The 15 Best Bamboo Sheets for 2020 | Ultimate Guide & Reviews

Here are the Results of Our Reviews!

Cariloha Classic
  • Best Overall!
  • 100% bamboo viscose
  • 230 thread count
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Pure Bamboo
  • Runner Up!
  • double-stitched seams
  • all-around elastic
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  • Highest Rated!
  • pure organic bamboo
  • odor resistant
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Hotel Sheets Direct
  • Best Under $99!
  • oeko-tex certified
  • anti-pilling
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Cariloha Resort
  • Highest Thread Count!
  • 100% bamboo viscose
  • 400 thread count
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Zenlusso Organic Bamboo Sheets iconZenlusso
  • Most Eco Friendly!
  • USDA organic bamboo
  • 300 thread count
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DTY Bedding iconDTY Bedding
  • Best Warranty!
  • hypoallergenic
  • lifetime warranty
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Zen Bamboo iconZen Bamboo
  • Best Under $50!
  • 40% bamboo rayon
  • 60% microfiber
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Cosy house iconCosy House
  • Best Colors!
  • 60% bamboo rayon
  • available in 14 colors
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Len Linum Pure Linen Bed Sheets iconLen Linum
  • Best Alternative!
  • 100% linen
  • breathable
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Picture of all the best bamboo sheetsFinding the best bamboo sheets can be confusing. People often shop for bed sheets according to thread count, color or size. But with bamboo sheets, finding the best ones requires a little more research.

For example, when shopping for cotton sheets, you only need to look for a high thread-count and select the best color to fit your bedroom decor.

However, of all the sheets we tested, the Best Overall Bamboo Sheets didn’t have the highest thread-count at all!

Another reason is many companies claim their bamboo sheets are better than the rest! At Bamboo-Comfort, we put their claims to the test!

Bamboo-Comfort has been working with small and large companies, to test and review their bamboo sheets, for several years now. Our goal is to pass on the detailed results of our reviews to our readers to help find the perfect bamboo products for you.

You can jump to any section using the links below…

Bamboo-Comfort expert reviews of bamboo sheets

Comprehensive Reviews of the Best Bamboo Sheets

We don’t replace our bed sheets too often. For that reason, you want to make sure you are getting the best ones for the money before committing to buy.

How do you find the best bamboo sheets?

Reading online reviews and getting expert advice is always a good idea when shopping for bamboo bedding. This is especially true since some companies use terms you might have never heard of and might get confused.

At Bamboo-Comfort, we understand the importance of the smallest details that many other sites don’t include in their reviews. We take the time to research and test-out bamboo products according to several different criteria. That’s what makes us stand out from the rest!

The following section has been put together by our Team-of-Experts to help you find the perfect bamboo sheets you’ve been dreaming of!

Cariloha Classic “Best Overall Bamboo Sheets”

Which are the Best Bamboo Sheets Overall? Cariloha Classic!
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We have chosen the Cariloha Classic Sheets as the “Best Overall Bamboo Sheets” for many reasons.

To start, Cariloha operates in the United States and is held to the high-standards of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). This ensures the process of making their bamboo sheets is “More Eco Friendly and Safer” than other brands.

Where are the Classic Bamboo sheets made?

Finding out the country of origin is important when shopping for High-Quality Bamboo Sheets that are also Eco-Friendly.

Cariloha manufactures their bamboo sheets in Turkey, which is known for making high quality bedding and linens.

Other countries, such as China, have fewer regulations when it comes to the safety of the environment, and should be avoided when possible. They are also known for cutting corners regarding treatment of their workforce.

The Picture below displays the label showing where the Classic Bamboo Sheets are made.

picture showing where the best bamboo sheets are made, Turkey
Front & Back Close-up of the Label

Another reason we chose Cariloha’s Classic Bamboo sheets as our Best Overall is the material they use. Cariloha uses 100% Bamboo Viscose in their bamboo sheets. This allows them to benefit from all the great features of bamboo fabrics.

Are they soft?

We were extremely surprised by the softness when we first tried these bamboo sheets. Even though they have only a 230 thread-count, the Classic sheets are Softer than Cotton and feel Smooth as Silk.

Their only rival, in regards to thread count and softness, would be the Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets, which has a whopping 400 thread-count!

Are the Classic Bamboo Sheets worth it?

It’s not enough to be Soft and Eco-Friendly. Bamboo sheets also need to be durable to be worth it!

To get the ball rolling, Cariloha originally provided a “Lifetime Quality Guarantee” on all their bamboo sheets. However, this has been changed and replaced with a 1-Year Warranty instead.

The lifetime warranty is still valid if you purchased your sheets prior to the change in mid-2019.

Will the Classic Bamboo Sheets keep you Cool at night?

The Cariloha Classic Sheets are also some of the Best Cooling Bamboo Sheets in our review.

They are Lightweight and Breathable allowing for a cooler nights sleep. You definitely want these sheets if you’re a Hot Sleeper or want to save on your cooling bill.

Finally, we also tested them for their moisture wicking features. Bamboo fabrics are known to be Moisture Wicking and will help keep you dry throughout the night. If you suffer from Night Sweats, the Classic Bamboo Sheets will be perfect for you.

What sizes and colors do they come in?

You can buy the Classic bamboo sheets in all the common bed sizes and the fitted sheet features an “All-Around Elastic”.

Currently they are available in the following sizes: Twin,Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes.

Below is a chart of their measurements to help ensure the best fit for any mattress size.

Twin28″ x 74″18″ Depth20″ x 30″
Twin XL28″ x 80″18″ Depth20″ x 30″
Full54″ x 74″18″ Depth20″ x 30″
Queen60″ x 80″18″ Depth20″ x 30″
King78″ x 80″18″ Depth20″ x 36″
Cal-King72″ x 84″18″ Depth20″ x 36″

Cariloha updates the color of their bamboo sheets periodically.

Currently they are available on Amazon in the following colors: White, Ivory, Tahitian Breeze, Sage, Beach Linen and Linen Ivory.

To summarize, we found the Cariloha Classic to be the Best Overall Bamboo Sheets because they combine all the great features high-end sheets should have.

They are soft, durable and eco-friendly. The company headquarters and friendly customer service is local while their luxurious sheets are made in Turkey.

If you want to indulge yourself in luxury, you won’t regret owning these great bamboo sheets.

  • Best Overall Bamboo Sheets
  • 100% Bamboo Viscose
  • All-Around Elastic
  • Extra Deep 18″ Pockets
  • Made in Turkey
  • 1 Year Quality Guarantee
  • Above average price tag

Pure Bamboo Sheets “Runner Up”

A close-up of Pure bamboo sheets
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We consider the Pure Bamboo Sheets as a the second-best bamboo sheets, after the Cariloha Classic. They deserve that title for providing many of the features the Cariloha Classic sheets have, but for a lower price.

They are made by the “Pure Bamboo Company” which makes several different bamboo products available exclusively on Amazon.

Are they Soft and Eco-Friendly?

Pure Bamboo uses 100% Organic Bamboo Viscose to make their sheets and bedding, which is softer than rayon from bamboo.

They are also one of the only company that organically sources their bamboo fabrics.

What are the available sizes and colors? Updated for 2020

Originally, Pure Bamboo Sheets were only available in Twin, Full, Queen and King size. However,  you can now find them in California King and Split King as well.

The fitted sheets have an All-Around Elastic, which is a great feature not found in many other sheets we reviewed. The corners are not extra-deep, but will fit mattresses up to 16″ thick.

You are able to order these bamboo sheets in 12 different solid colors along with a striped option. We won’t list them all, but you can find all the current color options here.

Are the Pure Bamboo Sheets worth it?

Pure Bamboo offers a full refund in case you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase. The double-stitched seams add strength and provide years of durability and comfort.

The softness of bamboo viscose fabric is usually found in more expensive and luxurious bamboo sheets. With that, Pure bamboo delivers the best bamboo sheets for the price, without breaking the bank!

  • 100% Organic Bamboo Viscose
  • Pocketed Pillowcases
  • Available in 7 Bed Sizes
  • 16-inch Deep Pockets
  • 90-Day Sleep Trial
  • Warranty length not specified

Bampure Bamboo Sheets “Highest Rated”

Bampure bamboo sheets
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These bamboo sheets are a product of Bampure, one of the leading sellers of organic bamboo bedding on Amazon. They are made from 100% organic bamboo which means they don’t contain any chemicals that may have health effects especially to people that are allergic to chemical scents.

These bedsheets are available in several color and size options which makes them suitable for beds of different sizes. And with different colors, buyers have a choice of selecting sheets that blend well with other beddings and the bedroom in general.

Here are some of the features of these bedsheets

They are made from 100% organic bamboo viscose grown in a chemical-free environment. They are available in 3 sizes that include the following; Queen: 13.4 x 9.4 inches, Full: 13.4 x 9.4 inches, and Twin: 13.4 x 9.4 inches.

You can choose from 11 different colors that include; Stoney gray, white, charcoal gray, light blue, purple, etc. Bampure provides 2 matching bamboo pillowcases when you purchase a full, queen or king size set.

  • 100% Organic Bamboo
  • Chemical-Free
  • Odor-Resistant
  • Available in 11 Colors
  • Above average price

Conclusion: Bampure are of great quality and worth the price based on the features they have. They are also available in several colors and sizes which creates some level of flexibility on the side of the buyer. So, one can choose the color that blends well with their bedroom setup and also a size that fits their bed.

If you’re allergic to scents from chemicals, these sheets should be your ideal choice since they are made from 100% organic bamboo that is grown without any chemicals.

Hotel Sheets Direct “Best Bamboo Sheets Under $99”

A close up picture of the Hotel Sheets Direct on a queen bed
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Hotel Sheets Direct are the next bamboo bed sheets we want to mention in our review. They have a huge amount of feedback from verified buyers on Amazon, so we had to try them. Our review is based on the queen size version of these bamboo sheets. They are surprisingly very well-made and an excellent choice for a less expensive bamboo experience.

Hotel Sheets Direct is a US seller on Amazon. The company offers a 90-day Sleep Challenge and will provide a full refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. They have obtained an OEKO-TEX certification against harmful substances as well.

Another 2 great features we’ve noticed these sheets had were the “Tuck-in Pillowcases” and that they are “Anti-Pilling” (no pilling even after several washes)!

You can choose from 8 different solid colors, depending on availability. You also have a wider selection of bed sizes to choose from including: Twin, Twin-XL, Full, Queen, King, California King and Split King. The pockets for the fitted-sheet are 16-inch deep with elastic only in the corners.

Hotel Sheets Direct provides some of the most affordable bamboo sheets on Amazon. You can buy them for less than $100 and qualify for Free Prime Shipping. They are jam-packed with features and benefits luxury sheets have. This definitely makes them an excellent choice for starter bamboo sheets, guest beds, kids room or a set of travel sheets. Back to Comparison Charts.

  • Over 1.9k Reviews on Amazon
  • 100% Bamboo Viscose
  • Pocketed Pillowcases
  • Anti-Pilling
  • Under $99
  • 90-Day Sleep Trial
  • Stitching could be better
  • No all-around elastic

Cariloha Resort “Highest Thread Count”

close up of the Cariloha Resort Queen Bamboo Sheet
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Another of my favorite bamboo sheets are also made by Cariloha. The Resort bamboo sheets are superior to the Classic sheets I mentioned before.

They have the highest thread-count of all the bamboo sheets we tested which makes them a bit heavier. Even though they may be heavier, they’re still very cool in the summer.

I enjoyed the added weight to these bamboo sheets. It’s the main feature that makes them feel more luxurious and less flimsy. However, with higher quality comes a higher price tag as well. That’s the only reason I recommend the Classic sheets over these.

In regards to durability, Cariloha provides a 1 Year Quality Guarantee on all their bamboo bedding, including these. So buying the Resort sheets gives you peace of mind for as long as you own them.

I’ve tried both sets from Cariloha and here are some of the differences I noticed…

  • Higher thread-count, which makes them a bit heavier
  • More of a shiny Sateen finish
  • Softer and smoother than the Classic Bamboo sheets
  • Higher price-tag than most other bamboo sheets

Should you Buy the Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets?

If you enjoy sleeping on silky-soft bedding, then Cariloha Resort sheets are the perfect bamboo sheets for you!

They’re available in many different colors and sizes allowing them to blend into any bedroom decor. You can purchase the Cariloha Resort sheets in Queen, King, California King and Split King. They are not available in Twin or Full size. You can also choose from 12 different colors that Cariloha updates periodically.

To conclude, anyone that likes to buy high-quality products, these are the best bamboo sheets for you. Comparing them to any other sheets, you’ll surely notice a huge difference in quality. Back to Comparison Charts.

  • 400 Thread Count
  • Luxurious Sateen Finish
  • 100% Bamboo Viscose
  • All-Around Elastic
  • 1 Year Quality Guarantee
  • Heavier and thicker than other bamboo sheets
  • Most expensive bamboo sheets in our review

Picture of a couple sharing eco friendly bamboo sheets

Reviews of the Most Eco-Friendly Bamboo Sheets

Helping save the environment is another great reason to switch to bamboo instead of cotton sheets.

Bamboo is more sustainable than cotton as well as more eco friendly. It doesn’t require harmful chemicals or pesticides to fend of insects, thanks to its natural resistance.

But some bamboo fabric sheets are more Eco-friendly than others. For that reason, we narrowed down the “Most Eco-Friendly Bamboo Sheets” in the reviews below.

So far, all the previous bamboo sheets we reviewed, focus on softness and comfort. However, the following sheets will focus on another great feature that products made from bamboo fabrics have, that’s Environmental Safety.

Zenlusso “Most Eco Friendly”

close up photo of the Zenlusso organic bamboo sheets draped on a bed
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The Zenlusso sheets in our review, are the “Most Eco Friendly Bamboo Sheet” in our review for several reason. First of all, the Zenlusso Company has been awarded several certificates for being organic and environmentally safe.

Below are the certifications Zenlusso has been awarded for their Eco Friendly Bamboo Sheets…

  • OEKO-Tex Certification
  • SGS Highest Anti-Pill Rating
  • USDA Organic Bamboo
  • BSCI Audited Facility

Softness: The bamboo fabrics they use are 300 thread count, which is high-enough to be Softer than Egyptian Cotton but still light enough to keep you dry at night.

Quality: Since they are made with 100% organic bamboo fabric, they wick away moisture very well and are great for night sweats. Their cooling wasn’t as good as the lighter-weight bamboo sheets we reviewed but average compared to cotton sheets.

The feature I enjoyed the most is the Anti-pill fabric they use. Lower-quality bamboo rayon sheets will begin to show signs of pilling after the 4th or 5th wash, but not these.

TIP: You can easily remove pilling from bamboo sheets with a fabric shaver like the one found here.

Available Sizes: Finally, you can buy these bamboo sheets in Queen, King, Cal-King, Twin, Twin-XL and Full bed sizes and only come in White or Grey colors. They don’t have Extra-Deep pockets but will fit any mattress that is up-to 16″ thick.

To Summarize, the Zenlusso sheets are very unique as they are the only sheets we found that use 100% USDA Organic Bamboo. This feature alone makes them perfect for anyone looking for the Most Eco Friendly Bamboo Sheets to buy. Back to Comparison Charts.

  • Most Eco Friendly Bamboo Sheets
  • 300 Thread-Count
  • USDA Organic Bamboo
  • OEKO-Tex Certified
  • Anti-Pilling Fabric
  • Only available in 2 colors
  • Warranty not listed

DTY Bedding “Best Warranty”

picture of the available colors of the DTY Bamboo Sheets
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The next 100% bamboo viscose sheets in our review is by DTY Bedding. There are many features I like about these sheets. One of the benefits is the OEKO-Tex certification and eco-friendliness.

Bamboo fabrics are already more sustainable than cotton, but OEKO-Tex certifies that companies use a chemical-free process when making the sheets as well. Making these the Best Organic Bamboo Sheets we reviewed.

Another benefit of being organic is their hypoallergenic feature. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies. I suffer from spring time allergies and sleeping in bamboo sheets provide some relief from the morning sniffles.

You can buy the DTY bamboo bedding in the standard Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King and Split King bed sizes. However, they are available in many different colors. In fact, you can choose from 17 solid colors on Amazon.

To conclude, these are some of the most eco friendly bamboo bed sheets available. I especially enjoyed the selection of colors you can choose from. Back to Comparison Charts.

  • OEKO-Tex Certified
  • Chemical Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Material is lightweight and thin
  • Weak stitching

Len Linum “Best Imported Flax Linen”

Pure bamboo linen sheets
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It wasn’t easy to find pure organic linen bed sheets, but we did! Len Linum sheets are on our list for being the best organic linen sheets. They are made with 100% natural flax linen that is harvested and imported from Belarus.

The main difference linen has over rayon and viscose is the way they are made. Companies use chemicals to break down material into rayon and viscose, but linen is processed mechanically, without chemical bleaching.

These organic sheets from Len Linum are stain resistant and easy to wash. In fact you will notice linen sheets get softer after each wash as the organic fibers loosen-up.

You can buy these sheets on Amazon in Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King bed sizes. They are also available in 7 different color options to choose from.

  • European Imported Flax
  • 100% Organic Linen
  • Easy to Wash
  • Anti-Pilling Fabric
  • Not as cool as bamboo sheets
  • Warranty not listed

Stone & Beam “Amazon’s Choice Linen”

Stone & Beam Bamboo linen sheets
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The Stone & Beam company is an Amazon private label brand of furniture and home decor. Launched in 2017, their targeted audience are families looking for high quality products for the home. They bring traditional and casual comfort to the home with the durability to stand up to everyday family life.

These sheets are made of 100% all natural Belgian flax linen. They have a homey look and feel which adds style and comfort to the bedroom. Belgian flax linen is a breathable material that is especially good for warmer months. Hemstitching adds a classy, vintage touch to the bed sheets and pillowcases.

Starting out, the Belgian linen may seem crisp than other textiles, but with every wash they only get softer and softer to the touch. They are lightweight and have more texture than cotton. For being so fine, they do well with regulating body temperature.

The Stone & Beam sheet set only comes in 4 different sizes: Full, Queen, King, and California King. Their colors are more toned down and earthy with shades like Stone, Rose, or Smoke. Despite the lack of variety, these 5 colors are very pleasant to the eye.

The sheet set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases. The sheets are designed to fit mattresses of all shapes and sizes, reaching up to 17″ thick. All Stone & Beam products arrive in a reusable cloth drawstring bag. Returning the product is absolutely free.

  • Durable and breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Toned down colors for stylish design
  • Fits a range of mattress sizes
  • Can be starchy and stiffer than other sheets

California Design Den “Pure Organic Sheets”

California Design Long Staple bamboo sheets
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The California Design Den brand is rooted in California, where their headquarters are located and the design process begins. Their co-founders started out as an award-winning sheet factory in India more than a decade ago, slowly expanding outwards and selling to retailers all across the globe.

California Den Design sheets are all ethically made with organic cotton harvested from GOTS Certified Farms. The Design Den promise is to use a portion of the money to help support sustainable business and fair working conditions. Their goal is to improve their workers’ lives through livable wages, receiving health checkups, and getting children into schools as early as possible.

California Den Designs knows that the first step to a productive day is a night of restful sleep. They believe that the best products are made from the highest quality materials. The organic cottons are hypoallergenic and made with all natural, breathable fibers. A lighter cotton provides a cooler feel, thus a premium sleep experience.

Their bedsheets are available in all sizes from Twin to California King. The colors include white, gray, and a pleasant tan-beige color.  Even taking care of these sheets is a breeze: just machine wash as normal, and tumble dry on low. These classic colors stay bright after every wash, and are practical for any style of bedroom.

With this set comes: 1 flat sheet, 1 elasticized fitted sheet with deep pockets, and fits mattresses from 9″ to 18″.  In addition, there are 2 standard pillowcases fitting pillow of all shapes and sizes. The deep pocket bottom sheets have a SmartTag so you can find the top quickly and easily.

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with respondent Customer Service that will answer any questions. In the rare occasion that the sheets do not meet the customer’s satisfaction, there is a full money-back refund.

  • Ethically sourced
  • Organic textiles
  • Soft and breathable with a crisp hotel-like feel
  • Profits goes to helping the workers
  • Felt too thin to some
  • A small chance of wrinkling after washes

A women shopping for the best bamboo sheets under 100

Comparison of the Best Bamboo Sheets Under $100

I love to find great deals and bargains when I go shopping online. The section below proves you can enjoy the softness and cooling of bamboo bedding and stay within budget.

We’ve put together a list of reviews for the “Best Bamboo Sheets Under $100”. Combined with Free 2-Day shipping for Amazon Prime members, these deals can’t be beat.

Zen Bamboo Sheets “Best Under 50”

close up of the Zen bamboo sheets package
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The Zen bamboo bed sheets are a very popular seller on Amazon for many reasons. They provide excellent comfort and softness for a very affordable price. These sheets are made of blend of 40% rayon from bamboo and 60% brushed microfiber.

The blend in fabric gives Zen bamboo a very competitive price advantage over other bamboo sheets and their softness makes them softer than cotton sheets.

The zen bamboo sheets are machine washable and easy to care for. They provide allergy relief since they are dust mite resistant.

What people are saying about Zen Bamboo Bed Sheets

First of all, most agree that these sheets are very soft compared to cotton. But when comparing the zen bamboo sheets to higher-end companies like, Cariloha and Pure Bamboo, the difference in quality shows. Back to Comparison Charts.

Cosy House “Best Color Options”

Cosy House Luxury bamboo queen sheets
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Founded in 2014, Cosy House has had its mind set on offering the gift of a blissful sleep at a fraction of the cost of brand name retailers. They wanted to get their products directly to customers and cut out the extra 3-4 markups typically seen in the bedding industry. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority, offering free shipping and free returns to everyone.

Cosy House prides themselves in having high quality bamboo, making up 60% of the sheet, with the rest being 40% Microfiber Blend. The two textiles create a luxurious sheet that is softer, more comfortable, and has a greater bamboo content than most bamboo bed sheets on the market. Natural bamboo material makes them hypo-allergenic and great for all skin types. They offer sheets in all sizes and a stunning array of 14 vibrant colors.

These luxury bamboo sheets have a deep pocket that fits up to 16” mattresses. Regenerated cellulose fiber is their key to regulate the heat coming in and flowing out of the mattress, leaving for a good night’s sleep. For the one who tosses and turns, there is elastic that runs all around the edges to prevent the sheets from slipping off.

What makes these sheets durable are the tight knit threads and strong elastic woven into the sheets. They are well known not to pill, unlike many of their competitors.

There is no need to waste time on reading washing instructions on these bedsheets. Thanks to the blend of different materials, they only need a cold water wash and tossed in the dryer.

Cosy House is proud of their products and accept all refunds, no matter when purchased. All they ask for is a picture to be sent to their Customer Service Center where they respond back within a day.

  • Easy washing instructions
  • Blended textiles woven tightly prevent wear and tear
  • All natural and hypoallergenic
  • Elastic along all edges helps sheets to stay on
  • Can be stiff for a few days
  • Not as breathable for some users


LuxClub 6 pc bamboo queen sheets
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Lux Club sheets is a new face in town, capturing the attention of bamboo sheet users all over the world. The Lux Club is powered by Shopify: one of the best ecommerce platforms to sell online, on social media, or in person.

What makes the Lux Club bamboo sheets for memorable? They have one of the best prices for eco-friendly, anti wrinkle, and silky products.

They’re rated as an Amazon’s Choice product for bamboo sheet bedding and for good reason. At the low price of $34.95 and with free shipping, you receive not two but four pillowcases and the typical flat and fitted sheets.

Lux Club offers them in 4 different sizes, excluding Twin, but in an outrageous amount of 43 colors. They fit mattresses up to 18″ deep and are made of a bamboo derived Rayon blend.

Lux Sheets promises that their sheets have more comfort than even the finest Egyptian cotton. They guarantee resilience to wear and tear, as well as breathability. The bamboo viscose fabric prevents mites from settling and creates a bacteria free environment.

Mass media companies from Better Homes and Gardens to Business Insider have given the Lux Club bamboo sheets the recognition it deserves. Bamboo-comfort has given it nothing but praise for its quality and comfort all tucked into one sheet.  A 100% full refund is available if the sheets don’t meet customer standards.

  • Highly praised by the media for comfort and quality
  • Eco-friendly, naturally hypoallergenic
  • Offered in a variety of colors
  • More resilient and breathable than Egyptian cotton
  • Not available in all sizes, Twin bed options not sold

Malouf Bamboo Rayon Sheets

close up of the Malouf Bamboo Rayon Sheets
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I normally don’t recommend sheets made from bamboo rayon, but I’m making an exception with Malouf’s Bamboo Sheets.

They are exceptionally soft compared to other bamboo rayon bed sheets and are very reasonably priced. Being made with bamboo rayon allows Malouf to offer their sheets in a wider assortment of colors.

Some of us might be “OK” with sacrificing a bit of quality to get the perfect color sheet set to match our bedroom. And that’s fine with these sheets, because the difference is very minimal.

The only way you could tell these were bamboo rayon sheets, is if you compared them side by side with 100% viscose bamboo sheets. Other than that, the Malouf bamboo sheets are cooler than cotton bed sheets and softer as well.

Malouf stands by its product, offering a full-replacement warranty on defects or if your not 100% satisfied.

Overall, the bamboo sheets from Malouf are an excellent alternative to 100% bamboo viscose sheets. Saving you money and blending into your bedroom décor better than other sheets.

You can buy them directly from Amazon using the link below and may also qualify for Free Prime shipping. Back to Comparison Charts.

Royal Hotel Bamboo Viscose Sheets

Royal hotel bamboo sheets
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Like the Cariloha sheets above, the Royal Hotel sheets are also made from 100% Bamboo Viscose. They come in a larger variety of colors including Royal Blue, Red and Gold.

The Royal Hotel bamboo sheets are only available in Queen, Olympic Queen, King and California King. So you won’t be able to get them for Twin or Full size beds without modifying them yourself.

Royal Hotel is not clear on their warranty, but verified buyers have reported free replacements even after the 30 days.

Washing and caring for the sheets is simple and easy to follow. Be sure to dry them on low heat or hang them in the sun for best results. You can iron out any wrinkles that might appear on low heat as well.

They cost a lot less than the Cariloha line of bamboo sheets and are perfect as a gift or entry level bamboo bed sheets.

Royal Tradition Bamboo Bed Sheets

royal tradition king bamboo sheets
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Another great set of 100% bamboo viscose sheets, I want to mention, are from Royal Tradition.

They are one of the best sheets on Amazon, mainly because they’re made from 100% bamboo viscose.

Royal Tradition sheets are pretty cheap compared to other bamboo sheets in the same category. You’ll notice a difference if you compared them to brand names like Cariloha, but for the price, they can’t be beat!

They are hypoallergenic and cool, and I prefer them over my plain cotton bed sheets any day.

These bamboo sheets may not be for everyone, but can be perfect for many situations. “Royal Tradition bamboo sheets” can be great for parents with kids that suffer from allergies and want a cheap set of bamboo sheets.

Some of us travel a lot and don’t trust the sheets found in motels or hotels. These sheets are light enough to carry in the trunk of your car or luggage, for that purpose.

They’re also a great option to throw on your bed if you’re washing your main set of bamboo sheets. Back to Comparison Charts.

Ultimate Bamboo Sheets Buyer’s Guide

I used to think Egyptian cotton sheets were the softest and most comfortable bed sheets. But that’s not the case anymore!

In recent year, bamboo sheets have become the Most Popular & Best Selling sheets on Amazon for many reasons.

Everyone I know, that’s tried bamboo sheets, has fallen-in-love with them and never goes back to using cotton sheets. My wife and I both fell in love with our Cariloha Classic bamboo sheets that we purchased a few years back. They are very luxurious and extremely well-made, they’re also softer than Egyptian Cotton and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty (currently a 1 year guarantee as of 9/2019). That made them perfect for what we were looking for when we were shopping online.

You can check out our detailed review for the Cariloha Classic Sheets here. They have the highest ratings and are the Most Popular Bamboo Sheets on Amazon.

Not All Bamboo Sheets are Created Equal!

Just like everything else, bamboo sheets come in many different styles, sizes, colors and levels of quality to choose from.

You’ll find bamboo sheets made from 100% Bamboo Viscose, 100% Bamboo Rayon, a Blend of Bamboo Rayon or even Pure Bamboo Linen. They all have their Pros and Cons. Prices range from around $30 and can climb to over $200 for the more luxurious bamboo sheets.

Quick Fact: The softest bamboo sheets don’t have to have the highest thread count!

In fact bamboo sheets have a much lower thread count compared to Egyptian cotton and are still a lot softer. That’s due to the natural benefits bamboo viscose sheets have over all other fabric types.

Bamboo viscose sheets also don’t have the same color variety as cotton sheets, unless you don’t mind “bamboo rayon sheets”. So you’ll be limited in color choices.

Besides thread-count, you will be focusing on other factors to determine the quality of bamboo sheets. Only the best bamboo sheets are luxurious, friendly to the environment, durable and affordable too.

Choosing a “Main Feature” When Shopping for the Best Bamboo Sheets

When you’re shopping for bamboo sheets online, it helps to focus on a single “Main Feature” that’s most important to you. Here are the “Most Popular Features of bamboo sheets” for you to choose from:

  • Softness & Comfort
  • Durability & Strength (Longest Warranty)
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Coolness & Breathability
  • Greatest Value & Best Price

Why I Chose Durability as my “Main Feature”

I was used to replacing my Egyptian cotton sheets every 2.5 to 3 years. It might not be as important to some, but I personally want sheets that last longer. To avoid “Buyers Regret”, I like buying the best products within my budget. So it’s important that I get the most for what I paid for.

All bamboo sheets are soft and eco-friendly, to some degree, but only a few are backed by an extended Warranty.

In the Durability Comparison Chart below, I’ll point out to you which bamboo sheets are backed by a “1 year quality guarantee”. You can even transfer the warranty if you’re buying the sheets as a gift for someone else.

What if Softness is the Main Feature for you?

“Softness” is one of the Most popular features we look for in bed sheets. If you want the softest bamboo sheets, and that’s the Main Feature you’re looking for, you’re in luck! All the bamboo sheets we’ve included in our comparison chart are softer than cotton.

We’ve filtered out the bamboo sheets with negative reviews and low ratings. So we can focus on the “Top 5 Softest Bamboo Sheets” in the comparison charts below. Otherwise the list would have been 2 pages long!

I want to try Bamboo Sheets, but I’m afraid they cost too much!

Don’t worry, the prices of bamboo sheets have dropped A LOT the past couple of years. In fact, you can find an excellent set of bamboo sheets for as little as $39.

When bamboo sheets first appeared on Amazon, they were quite expensive and you didn’t have many options to choose from. Since they’ve grown in popularity, there is a much larger selection to choose from and the prices have gone down even more.

Bamboo sheets are more durable than cotton, and can last you twice as long. Paying a few dollars more for bamboo sheets over cotton sheets, will save you from wasting your money on cheap sheets every year. Now that’s what I call Value!

Many people are taking advantage of the lower prices to buy bamboo sheets as gifts for friends and family. Skip to our “Value Comparison Chart” to find the best bamboo sheets under $99!

Everything you “Must Know” About Bamboo Sheets

Just like cotton sheets, bamboo also come in different styles and are made by different companies. The main difference is the method the bamboo fabric is processed and whether or not is mixed with other fabrics. For that reason you will see a huge difference in the quality and prices of bamboo products when shopping online.

For the past few years now, many of us have been shopping for products while considering the safety of our health and environment. If the safety of the environment is the main reason you’re considering bamboo products, there are a few things you must know!

With recent advancements in technology, the process of making bamboo fabrics has become more popular and efficient. This also led to more competition and different varieties of bamboo bed sheets available. Some companies label their sheets “Viscose from Bamboo” while others use “Rayon from Bamboo”.

To take advantage of all the benefits of bamboo fabrics, go for 100% bamboo viscose sheets whenever possible.

In this article, we go through some Reasons you Should Avoid Bamboo Rayon!

Below is a list and explanation of the different types of sheets made with bamboo fabrics.

Viscose from Bamboo: The best type of bamboo sheets you’ll find on Amazon are made with 100% bamboo viscose. They have the best features of bamboo fabrics and are the most environmentally friendly. Bamboo viscose starts from natural material but goes through a chemical process to convert it into soft fabric. Companies use a closed-loop process to prevent the chemicals from harming the environment.

Bamboo Lyocell Fabric: This is the most eco-friendly type of bamboo fabric used to make bamboo sheets. Making sheets from bamboo lyocell uses natural enzymes instead of chemicals to break down the bamboo. Bamboo lyocell produces the softest and most durable fabric available. It’s made with a natural process to break down the raw bamboo plant into a pulp, before spinning into yarn.

Sheets made with bamboo lyocell are very expensive and time consuming to make. Very few companies use 100% bamboo lyocell to make sheets and bamboo panties.

Bamboo & Cotton Blend: Bed sheets made with bamboo and cotton blend are not very popular. They lose many of the benefits of bamboo sheets and are only good for their lower price. However, you can find a blend of Bamboo and Cotton fabric used to make some of the best bamboo towels. This blend adds durability and strength to the fabric, but takes away from the softness.

Since bamboo is breathable and excellent at absorbing moisture, blending it with cotton is also being used to make some of the most durable Activewear.

Organic Bamboo Linen: Sheets made with bamboo linen are also difficult to find since it requires a lot of  time to produce. The process to make linen from bamboo uses a mechanical method to grind the raw bamboo chips into a soft pulp. The bamboo pulp is soaked in natural enzymes which converts it into a gel.

Sheets made from bamboo linen are very durable and get softer as they age. They can last for decades and is the earliest method used to produce fabrics.

Rayon Derived from Bamboo: The final type of fabric commonly used in making bamboo sheets is Bamboo Rayon. The process of deriving rayon from bamboo, is the cheapest method. It’s very commonly used by many fabric companies to save money and cut costs. The results is a fabric that is soft and light, but lacks many of the top benefits you get with the high-end bamboo viscose sheets.

Where to find the Best Bamboo Sheets?

Couple asking "where to find the best bamboo sheets?"If you’re looking for a more gentle and softer feeling-fabric that’s organic and eco friendly at the same time. Or perhaps your sheets have worn out and you’re looking for a set that’s more durable and will last longer.

No matter your reason, the charts below have been put together to help you find the Bamboo Sheets of your Dreams.

Leave a comment on our Facebook page to see your favorite set of bamboo sheets reviewed and compared by one of our Experts. We would be glad to help however we can!

To start, you should know what feature you’re looking for in your new set of sheets. Whether it’s the softness and silkiness of bamboo viscose or the durability of bamboo linen, our easy-to-read charts are here to help.

The Best Features of Bamboo Bed Sheets

Getting to know the main benefits of bamboo fabrics and sheets will help you find the perfect products for you. You can find our full article about the benefits of bamboo here.

Comfort and Softness: The finest sheets made from bamboo, provide the highest level of comfort and softness you’ve ever had in a single night’s sleep! They are softer and smoother than even the Best Egyptian cotton sheets you find on Amazon.

Sleep Cooler and Dryer: All fabrics have an internal temperature that’s unique to the material it’s made from. Sheets made from 100% bamboo viscose have an internal temperature that’s 3 degrees cooler than cotton. This is the main reason many consider bamboo sheets the best cooling sheets for hot sleepers and night sweats. They also wick away moisture and sweat from your body as you sleep. This provides for cooler and drier sleep during hot and humid summer nights.

Stain Resistance: Buying sheets made from 100% bamboo viscose will save you money in the long run. They are stain resistant and easy to care for. In fact, you won’t need to wash them as often. Putting them outside in the fresh air will bring them back to new and remove discoloration and odors naturally. Leaving your bamboo sheets out in the sun can also remove odors and stains without any harsh chemicals. Just avoid leaving them too long if it’s too hot or during the midday sun.

We cover more details and easy tips to wash your bamboo bed sheets here.

Helps against Dust Mite and Allergies: The pesticides used to farm and grow cotton and other plants are very harmful and cause skin irritations. Since bamboo is naturally resistant to insects, farmers don’t need to use any pesticides when growing bamboo. You will notice less sniffling after switching to bamboo fabrics due to the lack of dust mites while you sleep. Sheets made from bamboo rayon lack this benefit due to the harsh chemicals they soak in.

Bamboo Linen is Anti-Bacterial: Natural bamboo linen fights against common bacteria found in our homes and bedrooms. They’re also germ resistant and anti-microbial, which reduces the spreading of common illnesses if you share a bed with a partner. The germ-fighting benefit of bamboo makes it a great way to reduce the sniffles in children. That also makes it perfect for bamboo towels and bamboo toothbrushes.

Bamboo is Eco-Friendly: Bamboo is actually a weed that grows without any pesticides or watering. It doesn’t require replanting after each harvest and some species can grow up to 4 ft per day. Compared to cotton which needs tons of pesticides and watering to grow.

Styles and Color Variety: There isn’t anything special in the design or shape of bed sheets. Since bamboo sheets are popular for their softness and comfort, it doesn’t really matter. You always get 1 or 2 pillow covers along with a fitted and standard sheet. Bamboo sheets come with the same pieces depending on the size you buy. But the higher-end bamboo sheets will have a richer color scheme that will fit any style of bedroom decor.

Overall Quality: The quality of bamboo sheets will depend on the type of fabric used to make them. Think of them as an investment that will last you 8 years on average, before having to replace them. You always want to get the best type of bamboo sheets you can afford at the time to get the most value from them.

Warranty Length: All companies that sell on Amazon provide a warranty on their bed sheets. For example, Cariloha provides a 1 Year Quality Guarantee on their Classic and Resort bamboo sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this final section of our “Ultimate Guide to the Best Bamboo Sheets”, we will go over answers to the most common questions people have. Feel free to add your question in the comments below. Our team of experts will do their best to research and provide you with a clear answer.

Are Bamboo Bed Sheets Better than Cotton?

Many people aren’t aware of the benefits of bamboo fabrics and aren’t sure if they’re even worth buying.

Here are a few reasons to take the plunge and try bamboo sheets for yourself.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cooler than Cotton Sheets
  • Softer than Egyptian Cotton
  • Smooth and Silky Luxurious Feeling
  • Hypoallergenic (Great for Sensitive Skin)
  • Easy to Care for
  • Great Value, with some companies providing a “Lifetime Warranty”

Bamboo sheets are an excellent choice for several different reasons. Not only are they softer and more breathable than cotton sheets, they’re also more eco-friendly.

Bamboo fabrics are naturally softer than cotton and cooler as well. Some species of bamboo can grow up to 4 feet per day. Unlike Cotton that needs to be re-planted after each harvest.

While the process of making bamboo fabrics uses chemicals to break down the bamboo. They’re contained in a closed-loop process which recycles the chemicals again and again.

So whether you’re looking for a softer alternative to cotton sheets or a more natural one, bamboo sheets are ideal in both situations.

If you want to avoid disappointment, get the Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets. Since they’re a US based company, they’re held to very high and strict standards when labeling their sheets. Turkey has been a global leader in high-end fabrics for decades and is where Cariloha makes their bamboo sheets.

Not only does Cariloha make the best bamboo sheets, they are also backed by an amazing Warranty!

Should you Buy Bamboo or Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

When we hear the word Bamboo, we don’t think of “soft, luxury or comfort”. Bamboo plants are strong, tough and only recently have begun to be made into fabrics. Yet, bamboo fabrics are softer than egyptian cotton and safer for the environment.

Bamboo fabrics have been taking the bedding market by storm in the past few years. From bamboo sheets to bamboo mattresses and even bamboo underwear.

The popularity is due to the fact of how comfortably soft and luxurious the bamboo sheets feel. Add to that the fact that bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly plants on earth, it appeals to a wide range of buyers.

If you’re thinking of replacing your current sheets with bamboo sheets, you won’t regret it. Not all bamboo sheets are created equal!

You should aim to buy the best bamboo sheets you can afford at the time.

I’ve included a list of the Best bamboo sheets on Amazon below to help you find the best sheets for any budget.

We always turn to online shopping for the biggest selection and best prices on bamboo sheets. Amazon offers Free 2-Day Shipping on many products, including Cariloha bamboo sheets.

What’s the Best Thread-Count of Bamboo Sheets?

Like cotton sheets, Bamboo sheets also have a thread count. However, the thread count of bamboo sheets doesn’t need to be as high as cotton sheets to be silky soft.

Most bamboo sheets only have a thread count of 400 or less, but can be softer than 1000 TC Egyptian Cotton sheets!

Cariloha makes their Classic sheets with a 230 TC, 100% bamboo viscose fabric. Even at 230 thread-count they’re smooth as silk and soft as cashmere.

On the other hand, Cariloha uses a 320 TC, 100% bamboo viscose fabric on their higher-end, Resort sheets.

Cariloha makes a ton of bamboo products, like bamboo yoga wear, not only bamboo sheets. They use 100% viscose from bamboo and follow the FTC’s (Federal trade Commission) strict labeling rules.

So don’t get caught up with thread-count when it comes to bamboo sheets and fabrics. Invest in higher-end and better quality bamboo sheets instead.

How are Bamboo Sheets made?

The process of making bamboo fabrics always starts with real “Live bamboo plants”. They cut the bamboo stalks a few inches from the bottom so they grow back within a few weeks without replanting. Unlike cotton which needs to be sown after each harvest.

The next process converts the bamboo stalks into smaller chips. They soak in a recycled chemical solution until soft enough to convert into a pulp. Don’t worry, the recycling process re-uses the chemicals within a closed loop system. Avoiding harming the environment and keeping the process eco-friendly.

Drying the pulp and forming it into sheets is the final step before becoming bamboo fabrics. The bamboo fabric is naturally softer than cotton and is about 3 degrees cooler as well.

Read more- 4 Steps Companies use to make Bamboo Fabrics

What other Materials are Bamboo Sheets Made of?

There are 3 different types of fabrics used to make bamboo bedding.

  • Bamboo Viscose (more natural and eco-friendly) and rayon from bamboo (synthetic blend).
  • Rayon from Bamboo is less expensive and perfect if you’re looking for bamboo sheets on a budget.
  • Bamboo Linen is the most natural method to make the fabric. (Rare and Very Expensive)

Sheets made from bamboo viscose tend to be some of the softest bed sheets on the market. They are soft, durable, breathable and cooler compared to high-end cotton sheets.

Sheets and linens made from bamboo rayon are also soft, but not as soft as viscose from bamboo.

The base of all 3 fabric types starts with natural bamboo plants. Bamboo fabrics made from 100% viscose aren’t mixed with any other materials.

However, fabrics made from bamboo rayon may only contain a small portion of bamboo. Both are still comfy and soft, but for the best bamboo sheets on the market today, look for 100% Viscose from Bamboo.

Read more information about the different types of bamboo fabrics and what benefits they have compared to each other.

How long have bamboo sheets been around?

Bamboo sheets aren’t new to the market, in fact, companies have been using bamboo fabrics to make many different products. The most popular bamboo products include bed sheets, pillows, bamboo socks and other types of clothing. Bamboo sheets are quickly growing in popularity each year as more and more people try them over cotton.

Is it True that Bamboo Sheets are Eco-Friendly?

We’ve been getting this questions a lot lately, especially since climate change is so big in the news. Choosing to buy organic and more natural products not only benefits us, but it helps the environment too.

Bamboo sheets are definitely more eco-friendly than cotton, but some more than others. If you’re looking for the natural and organic sheets, keep an eye out for the OEKO-Tex certification on the label and aim for organic sheets instead of rayon or microfiber.

What Country Makes the Best Bamboo Sheets?

Another thing to consider when looking for the best bamboo sheets online, is the country of origin. Some countries have very little restrictions and don’t monitor companies’ labeling practices. So buying bamboo sheets imported from China might not be the best idea.

According to the Federal Trade Commission “Textile Fiber Rule“;

The Textile Fiber Rule requires that certain textiles sold in the United States carry labels disclosing the generic names and percentages by weight of the constituent fibers in the product, the manufacturer or marketer name, and the country where the product was processed or manufactured.

The FTC fined several US retailers for selling linens with misleading labels. Even though they weren’t in charge of the false labeling, US companies are still held accountable to the FTC rules and regulations.

Overseas companies aren’t held to the same standard and regulations as American companies. Of course buying from international retailers still poses this risk.

Keep this in mind when ordering bamboo products from online shopping giant, Amazon. They are a “US-based” company and the products they sell must meet the FTC rules, or risk penalties.

Cariloha is also a “US-Based” company and one of the few that manufactures their sheets in Turkey.

Where can I find the Best Bamboo Sheets?

If you’re ready to buy your first set of bamboo sheets, then the best place to buy them is Amazon. They have the largest assortment for you to choose from, along with great deals and the best prices. You can even get a better deal if you can wait until Black Friday!

Conclusion | Final Thoughts

If it’s time for you to replace your worn out cotton sheets, consider upgrading to sheets that are more comfortable, softer and eco-friendly (Bamboo Bed Sheets).

If you’re looking to buy the best sheets that combine Comfort, Softness and Value, go for the “Classic” Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha, you won’t regret it!

Finding the best bed sheets that fit your needs has never been easier with Amazon. They provide the largest assortment for all types of bed sheets for you to choose from combined with Free 2-Day Shipping (with Amazon Prime) on most items.