What is Bamboo Viscose?

So you’ve heard a lot of good reviews about bamboo viscose sheets made from 100% bamboo fabrics and you think it’s time you try them yourself. Bamboo viscose is a term you might have seen before and need more information about.

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What is Bamboo Viscose?

Girl Washing Bamboo Sheets NaturallyBamboo fabrics are very new in mainstream bamboo underwear, clothing and bedding. With many companies rushing to get green products on their shelves, bamboo has become their best choice for a multi-purpose and sustainable fabric that meets today’s eco standards.

This is good for the planet, but you need to be careful of companies cashing in on the boom. Organic fabrics account for over 350 million dollars worth of sales annually. That number continues to grow each year with more retailers adopting bamboo products.

Natural Bamboo Viscose

Factories produce bamboo fabrics using one of 2 methods, either through a mechanical process or a chemical process.

The mechanical process is the actual “green” method of converting the bamboo into a fiber. This mechanical process is more time consuming and labor intensive. This is the main reason prices of bamboo products can be so different.

Chemically produced Bamboo Fabrics

The more common method companies use to create bamboo viscose consists of chemical reactions to convert the bamboo into a rayon fabric.

The chemical process can strip the bamboo of all natural benefits and actually harm the environment. In most countries outside of the US, this process isn’t regulated and the fabrics produced might not resemble bamboo at all.

Companies in the United States have to follow strict guidelines if they want to label the bamboo viscose as “Natural” or “Green”.

Cariloha has one of the most eco-friendly and softest bamboo product lines available in the USA. They also back it with a Lifetime Warranty and great customer service.

Bamboo Viscose Buying Tips

Now if you’re wondering how to tell what kind of bamboo products you’re buying, here are a few tips to help. Use these tips will help you find the perfect bamboo sheets for yourself or as a gift.

The Price – The price of bamboo products can be a good indicator of which type of process was used in the making. But that doesn’t mean you need to buy the most expensive sheets to be safe. There are plenty of Eco-friendly and green bamboo sheets that are easy on your wallet.

The Maker – Some countries don’t regulate or monitor the production of bamboo fabrics. So the chemical process used might be more harmful to the environment regardless what the label says. Always buy from reputable companies that follow strict guidelines or products Made in the USA. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has cracked down on bamboo labeling and monitors companies that operate in the USA.

Cariloha uses a “closed-loop” process to keep our environment as green as the bamboo they use.

Retailer – Buying from known retailers provides you with many benefits, mainly customer service. Instead of dealing with the manufacturer, which might be in a foreign country, you can deal with local retailers instead. Retailers are always looking for repeat customers and can offer free returns or exchanges if you’re not satisfied. Amazon also provides 2-day Free Shipping on qualified products for Prime members.

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Online Reviews – Online retail giant, Amazon, has thousands of reviews from real users that can help you decide before you buy. We at bamboo-comfort.com also have a vast library of product reviews for you to browse through. From basic guides to in-depth hands on extended reviews, we can help you decide.

So even though some products might have bamboo on the label, they might not actually have any of the benefits of bamboo. To avoid buyers regret, check out this article about Fake Bamboo Sheets and how to avoid them. Always buy from trusted retailers, such as Amazon, and check for reviews even if they’re negative.