softest and most durable fabric available. It’s made with a natural process to break down the raw bamboo plant into a pulp, before spinning into yarn.

Bamboo lyocell is very expensive to make and very few companies use 100% bamboo lyocell to make sheets and clothing.

Bamboo & Cotton Blend

You can find a blend of Bamboo and Cotton fabric used to make some of the best bamboo towels. This blend adds durability and strength to the fabric, but takes away from the softness.

Since bamboo is breathable and excellent at absorbing moisture, blending it with cotton is a great idea to make some of the most durable Activewear.

Bamboo Linen

Using bamboo linen to make bed sheets is very time consuming. The process to make linen from bamboo uses a mechanical method to grind the raw bamboo chips into a soft pulp. The bamboo pulp is soaked in natural enzymes which converts it into a gel.

Bamboo linen is very durable and gets softer as it ages. It can last for decades and is the earliest method used to produce fabrics.

The 7 Main Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

Getting to know the main benefits of bamboo sheets will help you find the perfect set of sheets for you.

1. Comfort of Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets can provide the best comfort you’ve ever had in a single nights sleep. They are softer and smoother than even the best Egyptian cotton sheets you can find on Amazon.

2. Cooler Temperature

All fabrics have an internal temperature that’s unique to the material it’s made from. Bamboo sheets have a natural temperature that’s 3 degrees cooler than cotton.

Bamboo sheets also wick away moisture and sweat from your body as you sleep. This provides for cooler and drier sleep during hot and humid summer nights.

3. Stain Resistance of Bamboo Sheets

You won’t need to wash your bamboo sheets as often as other types of sheets. Bamboo sheets are stain resistant and are very easy to wash and care for.

Leaving your bamboo sheets out in the sun can also remove odors and stains without any harsh chemicals.

4. Helps against Dust Mite and Allergies

The pesticides used to farm and grow cotton and other plants are very harmful and cause skin irritations. Since bamboo is naturally resistant to insects, farmers don’t need to use any pesticides when growing bamboo.

You will notice less sniffling after switching to bamboo sheets from the lack of dust mites while you sleep.

5. Bamboo Linen is Anti-Bacterial

Natural bamboo linen fights against common bacteria found in our homes and bedrooms. They’re also germ resistant which reduces the spreading of common illnesses if you share sheets with a partner.

6. Bamboo is Eco-Friendly

Bamboo is actually a weed that grows without any pesticides or watering. It doesn’t require to be planted after each harvest and grows up to 4ft per day. Compared to cotton which needs tons of pesticides and watering to grow.

Features of High-Quality Bamboo Sheets

Everything we buy today comes in different levels of quality. Here are the qualities you will get when you buy the best bamboo sheets on Amazon.

Styles and Color Variety

There isn’t anything special in the design or shape of bed sheets. Since bamboo sheets are popular for their softness and comfort, it doesn’t really matter.

You always get 1 or 2 pillow covers along with a fitted and standard sheet. Bamboo sheets come with the same pieces depending on the size you buy. But the higher-end bamboo sheets will have a richer color scheme that will fit any style of bedroom decor.

Overall Quality of Bamboo Sheets

The quality of bamboo sheets will depend on the type of fabric used to make them. Think of them as an investment that will last you 8 years on average, before having to replace them.

You always want to get the best type of bamboo sheets you can afford at the time to get the most value from them.

All companies that sell on Amazon provide a warranty on their bed sheets. For example, Cariloha provides a Lifetime Quality Guarantee on their Classic and Resort bamboo sheets.

Below you will find reviews of the best bamboo sheets for 2018 to help you find the right sheets for you.

Detailed Personal Reviews

Want to know more about the bamboo sheets mentioned in this article? Here are more details of the sheets my wife and I have tried ourselves and the Pros and Cons we’ve found while using them.

1. Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets | 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set

Best Bamboo Sheets Cariloha Classic

Cariloha makes buying the best bamboo sheets very easy. That’s because they are the best!

I’ve tried many bamboo sheets from different companies and Cariloha has always been my favorite. The Classic bamboo sheets are not their top of the line, rather the Resort sheets are.

But the quality you get for the lower price, the Cariloha Classic bamboo sheets can’t be beat.

They’re one of the softest bamboo sheets on the market and some of the most durable. Very easy and simple to care for and fit very nicely on any size mattress.

All bamboo sheets by Cariloha have a “Lifetime Quality Guarantee” to remove any doubts you might have.

You can never go wrong with bamboo sheets but the Cariloha Classic are the perfect set at the perfect price.

People Buying the Cariloha Classic Sheets

  • These bamboo sheets fit any lifestyle and can blend into any bedrooms decor.
  • They make an excellent gift idea for yourself or a loved one. You can even transfer the lifetime warranty if you decide to buy it as a gift.
  • I kind of consider them to be a higher-end set of bamboo sheets. So if you like to pamper yourself in quality, these are the best bamboo sheets to buy.

2. Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets

Best Bamboo Sheets Cariloha Resort

Another of my favorite bamboo sheets are also made by Cariloha. The Resort Bamboo sheets are superior to the Classic sheets I mentioned before.

They have a higher thread-count compared to the Classic which makes them a bit heavier. Even though they may be heavier, they’re still very cool in the summer.

All fabrics have an internal temperature. Bamboo fabrics temperature is about 3 degrees cooler than cotton fabric.

With higher quality comes a higher price tag as well. That’s the only reason I prefer the Classic sheets over these.

I’ve tried both sets from Cariloha and here are some of the differences I noticed…

  • Higher thread-count, which makes them a bit heavier
  • More of a shiny Sateen finish
  • Softer and smoother than the Classic Bamboo sheets
  • Higher price tag than most other bamboo sheets

Should you Buy the Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets?

If you enjoy sleeping on silky-soft bedding, then Cariloha Resort sheets are the best bamboo sheets for you!

For anyone that likes to buy high-quality products, these are the best bamboo sheets for you. Comparing them to any other sheets, you’ll surely notice a huge difference in quality.

They’re available in many different colors and sizes and can fit into most bedroom decor.

Cariloha provides a Lifetime Quality Guarantee on all their bamboo bedding. So buying the Resort sheets gives you peace of mind for as long as you own them.

3. Royal Hotel 100% Bamboo Viscose Bed Sheets

Best Bamboo Sheets Royal Hotel

Like the Cariloha sheets above, the Royal Hotel sheets are also made from 100% Bamboo Viscose. They come in a larger variety of colors including Royal Blue, Red and Gold.

The Royal Hotel bamboo sheets are only available in Queen, Olympic Queen, King and California King. So you won’t be able to get them for Twin or Full size beds without modifying them yourself.

Royal Hotel is not clear on their warranty, but verified buyers have reported free replacements even after the 30 days.

Washing and caring for the sheets is simple and easy to follow. Be sure to dry them on low heat or hang them in the sun for best results. You can iron out any wrinkles that might appear on low heat as well.

They cost a lot less than the Cariloha line of bamboo sheets and are perfect as a gift or entry level bamboo bed sheets.

4. MALOUF 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheets

Best Bamboo Sheets Malouf

I normally don’t recommend sheets made from bamboo rayon, but I’m making an exception with Malouf’s Bamboo Sheets.

They are exceptionally soft compared to other bamboo rayon bed sheets and are very reasonably priced. Being made with bamboo rayon allows Malouf to offer their sheets in a wider assortment of colors.

Some of us might be “OK” with sacrificing a bit of quality to get the perfect color sheet set to match our bedroom. And that’s fine with these sheets, because the difference is very minimal.

The only way you could tell these were bamboo rayon sheets, is if you compared them side by side with 100% viscose bamboo sheets. Other than that, the Malouf bamboo sheets are cooler than cotton bed sheets and softer as well.

Malouf stands by its product, offering a full-replacement warranty on defects or if your not 100% satisfied.

Overall, the bamboo sheets from Malouf are an excellent alternative to 100% bamboo viscose sheets. Saving you money and blending into your bedroom décor better than other sheets.

You can buy them directly from Amazon using the link below and may also qualify for Free Prime shipping.

5. Royal Tradition 100% Viscose from Bamboo Sheets

Best Bamboo Sheets Royal Tradition

Another great set of 100% viscose sheets, I want to mention, are from Royal Tradition.

They are one of the best bamboo sheets you can buy on Amazon, especially since they are 100% viscose from bamboo.

Royal Tradition sheets are pretty cheap compared to other bamboo sheets in the same category. You’ll notice a difference if you compared them to brand names like Cariloha, but for the price, they can’t be beat!

They are hypoallergenic and cool, and I prefer them over my plain cotton bed sheets any day.

These bamboo sheets may not be for everyone, but can be perfect for many situations.

“Who should buy these sheets?”

“Royal Tradition bamboo sheets” can be great for parents with kids that suffer from allergies and want a cheap set of bamboo sheets.

Some of us travel a lot and don’t trust the sheets found in motels or hotels. These sheets are light enough to carry in the trunk of your car or luggage, for that purpose.

They’re also a great option to throw on your bed if you’re washing your main set of bamboo sheets.

Bamboo Sheets Frequently Asked Questions

“Are Bamboo Sheets Better than Cotton?”

Many people aren’t aware of the benefits of bamboo fabrics and aren’t sure if they’re even worth buying.

Here are a few reasons to take the plunge and try bamboo sheets for yourself.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cooler than Cotton Sheets
  • Softer than Egyptian Cotton
  • Smooth and Silky Luxurious Feeling
  • Hypoallergenic (Great for Sensitive Skin)
  • Easy to Care for
  • Great Value, with some companies providing a “Lifetime Warranty”

Bamboo sheets are an excellent choice for several different reasons. Not only are they softer and more breathable than cotton sheets, they’re also more eco-friendly.

Bamboo fabrics are naturally softer than cotton and cooler as well. Some species of bamboo can grow up to 4 feet per day. Unlike Cotton that needs to be re-planted after each harvest.

While the process of making bamboo fabrics uses chemicals to break down the bamboo. They’re contained in a closed-loop process which recycles the chemicals again and again.

So whether you’re looking for a softer alternative to cotton sheets or a more natural one, bamboo sheets are ideal in both situations.

If you want to avoid disappointment, get the Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets. Since they’re a US based company, they’re held to very high and strict standards when labeling their sheets. Turkey has been a global leader in high-end fabrics for decades and is where Cariloha makes their bamboo sheets.

Not only does Cariloha make the best bamboo sheets online, they are also backed by an amazing Lifetime Warranty!

“Should you Buy Bamboo Sheets or Egyptian Cotton Sheets?”

When we hear the word Bamboo, we don’t think of “soft, luxury or comfort”. Bamboo plants are strong, tough and only recently have begun to be made into fabrics. Yet, bamboo fabrics are softer than egyptian cotton and safer for the environment.

Bamboo fabrics have been taking the bedding market by storm in the past few years. From bamboo sheets to bamboo mattresses and even bamboo underwear.

The popularity is due to the fact of how comfortably soft and luxurious the bamboo sheets feel. Add to that the fact that bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly plants on earth, it appeals to a wide range of buyers.

If you’re thinking of replacing your current sheets with bamboo sheets, you won’t regret it. Not all bamboo sheets are created equal!

You should aim to buy the best bamboo sheets you can afford at the time.

I’ve included a list of the Best bamboo sheets on Amazon below to help you find the best sheets for any budget.

We always turn to online shopping for the biggest selection and best prices on bamboo sheets. Amazon offers Free 2-Day Shipping on many products, including Cariloha bamboo sheets.

“What’s the Thread-Count of Bamboo Sheets?”

Like cotton sheets, Bamboo sheets also have a thread count. However, the thread count of bamboo sheets doesn’t need to be as high as cotton sheets to be silky soft.

Most bamboo sheets only have a thread count of 400 or less, but can be softer than 1000 TC Egyptian Cotton sheets!

Cariloha makes their Classic sheets with a 230 TC, 100% bamboo viscose fabric. Even at 230 thread-count they’re smooth as silk and soft as cashmere.

On the other hand, Cariloha uses a 320 TC, 100% bamboo viscose fabric on their higher-end, Resort sheets.

Cariloha makes a ton of bamboo products, like bamboo yoga wear, not only bamboo sheets. They use 100% viscose from bamboo and follow the FTC’s (Federal trade Commission) strict labeling rules.

So don’t get caught up with thread-count when it comes to bamboo sheets and fabrics. Invest in higher-end and better quality bamboo sheets instead.

“How are Bamboo Sheets made?”

The process of making bamboo fabrics always starts with real “Live bamboo plants”. They cut the bamboo stalks a few inches from the bottom so they grow back within a few weeks without replanting. Unlike cotton which needs to be sown after each harvest.

The next process converts the bamboo stalks into smaller chips. They soak in a recycled chemical solution until soft enough to convert into a pulp. Don’t worry, the recycling process re-uses the chemicals within a closed loop system. Avoiding harming the environment and keeping the process eco-friendly.

Drying the pulp and forming it into sheets is the final step before becoming bamboo fabrics. The bamboo fabric is naturally softer than cotton and is about 3 degrees cooler as well.

Read more- 4 Steps Companies use to make Bamboo Fabrics

“What other Materials are Bamboo Sheets Made of?”

There are 3 different types of fabrics used to make bamboo bedding.

  • Bamboo Viscose (more natural and eco-friendly) and rayon from bamboo (synthetic blend).
  • Rayon from Bamboo is less expensive and perfect if you’re looking for bamboo sheets on a budget.
  • Bamboo Linen is the most natural method to make the fabric. (Rare and Very Expensive)

Sheets made from bamboo viscose tend to be some of the softest bed sheets on the market. They are soft, durable, breathable and cooler compared to high-end cotton sheets.

Sheets and linens made from bamboo rayon are also soft, but not as soft as viscose from bamboo.

The base of all 3 fabric types starts with natural bamboo plants. Bamboo fabrics made from 100% viscose aren’t mixed with any other materials.

However, fabrics made from bamboo rayon may only contain a small portion of bamboo. Both are still comfy and soft, but for the best bamboo sheets on the market today, look for 100% Viscose from Bamboo.

Read more information about the different types of bamboo fabrics and what benefits they have compared to each other.

“What Country Makes the Best Bamboo Sheets?”

Another thing to consider when looking for the best bamboo sheets online, is the country of origin. Some countries have very little restrictions and don’t monitor companies’ labeling practices. So buying bamboo sheets imported from China might not be the best idea.

According to the Federal Trade Commission “Textile Fiber Rule“;

The Textile Fiber Rule requires that certain textiles sold in the United States carry labels disclosing the generic names and percentages by weight of the constituent fibers in the product, the manufacturer or marketer name, and the country where the product was processed or manufactured.

The FTC fined several US retailers for selling linens with misleading labels. Even though they weren’t in charge of the false labeling, US companies are still held accountable to the FTC rules and regulations.

Overseas companies aren’t held to the same standard and regulations as American companies. Of course buying from international retailers still poses this risk.

Keep this in mind when ordering bamboo products from online shopping giant, Amazon. They are a “US-based” company and the products they sell must meet the FTC rules, or risk penalties.

Cariloha is also a “US-Based” company and one of the few that manufactures their sheets in Turkey.

“Where can I find the Best Bamboo Sheets?”

If you’re ready to buy your first set of bamboo sheets, the best place to buy them is Amazon. They have the largest assortment for you to choose from, along with great deals and the best prices.

You can also take advantage of Amazon Prime (Free Trial). You can qualify for 2-Day Free Shipping and Tons of Media Benefits.

Conclusion | Final Thoughts

If it’s time for you to replace your worn out cotton sheets, consider upgrading to sheets that are more comfortable, softer and eco-friendly (Bamboo Sheets).

If you’re looking to buy the best sheets that combine Comfort, Softness and Value, go for the “Classic” Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha, you won’t regret it!

Finding the best bed sheets that fit your needs has never been easier with Amazon. They provide the largest assortment for all types of bed sheets for you to choose from combined with Free 2-Day Shipping (with Amazon Prime) on most items.

About the Author

Hello, My name is Jim and I’ve been reviewing bamboo bedding products for several years now. Companies have hired me to test their products and give honest reviews and feedback.

Recently, I’ve decided to start writing articles and pass on the feedback and reviews directly to the consumer, You!

You can find most of these sheets on Amazon and read even more reviews from verified buyers. I’ll leave direct links to each product throughout the article to help you find the right bamboo sheets for you.

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