What is Bamboo Viscose? Everything you Need to Know

There are many reason to consider products made from bamboo viscose. They are friendly to the environment, hypoallergenic and feel soft on the skin. Some people may even already own something made from bamboo viscose, but are still not sure what it is!

What is Bamboo Viscose?

Bamboo viscose is a type of fabric made from bamboo plants. You can find it in many products but it is mostly used in bamboo sheets and bamboo underwear.

How is Bamboo Viscose Made?

There are 2 methods of making bamboo viscose fabrics; Mechanical Method and Chemical Method.

Chemical Method

Most companies use the chemical method to make bamboo viscose fabrics because it is cheaper and faster.

It starts by dissolving natural chunks of bamboo in a chemical bath. The cellulose is extracted from the bamboo fibers which causes it to lose many of the natural benefits of bamboo. This fabric is known as “Bamboo Viscose Rayon” or “Rayon from Bamboo”.

Mechanical Method

People have been making fabrics using the mechanical method for centuries. They use a process called retting and substitute natural bacteria in place of chemicals.

From different types of plants, such as flax and hemp,

This method allows the fabric to retain all the benefits of bamboo and is completely natural.

Is Bamboo Viscose Natural?

Many companies label their bamboo products as “Natural” or “Safe for the Environment”. And if you’re wondering whether bamboo viscose is natural or not: It is!

It’s true the process of making viscose uses chemicals to break down the bamboo fibers. This process isn’t new and has been refined over the years. All the chemicals are safely removed by the time the fabric is ready to be processed.

There is a lot of controversy around the methods used to make bamboo products. This is mainly due to companies taking shortcuts and mislabeling their products.

In 2009, the FTC has stepped in and set strict regulations for labeling bamboo products. They issued major fines to several US retailers that were falsely labeling their products.

Is Bamboo Viscose Better than Cotton?

When buying bed sheets, you will need to choose between several popular fabrics. The most common choice you will need to make is between Cotton and Bamboo Viscose. Which is better?

Bamboo viscose sheets are definitely better than cotton for the following reasons:

Pros of Bamboo Viscose

Cons of Bamboo Viscose

Bamboo Viscose Buying Tips

Now if you’re wondering how to tell what kind of bamboo products you’re buying, here are a few tips to help. Use these tips will help you find the perfect bamboo sheets for yourself or as a gift.

The Price – The price of bamboo products can be a good indicator of which type of process was used in the making. But that doesn’t mean you need to buy the most expensive sheets to be safe. There are plenty of Eco-friendly and green bamboo sheets that are easy on your wallet.

The Maker – Some countries don’t regulate or monitor the production of bamboo fabrics. So the chemical process used might be more harmful to the environment regardless what the label says. Always buy from reputable companies that follow strict guidelines or products Made in the USA. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has cracked down on bamboo labeling and monitors companies that operate in the USA.

Cariloha uses a “closed-loop” process to keep our environment as green as the bamboo they use.

Retailer – Buying from known retailers provides you with many benefits, mainly customer service. Instead of dealing with the manufacturer, which might be in a foreign country, you can deal with local retailers instead. Retailers are always looking for repeat customers and can offer free returns or exchanges if you’re not satisfied.

Online Reviews – Online retail giant, Amazon, has thousands of reviews from real users that can help you decide before you buy. We at bamboo-comfort.com also have a vast library of product reviews for you to browse through. From basic guides to in-depth hands on extended reviews, we can help you decide.

To avoid buyers regret, check out this article about “Fake Bamboo Sheets” and how to avoid them.

So even though some products might have bamboo on the label, they might not actually have any of the benefits of bamboo. If buying from Amazon, only buy from reputable sellers and check for reviews even if they’re negative.